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Love Is a Drug (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Chloe Holiday
Chloe Holiday writes the types of things that she loves reading: fun and steamy stories about ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, men that aren’t jerks, and smart women. She likes reading about friendships, either a good bromance or close women. She wants all the feels: the barest brush of fingertips, a smoldering gaze, the shocked gasp at the underhanded villain, the joy of a reunion, or the angst of heartbreak. But of course, happily ever after.

A bit of danger always gets her going, so many of her romances have a thriller subplot in them. She also writes thrillers with a bit of a slow burn romantic subplot. She likes getting a sneak peak into intriguing groups, whether it is military personnel, medicine, or some other culture like Greece. It is fun to live vicariously and go rock climbing, sailing, or diving.

Chloe loves humor and is partial to some witty banter and some embarrassing situations. Love can be funny sometimes.

Chloe grew up telling stories, before she was able to write cursive, and over time, she decided to emulate the stories that they read at night. She’s still got a few of her stapled-together stories. There’s a lot of ponies in these stories.

She hates reading the same old thing, with just the places and names changed, so her goal is to bring you a fun, fresh, new story each time, without any cliffhangers. More than anything else, she wants a rollicking, great story that she cannot put down, one where love prevails in the end, one that’ll whisk her away from her own tribulations.

Chloe is always burning to get the ideas out, so much so that she is kept up at night by them. She may get stuck at an impasse on certain parts of a novel, however her solution is to just either change gears, switching to some other story or novel. Or just to do something else, like walk the dogs in the woods, do some weeding, or something that will allow her mental gears to disconnect, spinning in her own subconscious. It helps unstick those plot tangles.

The best part of being a writer is the escapism that is involved, and creating an entire world, one that’s populated by fascinating “people” and interesting situations. An added bonus is that she gets to do all of it in pajamas.

“Submerged Hopes” has a Deaf heroine, and she wanted the hero to be a Navy diver. She thought it’d be super cool if her hearing loss, which has made life more difficult from one day to the next, would actually be an asset in this situation.

“Finders, Keepers” is the first novel in the “Helios Greek Romances” series and was released in 2020. Farrah catches her boyfriend getting hands-on with this model at some swanky holiday party, she flees, humiliated and hurt. Caught after dark in this bad part of town, she ducks into this bar where straitlaced Caleb is quite the breath of fresh chivalry. Perfect.

Farrah is ready to burn her bridges, and goes home with Caleb for a round of incendiary revenge sex. But by the time her ex-boyfriend’s text comes in at 2 AM claiming that it was all just a misunderstanding, it is too late. She is the cheater now. Farrah sneaks out, now horrified. She resolves to do better, but daydreams about this hot stranger, not the supposedly loyal boyfriend that she wronged.

Caleb is all-in when this funny and gorgeous woman materializes in the bar. He tosses out his rule, just unable to resist to taking her back home. He wakes up all alone, he simply must find her again, however all he has is this single mitten.

Chloe decided to write the novel because she loves a good story about a quest, and modern twists on fairy tales, and love triangles are just fun. She also wanted to explore the gaslighting which can occur in a relationship, all abuse is not overt, and to write about a creative woman that dares to buck the “safe option” of her steady job.

The novel is also an homage to the connection with loved ones which a gift of love, particularly when it’s handmade, can bring, in this case, the mitten that her grandma knitted. She does love holiday stories with a good sense of place and comedy.

“Helios” is the second novel in the “Helios Greek Romances” series and was released in 2020. Nicole is on her first international assignment, and the pressure is on, not that anything is ever going to be good enough for her backstabbing boss. however Konstantinos, the rich and powerful client, has got an agenda of his own for Nicole.

Nicole (an advertising agent) is very much a lady, for all the good that it has done her: her conniving boss takes all the credit for her ideas, and sends her on this last minute overseas assignment which is bound to fail. Nervous yet still determined to do her best, she accepts some ouzo, okay a lot, from her handsome seatmate. Nicole yields to the temptation of this sexy stranger on this transatlantic flight, unaware that he is the client that she is supposed to be pitching.

Blown away that her own Mile High fantasy made flesh is in fact that Helios CEO, she struggles with balancing the professionalism of her job demands with her client’s irresistible magnetism. Konstantinos sweeps her into this dizzying world, enthralling trips by yacht and jet, haute cuisine, stunning vistas on his private Grecian beach, and into his bed, where Nicole discovers passion that she had never imagined. She dares hope it is more than just a fling.

Captivated by Nicole’s own fresh charm and her killer business instincts, he chooses her campaign, antagonizing powerful board members that want him removed. Then some scandalous pictures of the two show up in this Greek tabloid, which threatens each of their careers and their love affair.

Escape to Greece for this steamy workplace romance. “Helios” contains family drama laugh out loud moments, a delicious billionaire, and one young woman that struggles to overcome her backstabbing boss. Without cliffhangers.

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