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Chocolate Whisper Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of A Chocolate Whisperer Mystery Books

Criminal Confections (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dangerously Dark (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Semi-Sweet Hereafter (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead and Ganache (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Peppermint Mocha Murder (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Colette London is a best-selling novelist who has published over 3 dozen books worldwide. Her popular Chocolate Whisperer series features 4 books: Criminal Confections, The Dangerously Dark, and Semi-Sweet Hereafter and Dead.

The Chocolate Whisper Mystery Series is an exciting new cozy series that features “chocolate whisperer” namely; Hayden Mundy Moore. Hayden Mundy Moore is a luxury consultant with a nose for chocolate as well as danger. Fans of mystery series will certainly eat up this exciting, luscious world of intrigue and high-end chocolate.

In simple words, Hayden Mundy Moore is a professional on everything pertaining chocolate. She helps clients to develop new products and also revamp recipes until they are irresistible. However, at certain times, a dash of murder manages to find its way into this mix. Hayden Moore has bushwhacked all through the African jungles and he haggled in the exotic markets so as to find the finest cacao beans as well as the most flavorful cacao blends. This is a thrilling themed work with no dangerous threats until a colleague is found dead at the exclusively chocolate- Lemaître spa based in San Francisco.

The victim (Adrienne Dowling) case of heart attack is then blamed on accidental overdose of secret ingredients used in the Lemaître’ new line of Chocolates. Hayden cannot believe that the conscientious Adrienne would ever attempt to make that mistake. Between the chocolate body scrubs, a non-stop frenzy of the chocolate-based treats and cocoa mud baths, Hayden Mundy Moore starts suspecting that she, and not Adrienne, was the main target. Finding a killer amongst the potential suspects and rival chocolatiers won’t simply be satisfying. As a matter of fact, it might just save her life.

Criminal Confections

This is the first installment in Chocolate Whisper Mystery Series by Colette London. Hayden Moore is a great chocolate whisperer ever known. Due to Hayden’s insanely high level of knowledge about nearly all things pertaining chocolate, companies that are in trouble usually hire Hayden so as to troubleshoot their chocolates and in turn boost their business. Thanks to inheritance from her eccentric uncle, Hayden Moore has traveled all across the world in search of the ideal cacao bean. She found a profitable niche in chocolate markets. Even though part of her usually longs to get a dog and settle down, her own free spirit and uncle’s will dictates that she grab her duffle and go.

Now Hayden Moore finds herself at a San Francisco-based hotel consulting for those prestigious Lemaître’s “healthy” caffeine
infused chocolates. Hayden more thinks that the line is doomed right from the start. However, she’ reluctant to tell this information to the demanding Christian, Lemaître Chocolates head. Who wants to ever write a report when in reality there is a scrumptious chocolate hotel and yummy chocolate themed retreats to attend? While Hayden waits for her guy Danny to show up, she reconnects with Adrienne who’s desperate to please her manager with this latest healthy line of chocolate.

Hayden later agrees to aid Adrienne in the kitchen and instead break those bad news at a later stage. When Adrienne dies after a frantic reception, Hayden is so freaked. Adrienne was a great companion and very good at her job. Who could ever want to kill Adrienne? Danny, a professional in all things that involve criminal, believes that Hayden was the intended target. Who would ever want to kill a great chocolate whisperer and for what reasons? Hayden is so much determined to honor the memory of Adrienne by solving this mystery despite the resolve of the police that she had overdosed on something.

Criminal Confections is an entertaining and cozy culinary mystery which involves more chocolate than you could ever imagine. This is an interesting book that will leave you looking for the second installment in the series.

Dangerously Dark

This is the second book in Chocolate Whisper Mystery Series by Colette London. If you’re a fan of mysteries and chocolate then this novel combines the 2 quite perfectly. Hayden Moore is a freelance expert at anything pertaining chocolate. She helps different companies to improve their products that they offer. Thanks to inheritance, Hayden is capable of picking only jobs which appeal to her. She is now heading to Portland for an engagement party on a weekend for Carissa, an old, college friend. Hayden arrives in Portland and then heads to Cartorama where her friend has a cart known as Churn PDX. Each and every food cart specializes in offering chocolate. Carissa then opens up her food cart and they shockingly find the dead body of Declan Murphy, her fiancé.

The police later declare Declan’s death to be due to accident. However, Hayden doesn’t just believe that it’s an accident and she decides to poke around a bit more. She’s still running high from solving a mystery at her previous assignment. Carissa (who doesn’t seem to be very upset over the death of her fiancé’s) also asks Hayden Moore to take over the Declan’s Chocolate Dark tour. It’s already been publicized and scheduled showing clearly that Carissa has another ulterior motive. Hayden Moore agrees to run the Dark Tour because it will offer her more time to stay around. Danny Jamieson, her close friend and security personnel, shows up to help (and try convincing Hayden Moore to leave Portland). Will Hayden ever realize Declan was killed? And, who would want to kill Declan and why?

The writing style in this novel flows smoothly and it’s an easy read. The novel has been written in the first person and you’ll certainly be impressed if you’re a fan of this perspective. However, some people usually have a difficult time keeping good track of the storyline in books written like. In spite of that, the characters are well rounded and well developed throughout the entire book. The writer is very talented in terms of descriptive writing and its setting will undoubtedly draw you in right from the beginning. The mystery has enough twists and turns that makes it quite hard to solve. You will certainly enjoy reading this cozy mystery.

Dangerously Dark is highly recommended to anyone who likes a well-crafted and cozy mystery. If you love chocolate (just like most people do), then you’ll certainly want to read the series up to the end. This second installment will definitely appeal to chocaholics, foodies, armchair travelers and aficionados of smart, feisty, heroines.

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