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An Irish author, the writer Chris Binchy is well known for his unique and interesting insight into the human psyche, as he has been able to craft well honed dialogue alongside compelling and witty narratives, as his stories come to life off the page, something which goes some way towards explaining how he has come to be a worldwide sensation in recent times. With prose that sparks and crackles, his words are extremely immediate in their style and tone, giving them a highly vivid and rich texture, allowing them to speak almost directly to the reader.

This has also helped to warm him to the critics and reviewers as well, as he is able to write not just commercially, but for his many peers and contemporaries as well, something which has garnered him a great deal of respect over the years. Speaking from a place that is almost intimate as well as being universal, he is able to take the reader in and make them feel as if he’s speaking solely to them on a more personal level. This can be seen through his many awards and nominations, along with his sales, which have become self-evident in of themselves over the years. Going into great detail, he is able to make his style seem almost effortless in its light-hearted manner, as he never forgets the importance of brevity, making every single word essential on the page. As more readers discover his work every day, his sales are expected to soar in the years to come, with his audience continually growing more and more. He is definitely a master of his craft, given that he has continued to develop his style over the course of his books, with each new release offering something new and exciting to his now extensive portfolio of work.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Ireland, it was the home country of Chris Binchy that would come to dominate a lot of his writing, as he would go on to set a lot of his action there. The nephew of the famous writer Maeve Binchy, he comes from a rich literary heritage, something which he has also worked hard to escape from the shadow of, as he has learned to ultimately stand upon his own two feet. This has also given him the drive he’s needed to make his career work, as he’s pushed himself forwards, making a name that is entirely his own over the years.

Graduating from the prestigious Trinity College in Dublin, he gained an academic background, before going on to work as a chef for some time. This was prior to him becoming a writer, as it all allowed him to gain some much needed experience, giving the material required with which to write as he has done. Still living in Dublin to this very day, he continues to write from his own idiosyncratic perspective, setting many of stories within the city itself, something that he’ll continue for many years to come.

Writing Career

Bringing out his first book in 2003, he made his debut onto the literary scene with the title ‘The Very Man’. This would see him establish his name as a serious author. Over the years he would write a number of other books, along with starting the ‘Open Door’ series in 2008 with the book ‘The Lighthouse’.

Winning awards and nominations, he has was also short-listed for the Irish Novel of the Year Award for his first novel. This would see him establish his brand as an author in his own right. Leaving behind the heat of working in the kitchen as a chef, he would then go on to writing full-time, something which he continues to this very day.

Five Days Apart

Brought out through the Harper publishing label, this book was released to much acclaim and anticipation in 2010 on the 29th of June that year. Working as a stand-alone title from the Irish author, this sees much of the action take place in Dublin, a location that Binchy holds extremely close to his heart. Over the course of the book there are many twists and turns, as it brings the location to life, really allowing the reader to feel as if they’re actually there with the characters.

Taking an in-depth look at a lifelong Dublin friendship, this sees the relationship between two men begin to fall apart at the seams when they both fall in love with the same woman. David finds it more than a little difficult when talking to women, something which causes difficulties when speaking to the unforgettable Camille at a party, which then leads to his best friend Alex talking to her, leading to the two of them starting a relationship instead. Some years later David graduates with not just the academic skills he was originally blessed with, but a newfound sense of confidence in himself as well, something which leads to him attempting to ‘win’ Camille over Alex, despite them being in a relationship. How will their friendship take the toll? Where will this turmoil leave them all? Can they spend five days apart?


Initially released in 2008, this was first published on the 4th of September to an already eager audience, as it would provide another stand-alone title for Binchy. With the action taking place in Dublin much like many of his other books, this shows a clear development for the author, and is a definite must for any fans of the writer. Released through the Penguin publishing outlet this time, it would provide a thrilling installment for the author, as it manages to grip the reader from the outset.

Set in the city of Dublin once again, this sees five different characters from wildly different backgrounds, three being from Eastern Europe, as they attempt to make a life for themselves in this new city. Becoming embroiled in a web of sex, lies, property, politics and violence, it appears that things may be taking a turn for the worse, though, as they attempt to keep their heads above water. With their lives all becoming inextricably tangled, it sees a violent bouncer start an affair with a Polish night-club hostess, as their ambitions and dreams all soon become intertwined. How will they make the most of their situation? Can they live the lives they’ve always hoped to lead? Who will leave open-handed?

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