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Chris Hauty is a bestselling thriller author best known for the “Hayley Chill Thriller” series of novels. The author was born in San Antonio Texas in 1956 but was raised in Delaware. He loved the state and the cultural and geographic relocation was made more tolerable by his obsession with Greek mythology and relative youth. As a teenager, he went to Reed College and after graduation, he moved to New York where he started writing plays and supported himself working as a graphic artist and bike messenger. He had several of his plays produced Off-Off Broadway such as “Big Mouth,” “Shut Eye,” and “South of American Business.” He sold “Don Coyote” his first screenplay to 20th Century Fox and this is what triggered his move to Hollywood in California. He would spend more than three decades working as a screenwriter working in nearly all genres, with every major movie studio and even collaborated with professionals ranging from Jessica Alba and Mel Gibson.

Hauty got the proverbial call from a stranger in Hollywood while living in New York. The man had read one of his scripts and said that he loved it and that he should move to California and work for him. Soon after he was set up with an agent who was interested in representing him. Not long after, he got a call from a suit at Paramount that was interested in getting him to take a screenwriting job with the company. However, his agent thought that he needed to sit tight and pen another screenplay before he moved to California. But Chris Hauty was not doing that and within a week he was on a plane to Hollywood, where he would spend thirty years writing screenplays. He would get into fiction writing when the screenwriting landscape began to change in ways that he did not like.
Hauty got his introduction to the art of storytelling when he read Roman and Greek mythology as a child. It was quite an odd thing as he has never had any interest in fantasy later in life. But those ancient stories still provided inspiration with their blending of the surreal and real. Perhaps the notion of the heroic journey taken by a hero provides the link between the stories he read as a child and what he now writes. Some of his favorite reads as a child included EB White’s “Charlotte’s Web” that helped her get through the terrible tweens Watty Piper’s “The Little Engine That Could” that provided an excellent introduction to writing and Ernest Hemingway’s “The Sun Also Rises” that paved the way between childhood to young adulthood. He began writing short stories in high school and then did some poetry while in college. While living in New York after he graduated from college, he wrote screenplays until he got a job with Paramount. Since he published “Deep State,” his debut novel that made a lot of waves, he made the decision to quit screenwriting and become a fiction author.
Chris Hauty began writing his debut novel “Deep State” in 2018. About six months earlier, she had been eating lunch with a very good screenwriter friend who had been through similar circumstances to him. The friend said that he was writing a novel and it had been very difficult. He had taken one of his old screenplays and with a few modifications, he had refashioned it into a novel. Haughty had never thought of doing something like that since he had been a screenwriter for more than three decades and he had never considered long form fiction writing. Her debut novel is a Frankenstein like work that is inspired by bits and pieces recovered from his screenplays set in Washington DC. Aside from an intriguing and fresh character and a compelling conspiracy, the novel stands out on one important aspect. Unlike many of her contemporaries that cannot help incorporate their political ideals into their novels, Hauty’s work appeals to both liberals and conservatives.

“Deep State” by Chris Hauty is a novel that tells the story of Hayley Chill. Stationed in Texas, she has served her country well biding her time and showing that she was as good if not better than anyone. When she gets discharged, she gets a job interning with the Chief of Staff to the US President. It is a coveted position but comes with many dirty jobs but she keeps a stiff upper lip and goes about her duties. She earns the gratitude of the President when she saves both him and her immediate superior. But then she stumbles onto the Chief of Staff’s stiff body one morning and thinks that it could be murder. Not long after that, she becomes the target of an unknown person who desperately wants to shut her up for what she may know. Chill thinks that there could be a conspiracy run by the faceless group known as “Deep State,” which controls everything in Washington. Her investigation into the matter soon brings her closer to the truth but only reveals how all encompassing and vast the threat is to the US and the president. She believes a strike is coming but they will have to get rid of her and a controversial leader if they are to be successful.

“Savage Road” by Chris Hauty continues to follow Hayley Chill, a Deep State asset who has a dark secret. She answers to a group known as Publius, which has in its ranks top national security officers pulled from all the security and intelligence agencies, former presidents and the real power broker of the most powerful nation in the world. Since she is a former military officer with an eidetic memory, organization and copious attention to detail, they believe she would be valuable to the organization. She also has the ability to kill with her bare hands when called upon. She has been charged with supervising a treasonous president and some Russian agent that has been spreading misinformation to his fellow agents and superiors. Meanwhile, a more dangerous threat looms in the form of a cyberwar. Several well organized cyber attacks are being orchestrated and no one knows where they are coming from. There is an undercover power struggle between two security agency hotshots fighting for a position in the cabinet.

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