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Chris Bennett is a historical fiction author who grew up in southeastern Oregon on the shores of Klamath Lake. It was a dream childhood especially for a young boy who enjoyed the forests, water, hills and abundant wildlife.

It was from this time that he developed a love for outdoor activities such as bird watching, canoeing, hiking, fishing, camping, sailing and many other adventurous activities that happened in the wild spaces around the lake. He also has a strong obsession with team sports such as basketball, baseball and football.

His father, who was a family physician, had a similar childhood growing up in rural Idaho and they would often go on adventures together. They used to rescue orphaned and injured wildlife with the highlight of this time the rescue of a Great Horned Owl while he was twelve.

The owlet had been left an orphan when one of their neighbors had taken down a haystack and found the chick in it.

Bennett’s love for adventure and action soon turned into a lifelong love for books when his mother read “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” to him and his siblings while they were on a long family trip.

He so loved the world that Tolkien created and made use of his natural born artistic abilities to come up with several paintings that still hang in his house four decades later.

During this time, family dinner table talk was usually on politics, history and anything interesting in their world. As such, it was only natural that he would pursue studies in political science and history when he enrolled at the University of Oregon. But the common conception was that it was impossible to make a living in any of those fields.

For this reason, Bennet decided to try his hand at Computer Science, as he believed there were many opportunities in that field. It was understandable given that it was at this time that Microsoft was breaking all records as it grossed more than $20 million in revenue each year.

Chris Bennet would go on to become a writer in the software development space for nearly four decades. He began as an entry level programmer and over the years, he has done just about everything one could do.

He has written software reviews, technical specifications, legal documents, database designs, marketing materials, user interface designs, user manuals and website content. Over the years, he wrote countless pages on software but never fiction since marketing does not count.

With the years passing by, he thought he needed to let the more creative and adventurous side of his brain out. When he first told his wife that he would be writing a fiction book, her first reaction was skeptical. She believed he already had too much to do as she knew how hard he already worked.

But she started believing once she saw him using every spare time on short trips, lunch breaks and late nights to work on his novel. He published “The Road to Breaking” in 2021 and has never looked back since. Bennet and his wife and children currently make their home in Seattle.

“Road to the Breaking” by Chris Bennett is set in 1860, where Captain Nathaniel Chambers, an American Army commander and war hero, has received shocking news of his father’s death.
He needs to go back home to Virginia and protect his mother from a maniacal neighbor who wants to seize the family plantation and take advantage of his widowed mother. But he is torn by a dilemma of whether to turn his back on his childhood home, his mother and inheritance for the army.

In the meantime, a woman is desperately trying to redeem her fortunes by marrying her troubled but beautiful daughter to the handsome army officer. It is an epic journey that takes in the condition of a young nation full of political intrigue, debauchery, corruption, brutality.

What nobody knows is that the US is about to face its biggest ever disaster in the form of the American Civil War. Nathan finally decided to leave the army life behind but never imagined he was on the road to breaking.

Chris Bennett’s novel “Enigma” is set in 1860 and continues from where the first novel of the series left off. Captain Nathan Chambers is back home in Virginia to take up his inheritance. Much of it is a large plantation worked by more than a hundred slaves.

He has never liked the institution of slavery and intends to sell the plantation and everything in it. But even as he comes home to find downcast and fearful faces from black faces full of despondency, he knows that he needs to do something.

As he starts working to fulfil his ambitious plans, he starts getting rumors of war and secession even as a malicious neighbor is planning a violent end to what has been a decades long spat.

But then he meets the intriguing, spirited and strikingly beautiful Evelyn, who happens to be the daughter of an old family friend. However, she pushes him away despite him applying all his charms.

“Sedition” by Chris Bennett is set in 1861 where Nathan Chambers, the ex army captain, finds himself on unfamiliar ground. He is in the middle of a secession crisis following the ascension to the presidency by Abraham KLincoln, an unknown northerner.

Nathan is determined to help keep Virginia part of the United States even as his enemies work to secede. If they succeed, they could murder their political rivals and trigger a war. In the meantime, Evelyn is dealing with the intrigues of the upper class of Richmond society.

She had rescued a runaway slave and was invited to become a member of the Underground Railroad. But her handlers believe that her charm and beauty are better used to spy for the Union in what is an inevitable civil war. Will she risk losing Nathan’s love for the sake of the union.

With secession looming, several men are planning their own seditius move. They intend to split away from Richmond to form a new pro Lincoln state.

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    I have read books 1-7 and it says book 8 will be available at the end of ’22. Well, it’s the end of ’22 and I can’t find it anywhere. Can you tell me where to get it? Also, will there be a book 9 and/or more? I really have enjoyed reading the series. Thanks and Happy New Year!


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