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Publication Order of Rascal Books

Lost In The Caves (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Trapped on the Tracks (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Running for His Life (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Facing the Flames (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Swept Beneath the Waters (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Racing Against Time (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Chris Cooper is a published author. It is the pen name used by Paul Shipton. He writes books for children.

Born in 1963, Paul was raised in Manchester. He got his Master’s degrees in the fields of philosophy and classics, one in each. Later, Shipton would teach English to students for a few years. He resided in Istanbul for the total of one year. He would then go into publishing and worked on activity books in science as well as English materials for primary schools.

The book that made him a published author would be released in 1991 and is titled Zargon Zoo. A couple of years later, the author released his Bug Muldoon book. He decided to make a big move and the family relocated all the way over to the United States to live in the state of Wisconsin.

Shipton currently resides in the U.S., working there as a writer on a freelance basis as well as an editor. He is married to his wife and they share two daughters together. The pair splits their time up between their home in Madison, Wisconsin and their English home in Cambridge.

Chris Cooper is the creator and the author of the Rascal series. This fictional series first came out for readers to enjoy in 2002. This is when the debut story in the series came out. It is titled Lost in the Caves. This is a series that was meant to be read by children or to children, but can be enjoyed by readers of all ages if you like children’s books or are a parent, guardian, or teacher!

The second book came out the same year and is titled Trapped on the Tracks. There are a few more that follow after and follow the adventures of a dog named Rascal that just loves to play and have fun! There are multiple novels in this series to check out, so if you’re looking for something new and fun to read that is designed for kids, check out this series!

Lost in the Caves is the first book in the Rascal series by author Chris Cooper. The series is illustrated by James de la Rue. It features the main character of Rascal the dog. Readers and kids get the chance to meet this fun canine for the first time in this light and enjoyable debut.

Rascal is just your average dog. While he may not be the dog that you can count on to always be brave or take situations on, he also has a lot of great qualities that make him who he is! Rascal has always had a playful nature, and sometimes it works against him. It gets him in the type of trouble that he always regrets, but he just can’t help himself sometimes because he is so curious and interested in the great big world that is around him.

Even if Rascal is constantly getting into trouble, the good news is that his owner always understands and has his back. Rascal’s owner is named Joel, and luckily he is willing to always be there and defend his buddy when things get a little out of hand. Joel bends over backward to always look out for Rascal and try to keep him from getting into too much trouble.

Joel and Rascal are about to go on holiday together. They’re both looking forward to a vacation where they can hang out and explore new places. But when a trip exploring around together actually puts them both at risk, it may be up to this dog to step up. Rascal is about to find out that they’re both in danger and he is the only one that will be able to save the man that is the best friend he has in the world.

Will this dog be able to follow through and somehow do what it takes to save the life of his owner? Or is man’s best friend not going to be able to find the resources that he needs in time? Pick up a copy of this colorful book to read the happy ending and find out what happens in this precarious situation!

Trapped on the Tracks is the second book in the fun Rascal series, where there is always an adventure! If you are a fan of fun stories that feature animals as the main characters, then you and any kids reading this book will enjoy this tale that involves characters that actually have tails!

It’s a bunch of canine fun in this wonderfully engaging illustrated color novel with text. In this sequel, readers get to reunite once more with the main character of Rascal the dog.

Things aren’t going so well for Rascal at the moment. Somehow he lost his master Joel, who also happens to be the best friend that he has ever had. He’s attempting to just find the way to get back home and he’s not only totally lost but hungry as well as scared.

It is no fun to be Rascal and he just wants to curl up next to Joel and know that everything’s going to be okay. With danger lurking everywhere, this dog is tired of being lost. It’s too much to handle and he wants to see his friend Joel. He’s going to have to try and keep going until he recognizes a certain place.

At the same time, another dog is lost out there too. Tramp never meant to get separated from Joe, but now he can’t find his owner. He’s going on his own journey across America, traveling the country so that he can just get home.

Tramp finds a new friend when a little girl named Kelly rescues him. In return for this, he gets the chance to do the same later. When Kelly is injured and is lying on the railway tracks, he intuitively understands that he can’t stay there.

Tramp is going to have to go get help and needs to find Joe too. Can Tramp and Rascal find help and go home once more? Read this cute little book from Chris Cooper to find out what happens!

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