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Chris Goff is an American bestselling and award-winning mystery and thriller novelist. She writes the bestselling “Bird Watchers Mystery” series and the “Raisa Jordan” international thriller series of novels. Her debut international thriller novel was “Dark Waters”, which was a critically acclaimed book that introduced Raisa Jordan, a strong willed intelligence agent working for American interests abroad. She has been a winner of the Best Crime Fiction Audio-book at the Anthony Awards, won the 2002 Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Award, and got a nomination for the 2016 Colorado Book Award. Her Birdwatchers Mystery series, which was published in Japan and the UK, won the Colorado Authors League Award and a nomination for two WILLA Literary Awards. She first got into writing in the nonfiction world when she worked for several national, regional, and local magazines and newspapers in Summit County, Colorado. She would later become editor at Chockstone Press specializing in editing ice and rock climbing guides, before taking up a job with Morehouse Publishing Group doing graphics for “Living the Good News”. In addition to her writing, she has been actively involved in teaching and has been a tutor at workshops at the University of Colorado, and the Colorado Free University. She is an active member of several writer guilds, and served in national and regional boards of the Executive Council of International Crime Writers Association, and the Mystery Writers of America.

Chris Goff has always wanted to be a writer ever since she wrote a short novel as a school assignment, that her grandmother loved so much that she encouraged her to pursue a career in writing. The novel that she titled “The Haunted Mansion” was a story of children that found a haunted house. The house was the abode of a witch who would go out every night flying on her broom, leaving the children to play with the Eye of Newt. They had fun until one day the witch came back home early. As a child, Chris loved Blanche Jennings “Silver Pennies”, an anthology of Modern Poems for Girls and Boys. Her favorite poem was the explanation of the invention the umbrella, which came about when a dormouse hides under a mushroom during a mega storm. Apart from her poetry, she also loved to read many other genres and even met several of her favorite authors. Her favorite writer growing up was Mary Higgins Clark whose work “Where are the Children” she read in her first year in college. She so loved it and was inspired by the personal story in it that she made a resolution to one day meet the author. She met Higgins Clark when she went to the annual Malice Domestic Conference, where she totally went fan girl even though she had vowed to play it cool.

Chris Goff’s Raisa Jordan novels are international thrillers set around the world. They begin with a bang and never let up the pace right from the first page to the last. The lead in the series is Raisa “Rae” Jordan who works for the Diplomatic Security Service as an intelligence and VIP protection officer. She also works alongside several international colleagues who assist her to neutralize threats, investigate, and track down enemies of state. Jordan is an exceptional protagonist, given that she has professional and personal issues in a genre that favors typical macho heroes. She is an intelligent and resourceful character who lives with a dark family secret that could be a career ender, were it ever to come out. The novels themselves are tightly woven, informed, and whip smart narratives full of intrigue and authenticity. The author provides vivid descriptions of Russia and the Ukraine and the political and intelligence intrigues of modern day Israel. The hair-raising novels come with chase scenes, falsified identities, stolen technology, and enough action to ensure utmost entertainment from the first page to the last.

“Dark Waters” is the debut novel of Chris Goff’s first international thriller the Raisa Jordan thriller series. Raisa “Rae” Jordan has just landed in Israel to start working as a top ranking intelligence agent at the United States Diplomatic Security Service when the officer she is replacing is shot in Tel Aviv Square. She is given the task of investigating the case and finding out who is responsible for gunning down the agent. She is also responsible for the security of Judge Ben Taylor and his feisty daughter who may just be the next target of the sniper. Killing the two would make for a good statement for a deranged terrorist cell that are determined to ruin the visit of the Secretary of State that is landing in the country in a few days. Intelligence says they plan to attack the Secretary of State, but they could have something much more elaborate planned. The situation does not have any protocols and if she were to follow any protocol, she would just put the Taylors in more danger. In order to avoid a catastrophic attack that could derail a fragile peace in the Middle East, she needs to rely on her instincts to bring together a group of intelligence agents from the Palestinian Territory, America, and Israel. Millions of lives are in danger and it is now up to Raisa to make sure that her plan works to foil a conspiracy that has been planned for decades.

“Red Sky” the second novel in the Raisa Jordan series is an explosive thriller set in north Eastern Ukraine where People’s Republic Flight 91 just went down. The flight had one of the top American diplomatic agents on board, and hence Raisa Jordan of the United States Diplomatic Security Service is sent to resolve the mystery of the crash. The agent was carrying some very sensitive documents and escorting an American citizen just released from a Chinese prison in Guangzhou. The investigations soon point to foul play and now Raisa has to find the motive the perpetrators of the dastardly act had. To avert a diplomatic crisis, it is important that she has all information on the sensitive information the Americans could have had that resulted in the plane being shot down with hundreds on board. Russia is mired in a complex antagonistic relationship with Ukraine and China is even more complicated given that the plane had many Chinese citizens and belonged to a Chinese company. More lives could be threatened if a diplomatic spat ensued and it is up to Raisa to try to stop the reemergence of a new Cold War. “Red Sky” is a pulse pounding international thriller that offers the ultimate thrill that is a combination of a Ludlum and Tom Clancy novel.

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