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Chinooks Hockey Team Books In Order

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Publication Order of Chinooks Hockey Team Books

Simply Irresistible (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
See Jane Score (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Trouble with Valentine's Day (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
True Love and Other Disasters (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nothing But Trouble (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Any Man of Mine (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Art of Running in Heels (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chinooks Hockey team is a series of romance novels written by Rachel Gibson. The books tell the stories of the men of the Chinooks Hockey team and their struggles with love.

+The Story

Georgeanne Howard is a desperate woman who almost married a man several decades her senior because of his money. Fortunately, Georgeanne saw sense and left the man in question at the altar.

Georgeanne ran right into the arms of John Kowalsky, a hockey superstar whose boss happened to be the same man Georgeanne had left at the altar. John knew better than to involve himself with Georgeanne. But he couldn’t help it. One night of passion opened the way to a lifetime of heartache and bliss, not only for John but also Georgeanne.

Georgeanne Howard and John Kowalsky are the protagonists of ‘Simply Irresistible’, the first book in the Chinooks Hockey Team series. ‘Simply Irresistible’ perfectly encapsulates the Chinooks Books as a whole.

John Kowalsky is a hockey superstar that plays for the Chinooks Hockey Team and so is every other hero in these books. Not all of them are athletes per say, but every single one of them is connected to Chinooks.

This includes coaches and retired superstars. And it is because the Chinooks Hockey Team is such a prominent element in Rachel Gibson’s stories that the series is named after them.

These books stand out because the heroes are typically quite likable. The common romance trope is to make all the male protagonists strong, smolderingly sexy, and protective. And Gibson doesn’t really deviate from that formula.

Her Chinooks athletes and coaching staff cut quite the irresistible figure. And they know they have the power to make women weak in the knees, which is why so many of them are jerks, taking joy from making all the wrong decisions and pushing all buttons in their heroines.
Yet their tough exteriors hide a potential for emotional vulnerability. Some of them have been hurt in the past and cannot help but shy away from the love of the women in their lives. Others are only starting to experience true emotional connections and that frightens them.

And it is those nuances in their personalities that make these books so appealing to certain readers. However, the women tend to elicit criticism. Georgeanne Howard, for instance, is initially presented as a shallow, self-centered individual who most readers admitted they hated for the first several chapters of ‘Simply irresistible’.
But at least Georgeanne saw the error of her ways before she was bonded to her elderly partner by marriage. Faith Duffy from ‘True Love and Other Disasters’ actually married her wealthy and very old husband. And it wasn’t that hard to discern that she spent their marriage looking for greater physical fulfillment than her husband could deliver.
Rachel Gibson’s heroines normally leave a lot to be desired. Their faults do not merely add depth. Gibson tends to make them strangely unlikable. However, those faults are designed to accentuate the stories that eventually develop.
There are plenty of good reasons why these women act the way they do. And Gibson’s heroines do not remain broken and unsympathetic. Rather, the author gives them opportunities, both before and after they meet the hero, to grow.
Because the heroines here have so many weaknesses, they have the capacity to contend with their heroes’ many foibles.
Additionally, the heroes are willing to give their hearts to the heroines because they can relate to the brokenness of their lives and the mistakes of the past that haunt them.

Gibson has admitted to enjoying runaway bride and secret baby plots, so it should come as no surprise that she utilizes them on numerous occasions in this series.

+The Author

Rachel Gibson comes from Boise, Idaho. Born to an employee of a telephone company and a housewife, Gibson was sixteen when she began to tell stories. The author found that she had an amazing ability to mask her mistakes with elaborate but believable stories that would steer her clear of trouble with her parents and teachers.

Gibson is a recipient of the Romance Writers of America’s highest honor of excellence. She has also won the Golden Heart Award. Besides writing, Gibson has a passion for shoes.

+The Trouble with Valentine’s Day

Kate Hamilton needed to regroup. Her job was the primary cause of her stress. However, it was her boyfriend’s decision to dump her that pushed her over the edge. With her self-esteem at the lowest it had ever been, she saw fit to leave the Las Vegas behind in favor of seeking renewal in a small town in Idaho.
Kate Hamilton and Rob Sutter meet when Kate tries to seduce a hunky stranger. Rejection was the last thing she wanted to receive, especially with the fragile state of her emotions.

But that is exactly what Kate got from the stranger, and it got her to wonder what exactly she was doing wrong.
Rob Sutter wasn’t in a hurry to tell Kate that it wasn’t her fault. Rob, a former ice hockey madman, had been burned by love before, and he had no intention of giving Kate the chance she probably thought she deserved.

Kate would have been happy to forget the stranger and the embarrassment with which he showered her.
Kate and Rob do not expect to be in one another’s company in the M & S Market after hours and they definitely do not expect end up in the sort of compromising situation that leaves them flushed and unsettled.

+True Love and Other Disasters

Faith Duffy was the perfect wife to her wealthy and elderly husband. The hard knocks of life had taught her to not put much stock in the idea of love. But then her husband died and Faith’s life began to take an interesting turn.

It wasn’t just the boatloads of money that her husband left her. Faith also inherited a pro hockey team.

Ty Savage is a fan favorite. The women can’t get enough of his sex appeal and the men lose their marbles whenever his right hook finds a target. But Ty has more important things on his mind.

All the superstar has ever wanted was to win the Stanley Cup. But now he isn’t too sure if that will ever happen, not with some bimbo that knows nothing about hockey suddenly throwing his plans out the window.

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