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Publication Order of Chief Inspector Max Cámara Books

Or the Bull Kills You (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Death in Valencia (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Anarchist Detective (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Killing of el Niño Jesús (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Med (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Body in Barcelona (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fatal Sunset (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jason Webster is a published author. He was born in 1970. His books have been sold in several countries, from China to the U.K. and the United States.

He is an expert on Spain as well! His novels have ranged from travel to biography and history and crime fiction. The author was born relatively close to the city of San Francisco. Even though he was born in California, this author went on to grow up in Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom. He attended University of Oxford where he studied Arabic and Islamic history and graduated with his degree.

Jason also worked for a few years at BBC World Service in the position of editor. Then he decided to commit to being a writer on a full time basis. He chose to move to Spain and got married to his wife, Salud, a talented flamenco dancer. The couple have two children together, and they split their time living in the United Kingdom and Valencia.

Jason Webster is the creator of the fictional Chief Inspector Max Camara series. This series kicked off for the first time when the debut in this engaging mystery crime series was published! The first book came out in 2011 and it was full steam ahead ever since then. A sequel came out in 2012 and the sixth book, Fatal Sunset, came out in 2017.

Or The Bull Kills You is the first book in the Max Camara series by author Jason Webster. There is a traditional proverb that is known to the people of Spain. It warns you that in a certain situation, you are to kill the bull or you may end up finding that the bull ends up killing you instead.

Welcome to the world of this inspector, who works in Valencia solving the cases he is assigned. One of the big national past times of Spain is the traditional sport of bull fighting. The people of Spain flock to the stadium to watch the matadors take on the bulls and see who comes out on top just as much as the tourists do. Everyone wants to go see a bull fight and see what it is all about.

Max has no particular fondness for the sport, and in fact he loathes it. However, it comes to pass that on a hot afternoon one day he is compelled to be part of judging in a festival featuring the youngest and most famous matador currently in Spain.

The matador is coming back for a great night in the ring, and the audience is looking forward to seeing this young man in action. But what this matador ends up discovering there on bloodstained sand will end up shocking Valencia.

Max ends up suddenly thrust into the middle of a brand new case. As he searches for his target, Max must make his way through all of the streets, alleys, bars, and attractions of the local area. There is a ton going on currently and all of the action and life may threaten to derail his case.

The Fallas festival is being celebrated and firecrackers are being set off. It is a time of celebration. Meanwhile, the election is also going down at the town hall. At the same time, there is a growing sense of tension mounting between two different groups that feel very differently about the same topic: bull fighting.

There are definitely two different, very distinct groups that have formed and boy, are they passionate about what they believe. This is the one topic that is bringing people to the brink of violence, which is somewhat ironic. It’s the breeders of these prize bulls and the anti-bullfighting people that are coming up against each other. Can they keep their aggressive tendencies down and not fall into a mob mentality, or is this an issue that could cause a riot?

Everyone knows that inside the ring, the allure of the sport is whether the matador or the bull is going to triumph. It is grand drama and an entertainment source that has been part of Spain for centuries. This virility test goes back several decades, but whether it is something that the people are able to be still proud about or whether it should be a source of shame is in contention.

It all depends who you ask. People are divided on the topic, and with everything that is currently going on, Max is wondering when he’s going to catch a break. Some cases are solved thanks to hard work, others thanks to a turn of luck. Which one is going to help him get to the bottom of it all? He has yet to find out.

Set in a vibrant, exotic setting that is all the more authentic thanks to the author’s knowledge, this is a great book to check out! Filled with flamenco, bull fighting, mystery and more, pick up a copy of this debut and read to the last page to find out what happens on your own!

The second book in this series is titled A Death In Valencia. When it comes to mysteries, solving crimes and cases is what Max Camara does for a living. He’s good at what he does, but this time he may be under more pressure than ever before.

Paella is a popular dish to enjoy in Spain. Whether you are a local or a tourist, it’s always on the menu and people always want to try it at least one time while they are there or eat it on a weekly or monthly basis hot from their kitchens or the local restaurant.

When a paella chef is discovered to be stone cold dead, the only question on everyone’s minds is who would have done this dastardly deed. The renowned man had such a great career, but now that career has come to an abrupt end.

At the same time, a seafront fisherman’s quarter is about to be demolished. The Pope may also be coming to visit soon. Then an abortionist is abducted, and his enemy gets the case instead of him. Where can he turn? Read this book to find out what happens in the end!

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