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Publication Order of Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know Trilogy Books

Chloe Esposito is an English author of fiction. She is originally from Cheltenham and currently resides in London, England. She has graduated from Faber Academy and now writes full-time as her occupation.

She attended Oxford University and graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in English and added on a Master’s from Oxford as well. Her dissertation was on feminist writers from the nineteenth century. She has worked in a variety of fields. She has worked as a senior management consultant, worked as a fashion stylist for publication giant Conde Nast, and has taught English at two top United Kingdom private schools.

Chloe Esposito first became a published author with the release of her book Mad in 2017. She followed that up quickly with the sequel Bad. They are both part of the Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know series. The series will be a trilogy, although there is always room to grow and break the rules, which would be par for the course with this series. Dangerous to Know came out in 2018.

Mad is the first novel in the exciting series by author Chloe Esposito. If you love reading novels that you can’t seem to put down, you’re going to fall in love with this totally readable and uniquely interesting first novel from Esposito.

The book is set in places around the world from London to Sicily. Over the course of a week that has been drenched in blood towards the end of summer, Alvie Knightly will go to crazy lengths to get the one thing that she wants. This identical twin looks just like her sister Beth, and she wants to have the perfect life that her sister has. The only way to get that is to steal it.

Alvie will go to all lengths to get her sister’s life, including lying. Why wouldn’t she want Beth’s life when her own is so dismal? She is a haphazard person that is aimless through life and often fairly drunk on a regular basis. Her life seems so futile and without purpose, and when you put it up next to her sister’s life it looks like a confirmed disaster.

Beth is her twin sister and not only are they identical, but Beth is perfect. Alvie is the real mess. She eats kebabs to start off her day, spends most of her life on social media, gets stopped by security because she has a sex toy in her carry on at airports, and just generally is a disorganized pitiable case.

By contrast, Beth is married to a rich husband who is not only hot but Italian too. They have a beautiful son together and could be as happy as clams. The twins used to be taken as a package deal because they looked alike and their lives had not diverged too much yet. Those days are certainly over.

Beth is willing to send Alvie a plane ticket to go to visit her in Italy– first class, no less. Alvie doesn’t want to go at first, but when she loses the job that she hates so much and is kicked out onto the street by her flatmates, it doesn’t really seem like that bad of an idea anymore. Suddenly she really likes the idea of going to a villa in Taormina and thinks that she will take her up on that offer after all.

Beth wants Alvie to switch places with her for a bit so that she can go out and slip past her husband. Her twin agrees, and that’s how it starts. Alvie takes over the identity of her sister and her life temporarily, and discovers that she likes the feeling.

But she has no idea that the night will end with her twin dead, found drowned in the pool. While it is a tragedy and a shock, the twin also realizes that this might be her chance to take on her twin’s perfect and idyllic life permanently. But Alvie finds out that pretending to be her sister and live her life may be more difficult than she thought– and her sister has a lot of secrets.

She quickly finds out that Beth was hiding things from her husband and starts to dig deeper. She starts to find all sorts of things; lovers, connections to organized crime, hitmen that are far too attractive, and a corrupt priest. These people are still out there and some of them she’s even spoken to. They’re all starting to suspect the same thing; that they’ve got the wrong twin.

Alvie must make this whole situation work to her advantage. Everything from a sex drive that goes all the way up to eleven to a certain love of handling dangerous weapons to even lying to her mom. There may be more at stake than just the million dollars, but this twin is going to make it work, even if she has to go completely unhinged to do it.

Bad is the second novel in the Mad, Bad, and Dangerous trilogy by Chloe Esposito. Alvie has returned once more and has now found out that she just got screwed. Her boyfriend just took off with the sports car and over two million in euros, and she is more worried about her heart than the cash. That would be a first.

Now this young assassin must drown her sorrow by taking the hotel room mini-bar down with her. Now that she’s gotten that out of her system, she can get to work. When it comes to Alvie, she has entered into a game of cat and mouse with the one person that she hoped would never betray her.

As she follows her ex-lover across Rome, they leave a trail of damage behind them. It may just take Alvie embracing her dark side to figure out whether this man is her enemy or truly her friend at the end of the day. Is Nino a true foe to Alvie, or is he actually the only guy in the world that can handle this bad girl? Pick up Bad by talented author Chloe Esposito to find out!

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