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Chintz ‘N’ China Books In Order

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Publication Order of Chintz 'n China Mystery Books

Ghost of a Chance (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Legend of the Jade Dragon (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Under a Mystic Moon (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Harvest of Bones (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Hex of a Wedding (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Holiday Spirits (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Well of Secrets (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Yasmine Galenorn strikes again. This phenomenal writer is best known for her work in the urban fantasy genre. The Chintz ‘N China Mystery Series is one of the best she has done so far. Comprising of five books written between the years 2003-06, her paranormal plots keep attracting more and more readers. No wonder all her books are bestsellers.

1.) Ghost of a Chance

This is the first book that kicks off the Chintz ‘N China series. Yasmine starts us off with a woman named Emerald O’Brien who owns the Chintz ‘N China tea room. Here, her customers are served the finest tea and she sells china on the side. On few occasions, she reads tarot cards which has led to her being nicknamed the town witch. She doesn’t mind the name and she goes abut her daily routine, running her business and taking care of her two children, Kip and Miranda. As a child, Emerald was taught magic by her nanny who spent a lot of time with her. And over the years she’s gotten used to seeing ghosts and other creepy stuff. Her personal life is not so complicated. She is divorced. Her son Kip can also see dead people like her while Miranda wants to be an astronaut more than anything in the world.

One night, the ghost of a woman shows up in Em’s bedroom. She knows the ghost won’t leave her until she explains what she came for so Em asks how she can be of assistance. The ghost, whose name is Susan Mitchell claims that her husband killed her and that she wants Em to get to the bottom of it. She then disappears into thin air, leaving Em shocked and not knowing where to begin. She has never seen this woman before in her life. She starts putting the pieces together the following day when she reads the paper. Turns out, Susan is a famous author, her strong suit being in the romance genre. The article states that her death was caused by an overdose of insulin. This immediately rules it out as an accident meaning no investigation will take place.

Em starts snooping around. She asks her ex-supermodel friend about Susan’s death. She is always updated on the local rumour mongering and Em is sure her insight will be helpful. She is pointed in the direction of the local theatre, and told to look for Andrew. She later finds out that he is the playwright and was close friends with the deceased. She talks to him over soup at her house as she tries to find out more about Susan. As expected, he freaks out and leaves when she tells him the ghost part. That night, Susan’s ghost visits again, but she is accompanied by an evil spirit that immediately possesses the boy of her son Kip. She manages to drive out the evil spirit but it comes back several other times.

She finds out that Susan was in an abusive marriage for years and that her husband Walt, was very violent. Em could have worked with that but his alibi checked out. When she decides to go and talk to Diana, Susan’s daughter, she is shocked to find her stabbed to death in her apartment. The evil spirit’s attacks become more frequent as she struggles to solve the puzzle of Susan’s murder. She works hard to protect her children and finds out that her son has been messing around with his gift. Meanwhile, someone else is trying to stop Em from finding out the truth. Yasmine takes us through this woman’s daily struggle to restore peace in her family and to ensure Susan also rests in peace.

2.) The Legend of the Jade Dragon

This is the second book in the Chintz ‘N China Mystery series by Yasmine Galenorn. We are brought back to Emerald O’Brien, owner of the Chintz ‘N China tea place. Yasmine reminds us of her daily routine of making tea and reading people’s fortunes. Her life is going well. Business is certainly better than before. We can attribute this to the ten seconds of fame she got when she solved a double murder. All that is behind her as she revels in the business it has brought her.

A man walks into her shop and asks for a tarot card reading. Em is reluctant to reveal what the cards have shown her. She tells him anyway and Daniel Barrinton leaves the tea room in a fuss. He forgets to take a small dragon statue that he came with so Em chases after him to return the statue. As soon as she leaves the shop, she watches as Daniel’s fate comes true as a he is run over by a van and killed. Em returns to her shop, shocked by what she just saw and vows to track down Daniel’s family and return the expensive-looking statue to them. At the back of her mind, she feels strange vibes from the statue but she ignores them.

A few days after Daniel left the dragon statue with her, her life turns completely upside down, throwing her into chaos. First, her house and shop are broken into by a burglar and her valuables are stolen. The rest of the other stuff that the perpetrator didn’t take have been vandalized beyond repair. She swears she saw the dragon statue moving, and sometimes its eyes seemed to be glowing. As if it could not get any worse, she gets into a huge fight with her boyfriend, who then cheats on Em in retaliation then dumps her. After that, she learns that her neighbour’s creepy nephew as just released from jail.

She asks for help from her friend Harrow, to try and find out ore about the mysterious statue. What they uncover leaves them shaken. They learn that it dates back to the Ming Dynasty, and that its creator had cursed it. He was then beheaded for theft and the curse has been the cause of great misfortune to everyone who ever owned it including Daniel, who lost all his whole family.

Once more, Yasmine dazzles her with her surreal mysteries. Each of her books is worth more than what you will spend, as you delve deep into her adventures.

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