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Publication Order of Chimera King Books

Rebels of Last World (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Champions of Last World (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rulers of Last World (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Atlas Kane is a published author of fiction.

When it comes to this author, not that much is known. When it comes to his biography, Atlas Kane offers up these details for those who would like to get to know him better.

Kane used to be a dragon rider but has since retired. He’s mostly healthy, except for some recurring pain that seems to pop up in his lumbar joints. He fought wars for the king but while doing so seemed to injure himself by carrying heavy weapons. The weight affected his body and so he decided that he would try to be a court scribe, which is not as glamorous a position but still a valuable one nonetheless. These days, he spends his time remembering old battles and the various courtesans that he has been with and spent many coins and time going after.

Atlas Kane is the creator and the author of the Chimera King series. This series of fictional novels first became available to readers with the publication of the debut novel in 2020, titled Rebels of Last World. The second novel in the series came out shortly after, titled Champions of Last World. The third novel in the series is titled Rulers of Last World. In these adventure books, follow along as Cade Clarke enters into a totally different world much like video games. Part of the genre of game literature, this is a unique series that is a great selection for fans of Ready Player One and other classic science fiction and fantasy stories.

The series is a great pick for an experienced reader that is looking for something new to read. Just keep in mind if you are a parent, younger reader, or thinking about getting this for a younger reader that this is a sophisticated series. The novels of this series contain content that is adult and they also have violence, unconventional relationships, and gritty humor. Keep this in mind before getting started or getting the books for a younger reader.

Rebels of Last World is the exciting first novel in the Chimera King series by Atlas Kane! If you like books that have action and adventure along with a dose of the unexpected, then be sure to check out this fun debut in a completely original series.

The main character in this story is a guy named Cade Clarke. It is his very last night that he will be spending on Earth, and he’s at the bar. Cade’s hanging out with an old buddy from the Army, talking and drinking together. Then a situation comes up and Cade puts his life on the line in order to help protect a bartender. It doesn’t hurt that the bartender is extremely beautiful, which was part or most of his motivation, but Cade will end up paying a big price for his act of heroics.

Cade ends up being resurrected to a world known as Antinium. When he comes to, he finds that he’s in a world where everything about its reality is different from what he knows. The rules have changed, and his best choice now is to try and adapt to whatever this place is. So Cade embraces it. He picks a unique class and moves on to customizing something for him that’s called a ‘soul weapon’.

He also levels up so that he can unlock skills and traits and gets points so that he can survive. He’s determined to do his best but knows that the odds are stacked against him. Cade’s finding that he doesn’t have a great chance for success, but things suddenly start to improve. When he aligns with a group of women that are very attractive, he suddenly has power on his side.

Their destinies are becoming quickly tied together. The women agree to help him construct a village to live in and will fight Cade’s enemies by his side. The group has a lot to gain or lose. With a tyrant to overthrow, they have to get strong enough that they’re ready for the challenge. Will the group prevail or perish in the attempt? Read the first novel in the Chimera King series to find out!

Champions of Last World is the second novel in the Chimera King series by author Atlas Kane. If you were interested in the first novel, be sure to check out the second!

The main character Cade has decided to go out on his own along with his allies, a group of beautiful women. Once they’ve done so, they find that they’ve been able to secure a degree of safety. But in Antinium, all has not turned to peace. Conflict still remains, and Cade and the women know that they’re going to have to defend their village sooner or later.

Things are going well in the village. Camp Casmeer has many different people moving it along specializing in different fields. Satemi handles construction, Minda studies plants, and Ketzal beats them all in practical combat. Meanwhile, Cade himself is having to contend with different challenges as they come.

The group must fight their enemy or they run the risk of being overtaken. Can these allies take it all on and become champions in the process? Read this book to find out!

Rulers of Last World is the third novel in the Chimera King series by Atlas Kane. When we last left Cade, he was trying to survive with a group of allies. They succeeded in making their own foothold in Antinium. The trick now is to defend it and hang on tight. There’s also a dungeon with seven different levels that is out there that they could explore and even gain the power to run it.

This is more than enough of a gain to get Cade interested. Meanwhile, the world’s beasts have undergone a mutation and now they’re a threat whereas before they were more of just a bother. Worse than all of this is an evil out there waiting in the darkness. Can the Rulers protect the people of Antinium and fight off the evil to keep their society intact? Read this book and find out!

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