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Ordinarily, kidnapping and raping are not only serious offenses but also toe-curling incidents wherein the victims may rue the days they experienced them for their lifetimes. However, factor in homicide and it becomes a deadly combination; it is a bad case study and fear flits up the spines of the kith and kin of the hapless victims. Sexual sadism disorder, which is associated with such actions, can be debated from the viewpoint of a medical or psychological condition. Sadistic personality disorder aside, it becomes incomprehensible in the context of a serial killer committing the heinous crimes and filming it all the while. These are examples of the grim themes covered in the Chief Inspector Erik Winter Series, which is synonymous with police procedures. Sometimes this literary work is simply known as the Inspector Winter Series.

Obviously, Erik Winter is the featured protagonist in the Chief Inspector Erik Winter Series authored by Swedish man of letters Ake Edwardson. While we are at it, Edwardson, who is a sexagenarian, has worked for the United Nations and lectured journalism students at a notable Swedish university. His books, which are predominantly set in Gothenburg city, Sweden, were initially published in the Swedish language but have since been translated into English. There are ten books in the aforementioned series. The first book in this series has more than forty editions. Despite that, the first edition was originally published in the Swedish language in 1997 and is titled Death Angeles; incidentally, the English version was produced by Ken Schubert in mid-2000s. This hard-boiled and whodunit series is shelved under various genres among them Nordic literature, mystery, thriller, crime fiction, and detective fiction.

Meet protagonist Erik Winter. Just like the title of this series shows, Erik Winter is a Chief Inspector and is serving in The Swedish Police; specifically, he is in the homicide department. A Swedish national, Erik Winter hails from Gothenburg, a city situated along the western coastline of and is second biggest in Sweden. Inspector Winter is in his late thirties, always composed, financially stable, has a penchant for formality, and is a past master at sleuthing. His partners include detective Bergenhem who also serves in same police force like Winter; Bergenhem is angling for showing Winter that he is worth his salt. Another contagonist in the series is MacDonald, who is a detective superintendent from London and inspector Winter’s counterpart.

The crimes in the Chief Inspector Erik Winter Series are cross-border. The fact that they have transcended geographical borders, wherein they encompass Gothenburg and South London, necessitates cooperation between The Swedish Police and their British counterparts. Basically, the Inspector Winter Series revolves around a team of Swedish sleuths alongside their British detectives and their respective families; and the manner in which they act and react to their distressing life experiences. Notable aspects include systematic persecution, ethnicity, ritual killing, murder and double murder, sexual abuse, and abduction.

The first book in the serialized Chief Inspector Erik Winter Series, which is titled Death Angels, is angling for unraveling a series of murders wherein the perpetrator has targeted young adults in both Gothenburg and London cities. Apparently, there is a mysterious serial murderer on the prowl. Little is known about the killer and the systematic murders other than his nickname, Hitchcock, and the proof of a video recording session hard in the heels of the slaughter. Fortunately for the detectives, help comes from an unexpected source. Their big break comes when a burglar breaks into someone’s place of residence wherein the thief chances upon clothes stained with blood.

Chief Inspector Erik Winter Series Awards
Author Ake Edwardson has cliched many awards courtesy of his bibliography. For instance, Edwardson won awards from the Swedish Crime Writers’ Academy over and over again. For example, his 1997 book Death Angels won in the Best Crime Novel category. His 2001 book titled Frozen Tracks, which is the fifth in the Chief Inspector Erik Winter Series, clinched the award again in 2001, in the Best Crime Novel group.

Best Chief Inspector Erik Winter Series Books
The first, second, and fifth books in the Chief Inspector Erik Winter Series are the best by virtue of both public views and winning awards. The first book, Death Angels, has been described above. The second book in the series is titled The Shadow Woman and was initially published in 1998. This book tells about an ethnic hatred-driven murder which has occurred in Gothenburg during yearly party celebrations. The victim, who is a woman, is killed in a park and her death is symbolic; her young child has been kidnapped too. Ethnic intolerance, nativist militias, xenophobia, segregation, and apparent ethnic cleansing are some of the things which detective Erik Winter witnesses as he investigates the murder. The fifth book in the series, Frozen Tracks, was originally published in 2001; hereby, there is a couple of odd crimes wherein schooling victims, both post-secondary school students and ECD pupils, are the targets. The investigation takes Erik Winter as far as into the crime-laden prairies in the Swedish countryside.

Other Book Series You May Like
Readers who appreciated the Chief Inspector Erik Winter Series also went through the following series of books. The first one is the Anders Knutas series which is penned by Mari Jungstedt. Ander Knutas is the featured protagonist in this literary series. Incidentally, Knutas is a police inspector, just like protagonist Erik Winter in the Inspector Winter series; however, inspector Knutas is domiciled in the Swedish island called Gotland and is also striving to solve and resolve a series of eerie murders.

The second one is the Inspector Van Veeteren series which is authored by Hakan Nesser; the protagonist is called Van Veeteren, a police inspector who is investigating what is apparently ritual murders. Another notable series is simply named Inspector Huss and is written by Helen Tursten; this features a female protagonist called Irene Huss who is in her forties. Inspector Huss, who is a celebrated martial artist, is based in Goteborg, a Swedish city; she is assigned to a violent crimes department of the Swedish police force.

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