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Chris Jameson is a reputed American writer of horror, thriller, and fiction novels. He has written a few mind-blowing standalone novels. His stories generally revolve around shark attacks. Jameson has worked as a liquor retailer, hockey coach, office assistant, drama teacher, bouncer, and author. He likes to spend the summer days on Cape Cod. This made him grow fond of ocean predators and influenced him to write stories based on them. As of today, Jameson lives in Massachusetts. He enjoys his time sitting near the shores and working on his book stories. Jameson doesn’t like to go into the water much. Over the past couple of years, his popularity as an author has increased greatly.

Jameson made his debut with the book called Shark Island. After its grand success, Jameson followed it up with another horror/thriller novel called Devil Shark. Both books have found a lot of takers in many parts of the world. They have helped him establish himself as a noteworthy writer of horror stories. Jameson has finished writing another book, which also involves sharks at the center of the plot, and is expected to get released in mid-2019. Some of the main characters mentioned by Jameson in his books include Naomi Cardiff, Kayla, Tye, Kat, Jaime, Walter, Alice, Alex Simmons, Harry Curtis, Rick, Corinne Scully, etc. The settings of the stories are done in Cape Cod, Hawaiian Islands, Captiva Island, and the Gulf Coast.

The debut book written by author Chris Jameson is his writing career is entitled ‘Shark Island’. It was released in 2017 by the St Martin’s Press. The story of the novel begins on a beautiful summer morning at Cape Cod. Naomi Cardiff is introduced as a college student and an aspiring photojournalist. When she is enjoying a sunbath with her friends on a boat away from shore, she witnesses a large number of seals on a beach at a nearby distance. The enthusiastic Naomi decides to swim towards the seals for close-up shots. This decision turns into a nightmare when a shark attacks her and bites off half of her left leg, leaving her handicapped for life. This incident ignites a lot of talk among the locals concerning the safety of the beach area. It also starts a debate about the increasing population of seals in the area and the subsequent rise in the number of Great White Sharks, which come there in the attraction of the natural prey.

After much talk, the authorities come up with a solution based on the recommendation of scientists from the Woods Hole Institute. They develop a system of acoustic signals that can be employed to make the seals move away from the shores. They take 11 months to form a team of scientists that would take up the mission of the system’s first trial run. Naomi is also one of the team members, who insisted to join the scientists as the matter was very close to her being a victim. To everyone’s surprise, the trial run turns into a great success. The acoustic signals make thousands of seals follow the wake of the boat of the scientists, who lead them into one of Maine’s secluded channels. Later, Naomi and the scientists are shocked to see that the Great Whites have also followed the signals. And within a few hours, their boat gets surrounded by over a dozen deadly sharks. Naomi is determined not to let the previous tragedy happen to her again. However, because of the Nor’easter blowing in, massive storm and torrential rain begin, making it even more difficult for the team to get out of the dangerous situation.

Soon after, the crazy/hungry sharks ram the boat and breach its hulls. Now the only hope of survival for Naomi and the 6 scientists is an old watchtower located on top of a nearby rock called Bald Cap. Seeing the rate at which the water rises in the boat, Naomi realizes that they must make it to the watchtower quickly or else the sea will swallow their ride and they will end up becoming a nice meal for the frenzying sharks. The story is filled with rampaging sharks, blood everywhere, death, etc. It also contains a lot of substance in the diverse and wonderful cast. Author Jameson has done a great job in describing sympathetic characters that fit very well into the plot. The prose has numerous illustrations of screaming, limbs getting chopped off, dying, etc. The storyline is full of so much horror that it tends to put the readers on the edge of their seat. The critics found the story faced-paced and full of action, mostly involving sharks. Its climax consists of the most intensive and grisliest heart-pounding moments. The story takes such an interesting turn at the end that no one would have ever guessed it.

The next book of Jameson’s literary career is known as ‘Devil Shark’. It was also released by St Martin Press in 2018. The book features the central characters in the form of Harry Curtis and Alex Simmons. Jameson has set the plot in Orchin Atoll in the Hawaiian Islands. The book opens by depicting that Alex Simmons receives an invitation for a college reunion. He seems excited to know that the event is going to take place on the private yacht of an old friend named Harry Curtis. Harry has planned an exciting Hawaiian Islands trip on the yacht to make the event worth remembering for years. Alex Simmons looks forward to the event and doesn’t know what to expect. He sees it as Harry’s way of getting on good terms with him again after they had a fall out years ago following the suicide of a common friend.

Alex meets Harry on his yacht where he is given a warm welcome, after which the crew takes the ride to Orchid Atoll. Alex is informed that the place is a deserted site of an old Coast Guard station and there is no one to disturb the party. It is only later that they realize they are not alone on the deserted site. They encounter 2 different forms of evil, one in the form of a human and other having fins and sharp teeth. None of the people on board could have imagined that they are going to experience something so horrific. As the deadly events unfold in front of their eyes, they sense that they have come to a place where there is no mercy, no law, and no way to get out. Alex gathers strength to deal with the situation and also motivates others to work together if they wish to remain alive and go back to their normal lives again.

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