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Chloe Neill is the bestselling author for the series of ” Chicagoland Vampires ” and for ” Dark Elite ” for the New York Times and USA Today. Her birth place is in the south and she was also raised there, but now she lives in the Midwest. To keep an eye on everything for her books, she made her home just close to St. Sophia’s and Cadogan House. She cooks at home and searches on the Internet for a better graphic design and a good recipe while she is not busy with her books. Chloe’s husband is a landscape photographer who is her favorite and she has male kids and two dogs. The name of her dogs are Baxter and Scout. She maintains a good relation with her husband, children and the dogs by spending time with them. Both Chloe and her photographer husband made the dogs in charge of their home. She is the member of ‘ Romance Writers of America ‘ and ‘ Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America ‘. Chloe Neill is also represented by ‘ Lucienne Diver of The Knight Agency ‘.


Chloe Neill has written two series till now named Chicagoland Vampires and for Dark Elite which made her the best selling author for the New York Times and USA Today. Her first series was Chicagoland Vampires which is an urban fantasy vampire romance novel, which is set in the Chicago city. New American Library made the publication of this series. The main character of this series is Merit who is a 28 year- old student and a Ph.D. English Literature candidate. She has been converted into a vampire and made to join Chicago’s prestigious Cadogan House. The second series Dark Elite is about a girl named Lily Parker, who is sent to a boarding school for girls named St. Sophie’s. Chloe Neill finds many things that she is unaware of about Chicago, while living there. She takes the help from her friends and makes an ally to fight and make a good fight. The name of the fight is Adepts Vs. Reapers.

BOOK 1: – Some Girls Bite

Some Girls Bite is the first book of Chloe Neill’s first series. At the start of the story, the character name Merit is living in Wicker Park Brownstone with her best friend Mallory and roommate friends. While returning from the library, she is attacked by Ethan Sullivan on campus late at night in order to save her life she is turned into a vampire. She is invited to join Cadogan House and to decide her allegiances she is given one week time before the Commendation ceremony in the House. While she is trying to adjust and trying to understand the attack done on her, she comes to know that her grandfather works as a liaison for the supernatural of the city in the Mayor’s Ombudsman’s office. Chicago police is investigating about the vampire community and their connections to the murder and the same time Merit involves in a difficult situation with her grandfather and his co- workers, her roommate, the sultry and mysterious Celina, her new Master and his girlfriend. She is trying to learn to control her thirst and new ” Vampire- ness ” and also to get some training. Along with this she must also decide whom she can trust. She is no more an English Graduate student and she has to adjust her new life and existence as both her and other’s life depend on her.

BOOK 2: – Friday Night Bites

This is the second book in the series by Chloe Neill and the incident of this book starts two weeks after the first book Some Girls Bite and in this book Merit is planning to move in the Cadogan House. The vampire community has become a certain level of celebrity after the first incident and there are rumors that the Shifter pack leader Gabriel Keene in trying to make conference in Chicago for shape- shifters and the Chicago World Weekly, mainly Jamie Breckenridge are taking a good interest in the underground raves of the vampires. Ethan makes a request to Merit to go back to her family and their connections due to their high society in order to understand Jamie’s moves and to get away from press media. As Ethan and Merit are trying to use their high society connections, the vampire community faces a new trouble by a past boyfriend of Merit. Merit’s willpower, allegiances and strength are being tested continuously and the relationship between human and supernaturals is becoming tensed.


Caroline Evelyn Merit: – Merit is a 28 year old, blue eyed, dark haired lady and an English graduate student at the University of Chicago and she is known mainly by her last name. She has a sense of modern well- known fashion that consists of jeans and T-shirts and while she is bitten, she is working on her literature on Romantic Medieval. She was a former ballet dancer and is a fan of the musicals named Bears and the Cubs.

Mallory Delancey Carmichael: – Mallory is a roommate and best friend of Merit and she is blue- haired and blue eyed. Her parents died in a car accident a long time ago and she lives with her best friend Merit in the house that she inherited from her great- aunt Rose.

Ethan Sullivan: – Ethan is the Master of Cadogan House and he is 394 years old. Merit and Mallory sometime refer him as ” Darth Sullivan ” and he is 6’3″ with long legs, a firm jaw, golden blond hair and broad and strong shoulder. He wears a black impeccable Armani suit.

Morgan Greer: – In the first book, he holds the position of Second in the Navarre House. He has a strong jaw, a cleft chin and a dark brown hair. He has a strong feeling for Merit. He operates the nightclub and is born in Madison and is a Packer fan.

Catcher Bell: – He works in the office of Chicago supernatural Ombudsman as was a former sorcerer. He is 29 years old and has tattoos on his body with shaved head and pale green eyes.He gets involved with Mallory and among the Four magical Keys, he is an expert in the Second one.


Chloe Neill is about to release Wild Things, Blood Games and Dark Debt in the coming year and the previous books have become extremely popular because of which the Chloe Neill’s fans are eagerly waiting for the release of these books. If you enjoy thrilling and suspenseful plot, then read Chloe Neill’s books. Once you start reading her novels, you won’t be able to put it down.

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  1. Kitty: 3 years ago

    High Stakes is Luk and Lindsey. It’s a stand alone Novella but it is after Biting Bad. Slaying It happens while Merit is pregnant (between the last chapter and the epilog of Blade Bound. Phantom Kiss is between Midnight Marked and Blade Bound
    1. Some Girls Bite
    2. Friday Night Bites
    3. Twice Bitten
    4. Hard Bitten
    5. Drink Deep
    6. Biting Cold
    7. House Rules
    8. Biting Bad
    8.A. High Stakes (Luc & Lindsey Short Story)
    8.B. Howling For You (Jeff & Fallon Novella)
    9. Wild Things
    10. Blood Games
    10.A. Lucky Break (Ethan & Merit Novella)
    11. Dark Debt
    12. Midnight Marked
    12.A. Phantom Kiss (Ethan & Merit Novella)
    13. Blade Bound
    13.A. Slaying It (Ethan & Merit Novella)

  2. Tammy: 3 years ago

    Where does the novella “High Stakes” fall in the Chicagoland Vampire series?
    I am presuming the novellas “Phantom Kiss” and “Slaying It” fall after the final novel – Blade Bound…

    Please advise.

    Thank you!


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