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Chicagoland Vampires Books In Order

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Publication Order of Chicagoland Vampires Books

Chloe Neill is an American author. She was born in the South in 1975. She grew up there but now calls the Midwest her home.

She loves to write, but also has a passion for a lot of other arts, hobbies, and activities. She enjoys baking as well as her work writing. She spends quite a bit of time looking on the Internet, doing her best to search for the best recipes for dishes out there for her to cook up to share with her spouse. She likes to spend her time hanging out with her husband also also their two dogs.

Chloe Neill is the creator and author of the popular Chicagoland Vampires series. The series of fictional novels first came out in 2009. Some Girls Bite was the first to come out, and was followed not too long after by the release of the sequel. It is titled Friday Night Bites. There are several more books in the series and if you are interested in checking this engaging fantasy series out, you have at least a dozen of these stories to sink your teeth into!

Some Girls Bite is the exciting first book in the Chicagoland Vampires series. If you love series that feature vampires like True Blood, check out this series for yourself!

Merit was just like every other girl her age busy going to graduate school. She was trying to do her best to get the good grades she needs to keep her grade point average high and her chances of getting through and graduating. It’s not the most glamorous lifestyle, but she appreciated the fact that it was hers and she was doing what she wanted with it.

She had no idea that her life and the way that she sees herself are both about to change forever. Merit was doing just fine, too, until a vampire came out of nowhere. When she’s attacked by a rogue vampire, she never saw it coming. The creature got her, but only for a moment. The vampire is able to get nothing more than a sip before it is scared off thanks to the appearance of another vampire.

The vampire takes one look at the dying girl and decides that Merit is going to have her life saved. The only way to do that, however, is to change her into one of the undead like them. There is no going back to her human life as that is no longer an option to her. Faced with the choice to let this individual go into the ground or become a vampire, the stranger makes their choice.

It is a choice that will change just about everything that Merit knows to be true, and once she wakes up, there is no turning back. She was not just changed over by any old vampire either– Merit’s salvation came in the form of a vampire that runs something called Cadogan House. Soon she will learn much more about this house and the vampire master of it.

Grad school was fun, but that is no longer an option for her. Merit has to adapt to a totally new life and it’s one that she certainly didn’t plan on having. She thought that the rest of the coming months would be spent toiling on her thesis and making it perfect. Instead, she is adapting to an entirely new body, way of seeing, being, and hearing, as well as the others that live at the mansion.

Her new home is in the Hyde Park residence as part of Cadogan House. All of the vampires that live there belong to it and serve Ethan Sullivan, the head of this house. He is tall, has green eyes, and happens to have been alive for the past four centuries. He may have charm, but he also has expectations of the vampires that belong to his clan.

Merit is about to learn that there is a reason why Ethan operates the way that he does. He’s not only allergic to sunlight, he is the sole vampire responsible for the future of his clan. There are others out there that are enemies of the house and Merit is beginning to suspect that she might have a few foes of her own circulating out there.

Merit never had any idea that the Windy City’s nightlife world was quite so diverse. Now that she is officially a part of it, Merit might be about to find out that being a Cadogan means that she has to ride or die with her new family. With a war coming, she has to face the fact that blood may be spilled.

Who will survive the coming storm? You are going to have to read this book to find out what happens with Merit, with Ethan, and the whole of this vampire group!

Friday Night Bites is the second book in this fun vampire series. Chicago has always been famous for a lot of things– the sights, the history, the architecture, the deep dish pizza. Who would have thought that this city could house bloodsucking vampires?

Vampires were always meant to be a secret, but now, it appears that the secret has definitely gotten out. Instead of being mobbed and put on the stand for being monsters, vampires have become the hottest thing the world has seen since sliced bread.

Now the undead have achieved idol status, getting the same attention and rabid interest that Hollywood movie stars would normally be getting. While some members of the public aren’t necessarily behind this new development, a percentage of the human population is very interested and cannot get enough.

Things are going well, and it’s overall a pretty good public relations development. That could be about to change when they discover that some vampires have feeding parties where they gorge themselves on human blood. The majority do not do this, but some do, and it’s only a matter of time before that gets out.

Can Merit help Ethan as an ambassador for vampires? Will society accept vampires, or will the actions of a calculated individual ruin everything? Read this sequel to find out what will happen in the end!

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