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Chicago World’s Fair Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of Chicago World's Fair Mystery Books

Secrets of Sloane House (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deception on Sable Hill (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Whispers in the Reading Room (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

“Chicago World’s Fair Mystery” is a series of dark romance novels by Shelley Shepard Gray, a bestselling Christian, Amish fiction, religion, and spirituality author. As Shelley Gray, she writes historical romances for Zondervan. Her novels have won several awards over the years and have been Carol finalists, Inspirational Readers’ Choice, and winners of the Holt Medallion prize. Her novels have also been USA Today and New York Times bestsellers. Before becoming an author, she graduated with a degree in elementary education and English literature, before she got her masters in educational administration. She then taught elementary school in several states including Colorado, Arizona, and Texas. When she was transferred to Ohio, her husband pushed her to try her hand at writing, since she had been making up stories in notebooks for years. She typed her first manuscript in their unfinished basement and while it was very scary, it was also a very exciting experience. She was embarrassed that someone would find her writing and accuse of her of pretending to be a writer but she persisted until she finally sold her third manuscript. She published her debut novel “Hidden,” the first of the “Sisters of the Heart” series in 2008 and has never looked back since. Shelley now has more than sixteen series, several omnibuses, and contributions to collections.

Shelley Shepard Gray no longer writes in her basement ever since she went professional. Every morning she will usually send her children off to school and then take her position at the desk by the window and drams of her settings. While she now has a library full of books and an office, she still wakes up to dream of characters and stories that she then types out on her computer. She is signed to Avon Inspire which she says has been a dream come true as it makes it possible for her to do the thing she loves most in the world – writing. Through her contract with the publishing house, she has been able to tap into her faith and learn more about Amish culture all of which are prominent elements in her novels. Shelley currently writes full time from her home in Southern Ohio. She lives with her husband and two young adult children. When she is not writing her novels, she can be found interacting with her fans on social media or participating in church activities.

The “Chicago World’s Fair Mystery” is a series of dark reads that are more of dark suspense than mystery novels. The novels are set in the Gilded Age of Chicago and show that not all things that glitter are gold. Shelley Gray sets her stories in the dark underbelly of Chicago, where there are always bizarre things happening including murder. “Secrets of Sloane House” the first of the series tells of the interaction between the elite and the servant class. The lead of the novel is Rosalind, a woman looking for her sister that went missing. Her search has her posing as a servant in the Sloane House where her sister was employed before she went missing. Through the character, we get a look into the ugliness of the Sloane family that for the cursory onlooker is usually hidden behind the fabulous riches and splendor. “Deception on Sable Hill” the second novel of the series is set in 1893 where Eloisa Carstairs is the reigning queen of the Chicago social scene. To outsiders looking in, she seems to have it all even though what they do not know is that she is harboring a dark secret. A few weeks past she had been assaulted by Douglas Sloane, the irresponsible son of one of the wealthiest families in Chicago. “Whispers in the Reading Room” is the story of Lydia, a librarian with few friends that meets the mysterious and seeming rich Sebastian that is a combination of sweet and rough. But he may not be what she thinks he is.

Shelley Gray’s “Secrets of Sloane House” the first novel of the “Chicago World’s Fair Mystery” series opens to Rosalind Perry looking for the truth regarding the disappearance of her sister in 1893 Chicago. She leaves her home in rural Wisconsin to go work for the Sloane household that is one of Gilded Age Chicago’s most elegant mansions. But what the family does not know is that she took the job to find out what had happened to her sister who was previously employed at the house before she went missing. At the house, she meets Reid Armstrong the friend to the Sloane children who becomes an unlikely ally. While he comes from money, his family is not part of the elite as they made their money recently after engaging in mining ventures. He is hoping to marry into the Sloane family to get access to the influence such an alliance would provide. When he discovers that his newfound friend’s life might be in danger, he puts his marriage plans on hold to help Rosalind. Dark things are going on behind the marble and tile of the Sloane household and if he is not vigilant, he may just lose his most reassured friend.

“Deception on Sable Hill” is the thrilling story of the reigning queen of Gilded Age Chicago society Eloisa Carstairs. After she was assaulted by a member of one of the wealthiest families in the city, she fears that she will lose her reputation. Eloisa confided in her best friend and thinks her secret is safe until she bumps into Detective Sean Ryan while attending a ball thrown by one of the most prominent families in town. Ryan had been born into a poor immigrant Irish family though he is now on the periphery of wealthy Chicago whos-who. Ryan had decided to join the police force since it was the only way he could secure his future. While he is not of her class, he is captivated by Eloisa. When she tells him of what happened to her, he seethes and vows to do anything to protect her even if he is unlikely to ever win her affections. As for Eloisa, she just wants to just be normal again but a killer is walking the streets at the Chicago World Fair. The man who wields a stiletto has so far accosted three debutantes. But as it gets more dangerous, the romance between Sean and Eloisa keeps blossoming as they realize how perfect they would be for each other. But will they catch the homicidal maniac before he catches up to Eloisa?

“Whispers in the Reading Room” the third novel of the series is the story of Lydia, a librarian who is charmed by a mysterious patron named Sebastian. A few weeks after the end of the Chicago World Fair, Lydia had to serve a dark-eyed and dark-haired mysterious man that came into the library. She does not know his name and never seems interested in interacting with fellow patrons. All she knows is that he is a lover of books just like she is. But then he comes from nowhere and rescues her from certain death at the Hartman Hotel lobby and it is then that she learns that the man’s name is Sebastian Marks. Lydia also learns that he resides in the hotel and has been charming almost everyone he has met in Chicago. Sebastian and Lydia soon form a fragile friendship until she comes to know that he is not very wealthy and that he is the owner and proprietor of an infamous gambling club and saloon. Things get interesting when out of curiosity she visits the club and inadvertently becomes a murder suspect. She needs to determine who to put her trust into and does not know if Sebastian is the man she thinks he is.

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