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Publication Order of Chief Inspector Mario Silva Books

Blood of the Wicked (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Buried Strangers (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dying Gasp (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Every Bitter Thing (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Vine in the Blood (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Perfect Hatred (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ways of Evil Men (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

In a well governed country, the rule of law is a priority and not an option. Conversely, there is a plethora of internal threats in a nation where either a select few are above the law or, worse still, there is a wanting justice system. Suchlike preferential treatment can be the proverbial straw which broke the proverbial camel’s back. But it is no longer the preserve of idioms if the Chief Inspector Mario Silva series is anything to go by.

Set in Brazil, during a tumultuous era, the series shows how the fictionalized Brazilian government is mandated to protect its citizens from social ills but does not live up to its responsibility. Unfortunately for the Brazilians, most notably the have-nots, their government is not only reluctant to enforce the rule of law but also gangs up against them. The fictitious administration gives scant credence to the sanctity of human life.

First of all, the Chief Inspector Mario Silva series was authored by the late American man of letters Leighton David Gage. Silva, who died of cancer, worked in the advertising industry prior to becoming a novelist. Gage’s muse resulted from staying in Sao Paulo for two decades, wherein he learned the culture of Brazil.

Mario Silva is the featured protagonist in the Chief Inspector Mario Silva series. The collective title for the books featuring main character Mario Silva is The Chief Inspector Mario Silva Investigations. There are thirteen editions of the first book in the serialized Chief Inspector Mario Silva. In spite of that, the first book in this series was initially published in 2008, titled Blood of the Wicked; and the series is shelved under the mystery, thriller, and crime fiction genres.

Meet protagonist Mario Silva. Silva, who is a police inspector, is serving in the Federal Police of Brazil. Silva has a sad family history. In 1978, his parents were killed in cold blood and the perpetrator is yet to be prosecuted, thanks to the bureaucracy. What’s more, small-time criminals claimed the life of an in-law. As such, Silva is an embittered citizen; the desire to avenge his slain relatives prompted him to join the police service. Other characters include a notorious police chief called Colonel Emerson Ferraz; Orlando Muniz who is a businessman and owns large tracts of land; bishop Dom Felipe Antunes who is killed during a church mass; Nelson Sampaio, a police director and Silva’s immediate boss; a regional priest called Father Gaspa; and a photojournalist named Walter Abenthaler.

All in all, the turning points in the various books in the Chief Inspector Mario Silva series are: the assassination of the bishop, a human bone found by a dog, a missing grandchild of a well-known politician, the politically instigated death of a minister’s son, the abduction of a revered footballers’ mother in the run-up to a World Cup game, the assassination of a prospective governor in the wake of suicide bombing, and racism instigated deaths of members of an endangered tribe.

The first book in the series, Blood of the Wicked, is set in the backdrop of an agricultural Brazilian region called Castatas do Pontol. The launching pad of the book is the murder of an influential bishop who is looking forward to the consecration of another temple. The death of the victim, Bishop Dom Felipe, brings the country to a standstill and an incensed pope is breathing down the neck of Brazil’s president. In his quest for smoking out the culprit, Mario Silva, who is assigned the case alongside Hector Costa, a nephew who doubles up as a law enforcer, they witness the dark underbelly of the township. They face a police force that is up to the eyeballs in corruption, crooked lawyers, a fraudulent justice system, street gangs targeting juveniles, and the downtrodden juxtaposed with the well-off land barons.

Chief Inspector Mario Silva Awards
While working in the advertising industry, wherein at one time he held the position of a creative director, Mario Silva won as much as 120 awards, thanks to his advertising prowess.

Best Chief Inspector Mario Silva Books
The books in the Chief Inspector Mario Silva have garnered rave reviews. The following is a list of the best three books in this series. The first one is the Blood of the Wicked series; this book has just been discussed. The next book is titled Buried Strangers. It is the second book in order in the Chief Inspector Mario Silva series and was originally published in 2009; hereby, the turning is the human bone which an adventurous dog has unearthed; detectives Mario alongside nephew Hector Costa and brought in to unravel the incident.

By the same token, the book titled Dying Gasp is also among the best; initially published in 2009, this book features protagonist Silva who, together with Costa, have been called in to help find the abducted grandchild of a well-known politician; the child is finally located in an Amazon region, in the hands of a sorcerer who has a penchant for snuff films.

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The second one is called the Jade de Jong series and is penned by Jassy Mackenzie. The featured protagonist is Jade de Jong, an expert private eye and bodyguard who is investigating car-jacking incidents, kidnapping and attempted killings associated with human trafficking, the death of a scuba diving teacher, and a suspicious parachuting accident. Another notable book series is called the Inspector Kari Vaara series, authored by James Thompson The featured protagonist, Kari Vaara, is a Finnish police chief. He is investigating the brutal murder of an adored Somali actress, a war crime committed nine decades previously, the beheading of an immigrants’ lobbyist, a missing girl, and an odd and horrific murder sans forensic evidence.

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