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Scrapper: MMA Badboy Romance (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Toxic Masculinity: How Modern Men Ruined Dating (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chloe Ellison is a published author.

Chloe Ellison is the author of Scrapper: MMA Badboy Romance. The book came out on May 18, 2016.

Scrapper is the debut novel from author Chloe Ellison. If you love the world of mixed martial arts or romance stories, then you’re sure to find something to love in this interesting book from an author that is just getting started.

When it comes to the world of sports, MMA is one of the biggest ones out there. Angela Clark is a journalist that is there covering the fight. That’s when she is shocked that Cage Edwards of all people has selected her out of a full on group of journalists gathered there.

Cage is undefeated and now he’s done the most unlikely thing of all– select Angela to be the one journalist to get an interview. Not just a quick one either– this one’s going to be an exclusive. It’s a nice thing to do for someone, but what’s the catch, Angela wonders?

The interview is going to be taking place in the penthouse suite he has, and apparently it’s just going to be the two of them there. The idea of that makes Angela a little nervous– she wasn’t prepared for the idea that she would be landing a solo interview with one of the biggest names in the game. That was the last thing on her mind when she showed up to the match.

Still, here it is, an exclusive just for her that has come together seemingly out of nowhere. Angela is really nervous at this idea, even though she has been to hundreds of fights before. But those were all small in scale and they were all local fights. This is something totally different; a big leagues break that could mean a huge boost in her career.

Angela knows that this is her shot and she has to make the most of it. The only thing is that Cage is a pretty intimidating fighter. Not because of how built he is, although that plays a part in it. What is making her nervous is how handsome he is. At six feet and three inches tall, the fighter is absolutely made of muscle, has tons of tattoos, and is absolutely shredded.

The physique leaves nothing to be desired, and the fighter seems to know how attractive he is. Cage definitely has a swagger to him, and those dimples and captivating smile mean that he has a tough time keeping the ladies out of his life. Angela sees something in his smile that makes her feel like when he looks at her, it’s a smile just for her.

There’s something charming about this guy from the second that she walks into the suite. When she first gets there, he’s busy in the mirror shaving and has a towel wrapped around his waist. As he moves into the shower, it seems that the interview is about to start. It’s a little unusual, but she supposes that’s to be expected.

The journalist is having a tough time focusing on asking questions while Cage is busy taking a shower. He doesn’t seem to mind and even tries to flirt with her a little, asking if she wants to join him in the shower and get refreshed as well. Even though she declines out of professional duty, she finds that maybe that is something that she would be tempted to do.

Even though there is plenty of steam in the room, she’s wondering whether that’s really the cause for why she’s feeling so flushed. Even though the journalist is plenty distracted, she’s finding that she can get the interview done. Cage is trying to do his best job and get her to stick around– but Angela knows that she’s got to keep this strictly business, so he eventually sees her out.

It may have been a somewhat growled dismissal, but he seems a little upset that she’s leaving. Angela thinks that this is the last time that she’ll see the fighter. Perhaps she’s right– or perhaps their paths are destined to intertwine once more.

For his part, Cage is attracted to Angela the first time that he sees her. That is why out of all the journalists that were waiting there in the crowd for quotes or perhaps a brief interview, he chose her. She was the one that he wanted to come interview him and so he went for it. Cage believes that in life or the ring, you have to go get whatever you want.

Cage falls for her the second that he sees her. From that moment on, he decides that he cannot go after anyone else. There is something about her that is just driving him crazy. Every little thing about this woman is burning him up inside. She’s totally gorgeous, and he knows that he will do anything that he can to try and get her.

Cage thinks that she’s beautiful but cannot bring himself to get out of the press conference without her by his side. If he can get her to go do an interview with him, she’ll benefit by getting an exclusive scoop. Cage Edwards is one of the biggest names out there, so why wouldn’t she jump at the chance?

The world title was the last time that he ever wanted something as bad as this. But now that belt is paling in comparison to his desire for this woman that he has never seen before in his life. He’s used to going after what he wants and getting it. But is this time going to be different from all of the rest?

With a huge personality and a smile that makes hearts melt, Cage is shocked when she does not immediately fall for him and throw herself at his feet. But he can already tell that she’s different from the ones that he usually goes for.

This woman is too enticing to let slip away– and he thinks that this might be real love at last. Can he get her? Read Scrapper by Chloe Ellison to find out!

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