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Publication Order of Chris Bronson Books

The First Apostle (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Moses Stone (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Messiah Secret (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Nosferatu Scroll (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Echo of the Reich (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lost Testament (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Templar Heresy (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Chris Bronson series are a series of thriller novels by bestselling author James Becker. James Becker is the pseudonym of James Barrington who also writes as Jack Steel, Thomas, Tom Kasey, and Max Adams. The first novel in the series was “The First Apostle”, that James Becker first published in 2008 to critical acclaim and almost overnight commercial success, as it became a bestseller. With rave reviews of the first title in the Chris Bronson series, the author went on to write six more titles in the series at the rate of about one a year, in the still ongoing series. The series took a break in 2014 when the author decided to write The Lost Treasure of the Templars series, before resuming work on the series in 2017. The series of novels feature as lead protagonist Chris Bronson, a detective sergeant who works from Tunbridge Wells. The lead works with a museum curator Angela in trying to unravel a series of mysteries around the world ranging from conspiracy theories, vampires reborn, and hidden ancient treasures among others. While the Chris Bronson series have been compared to the Dan Brown novels, James Becker makes even more intriguing reads. Writing fascinating narratives of religious conspiracies and dark secrets, the novels will appeal to both mainstream and Christian readers. The lead characters Angela and Chris have their own issues, which add spice to the fast paces and engaging plot of the novels.

The Chris Bronson series take relics or biblical texts and make them the foundation for excellent mystery thrillers. Though they have been compared to novels from the likes of Tom Knox, Sam Bourne, and the American Joel C. Rosenberg, the novels do not inculcate the narrative of being Christian above all else. Instead they are full of tidbits of ancient relics of history and religious tidbits the novels told in fast paced action narratives that offer learning and entertainment at the same time. What makes the novels even more intriguing is that even as they adhere to the typical conspiracy narrative style, you will never know what will happen as the author frequently throws a curve ball, particularly in his explosive conclusions. The novels are incredibly written with great research into the history of the places that the characters travel to and investigate. What makes it even more fascinating is that some of the happenings described in the novels are actual history. To add to the highly realistic nature of the novels are the highly relatable lead characters who behave and look like they should. James Becker writes thrilling novels with an even pace that keeps the reader engaged with no dull moment right from the first page to the last. The Chris Bronson series are prize-winning novels that would make for some enchanting winter curl up next to the fire, a rainy day read, or even better, a summer beach read.

The Chris Bronson series of novels takes the quintessential aspects of ancient history such as the vampires of Bohemia and conspiracies in the Catholic Church to make hugely entertaining thrillers. The novels are set in such a wide range of settings from a hidden valley in the Middle East, to the English countryside. The lead characters in the series are Chris Bronson a police detective and Angela Lewis who works as a ceramics conservator at a British Museum. Together the two will typically find themselves embroiled in a murder mystery that typically involves the victim either coming to the knowledge of or into the possession of historical or religious relics. They combine their detective and research skills in following up the story that normally takes them across different countries in the search for an explanation to an age-old mystery. Even as the novels may be read as standalones, some aspects are similar in that the clues in subsequent novels will usually have been discussed in the previous novels. The subplot of the relationship between Angela and Chris who are a divorced couple is an undercurrent in the series as the two protagonists renew and break their relationship several times in the course of the novels. Despite their expertise and determination to find the truth about their cases, it is never easy as they fight a range of detractors including greedy industrialists, dark churchmen, and crime families among others that would do anything to keep their secrets hidden.

“The First Apostle” is the first novel in the Chris Bronson series of novels that introduces the lead character Chris Bronson. The novel opens to a woman who is murdered when unknown men break into her house in Italy. The victim’s husband is a friend to the young detective Chris Bronson and asks for his help in trying to unravel the murder mystery. Chris flies to Italy to investigate the home intrusion and is soon joined by his ex-wife Angela, who works in antiquities. Angela who is a relics expert is crucial to the case, especially when they determine that the case has more to do with history than theft. Meanwhile, a cardinal in Rome is in conference with one of the leading figures of the Causa Nostra, seeking his help in locating an ancient document whose exposure could threaten to change the centuries old history of the Catholic Church. The protagonist try to unravel the mystery with the Mafia hot on their heels, keen to thwart their efforts at finding evidence of collusion to hide the history of the church. In a novel that is very much like a Dan Brown like novel, the story is a light thriller that is more of an entertaining read than a true rendering of history.

“The Moses Stone” opens to an English couple discovering an ancient clay tablet with undecipherable lettering while holidaying in Morocco. A day later, they are involved in a freak car accident and the relic goes missing. Determined to uncover a damning secret that has been kept under wraps for two millennia, Chris Bronson heads to Morocco where he follows a trail of clues in the desert. His investigations lead him from the desolate caves of Qumran to the hustle of a Moroccan Souk. He travels from a windswept fortress aptly named death to the water filled tunnels under Jerusalem that reverberate with sinister echoes. His quest is a dangerous mission that sees him face the threat violent extremists as he is embroiled in a mystery that goes back to biblical times. The relic he is looking for is a far more significant than anything he had ever investigated or imagined.

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