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Publication Order of Chloe Fine Mystery Books

Blake Pierce is an American published author.

Blake has written multiple series but is perhaps best known for being the USA Today best-selling author of the Riley Page mystery series. This series has 17 books in it and is fairly popular among fans.

He has also written several other series. This includes the Mackenzie White mystery series, the Avery Black mystery series, the Keri Locke series, the Making of Riley Page series, the Kate Wise mystery series, the Chloe Fine psychological suspense mystery series, the Jessie Hunt psychological suspense thriller series, the Au Pair series, the Zoe Prime mystery series, the Adele Sharp mystery series, the European Voyage cozy mystery series, the Laura Frost FBI suspense thriller series, the Ella Dark FBI suspense thriller series, A Year In Europe cozy mystery series, the Ava Gold mystery series, the Rachel Gift mystery series, the Valerie Law mystery series, the Paige King mystery series, the May Moore mystery series, the Cora Shields mystery series, and the Nicky Lyons mystery series.

Black Pierce has always been a huge reader and fan all of his life of novels in the mystery and thriller genres. He also loves to hear from readers of his books and invites fans to go to his home page to find out more about his work and get in touch with him.

Next Door is the first novel in the Chloe Fine mystery series by Blake Pierce. If you are looking for a new mystery series that has several books in it to enjoy, then check out this series!

Chloe Fine is 27 years old and an intern with the FBI Evidence Response Team. The last thing that she ever thought was that she would have to come up against the past, but it turns out that the past has a way of catching up with you.

Chloe is happy to help when her twin sister reaches out for assistance. But her troubled sibling’s request for help may mean that Chloe herself has to contend with her dark past.

Things start piling up quite literally when a victim’s body turns up in their tiny suburban town. Things were going so well, too. Everything in Chloe’s life had finally started to line up the way that she wants it to.

She has moved back to her own original hometown and is engaged to her fiancé. They have also moved into a new house together. Best of all, her career with the FBI seems like it’s going extremely well, something that couldn’t be more ideal as her wedding comes up. It seems like life is finally starting to be perfect. Of course, how things appear to be is not always the case.

So it goes in suburbia, where things appear to be idyllic but not everything always lives up to that. After a short time being there, Chloe starts to witness the underside of the belly of the beast. There is gossip, there’s secrets, and there are outright lies. It isn’t too long before she finds that old demons from the past start to bother her.

One of these demon’s is her mother’s strange death. She passed away when Chloe was ten years old. The other has to do with her father being imprisoned. But more than this to deal with are the issues in the present. When a new body crops up, she realizes that her past might hold a key to figuring out who did this and why.

Full of interesting characters, a small town feel, suspense and more, this psychological suspense will have you turning the pages to find out what happens next! Pick up a copy for yourself to figure out who did it!

A Neighbor’s Lie is the second novel in the Chloe Fine mystery series by Blake Pierce. If you liked the first book in this series, check out the second book to see what happens!

Chloe Fine is a special agent with the FBI’s Violent Crimes division. She’s still dealing with past secrets but has to put those aside as she is assigned her first case.

The case involves a nanny’s murder in a suburban town that appears perfect but clearly isn’t. This is a world with plenty of secrets, couples that aren’t faithful to each other, and lies. Chloe starts to realize that any of the people in this community could be the guilty party.

At the same time, she has to fight her demons and get to the bottom of her own secrets which may bring her down before her career can truly take off. Can she find the nanny’s killer? Read this book to find out!

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