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An Australian writer of thriller novels for quite some time now, the author Chris Allen has not only served as a paratrooper giving him an in-depth knowledge, but he has also managed to create an extensive backlog of work surrounding the subject as well. Looking into the world of spies and the intrigue and mystery that surrounds them, he manages to convey a real sense of urgency built around his particular genre in question. Known for his sense of accuracy and realism as well, he manages to give his material a grounded and down to earth tone that many other writers strive for.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Perth, Australia, on the 7th of December, 1964, the writer grew up in the area fostering an interest in the military from a young age, along with a strong passion for both reading and writing, as he took this interest forwards whilst seeking inspiration from his surrounding environment. With an ever keen and observant eye for detail and what makes people tick, he was able to use this as the basis for his adult career as novelist of high action thrillers. It was his experiences not only growing up, but in his early career working with the military that allowed him to gain the foundations required for his novels.

Previously serving as a paratrooper, Chris Allen was able to gain a hands-on practical experience unlike any other, which then allowed him to get an insight that enabled him to write his novels with an even greater degree of accuracy than he would have had otherwise. During his time as a paratrooper he served for well over two decades, along with being stationed over four continents, as well as serving three Commonwealth armies as well. This all ended though after he faced an injury that left him unable to continue, although he did retire having reached the prestigious rank of Major.

Not only has he served in the military though, but he also later went on to work within three law enforcement agencies that are situated throughout Australia, whilst also being at the forefront of an effort to help provide aid to East Timor after their 1999 emergency, as he led security operations within the area. At one point he was even assigned to oversee the protection of the Sydney Opera House, ensuring its safety and all those inside it. Then in 2008 he went on to become the Sheriff of New South Wales in Australia, as he was appointed to the position in an institute steeped in Australian tradition.

Living with his wife Sarah in Sydney along with their two children Rhett and Morgan, he continues to write now to this present day. Regularly taking part in writer’s festivals, he’s also a fixture on the literary scene, keeping up his profile and maintaining his presence. He has also gone into talks to begin work on adapting his material for the television and cinema, as his career shows no signs of stopping its momentum anytime soon.

Writing Career

Largely focusing on the Alex Morgan Interpol Spy Thriller series of books, the author Chris Allen brought out his first novel in 2012 with Defender. After holding his post as the sheriff till the previous year, 2011, he then went on to become a full time writer, as he focused on the series. Following this his career as a fully fledged writer quickly took off, as he started to tour promoting his work, including a number of television stations whereby he also talked extensively about his military past.

Putting himself into a work is one of the major notable qualities of his work and is something that which both his critics and his fans have acknowledged. Bringing a sense of realism to his material it has really allowed him to present a more accurate portrayal of what it’s like to serve in the military. This is something that appears to be continuing on into the foreseeable future, as his writing career grows from strength-to-strength on a global scale.


Originally published on the 22nd of January, 2015, through the Momentum publishing label, this was set to become the third installment in the Intrepid series. Carrying on the missions of Alex Morgan it continues in much the same vein as the last titles in the franchise starring the eponymous black ops agent. Using the same style and tone as to what came before, it delivers the same standard that readers have now come to expect from the series, whilst also offering some surprising twists and turns along the way.

Going up against the a criminal empire that lurks only in the shadows, Alex Morgan finds that he must face up to their head known only as the ‘Night Witch’. That’s when, to make matters more complicated, he is assigned to the case with a new agent called Elizabeth Reigns, someone who has had her identity sold and compromised to the Triads. Navigating this seemingly complex and intricate underworld he must do whatever it takes to keep himself and Reigns alive and take down the criminal network. Just who is the Night Witch? Can he stay alive long enough to find out? What will happen as he becomes the avenger?


Making the fourth installment in the ongoing Intrepid franchise charting the various assignments of Alex Morgan, this was first published in 2015 on the 26th of November. Brought out through the Momentum publishing house once again, it seeks to recapture some of the adrenaline that made the original books so exhilarating for readers. Capturing both the style and the tone, it works in giving its audience what they want again, whilst also providing them with just enough surprises to keep them engaged.

This time it’s Intrepid itself that faces certain destruction as an organization, dealing with a new kind of threat that none of them could imagine. Heading into the post cold war region of Europe, Alex Morgan is to bring in a spy and destabilize an oligarch, as he navigates his way through the underworld. Then there’s the Helldiver itself which must be stopped at all costs, as it looks like it will bring down Intrepid itself, as Alex and Elizabeth team up once again to bring down the enemy. Who is behind this latest threat? Can they stop them in time? Where will they turn when facing the Helldiver?

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