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No Is a Four-Letter Word (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chris Jericho is a Canadian-American author that has made a name for himself as a musician, actor, podcaster and, most notably, a wrestler. Jericho’s work as an author might come as a surprise to his fans.


Chris Jericho was born Christopher Keith Irvine in 1970 in Manhasset, New York. Jericho came to live in New York because his father was a New York Rangers Ice Hockey player whose job had taken him to the city.

Circumstances eventually took Jericho back to Canada, specifically Winnipeg, Manitoba. It was there that he came across wrestling. Jericho was a fan of the AWA, a local outfit, and he made it his goal to watch as many of their events as he could possibly find.

The Canadian wrestling circuit had its fair share of talent, but it wasn’t until the author saw footage of Owen Hart, a wrestling superstar, that Chris Jericho decided professional wrestling was the career for him.

And he didn’t wait for opportunities to come his way. By the time he left his teens, the author had already joined the Hart Brothers wrestling school. There he met big names like Lance Storm and received tutelage from the likes of Ed Langley. Jericho made quick progress and made his debut mere months later at the Moose Hall in Alberta.

The author was still Christopher Keith Irvine at the time. The name ‘Jericho’ was coined from ‘Walls of Jericho’, a German Power metal album from the band ‘Helloween’. The name added to the author’s brand and allowed his value in the professional wrestling circuit to grow.

Though, Jericho continued to wrestle all over North America and even Mexico, trying his hand out at a variety of names and gimmicks. Fortune saw Jericho travel to Germany and Japan where he created rivalries with personalities like Ultimo Dragon.

He caught the eye of wrestlers Chris Benoit and Mick Foley whose recommendations went a long way to getting the author into the World Championship Wrestling in 1996, the biggest wrestling entity at the time.

Along with his time in New Japan Pro Wrestling, Chris Jericho got to feud with Dean Malenko, Rey Mysterio, and Chris Benoit. He played villains on a number of occasions. And while he struggled with some of the gimmicks he was expected to portray, Chris Jericho made quick gains, eventually acquiring and defending the Cruiserweight championship on numerous occasions.

Wrestling was undergoing turbulent transformations during the 1990s, so Chris Jericho’s success with WCW did not offer him anymore security. He had a short stint as the World Television Champion before finally settling in at the World Wrestling Federation.

He made his debut with the WWF, which went on to become the biggest professional Wrestling entity in the world, in 1999. The author saw incredible success with WWF/WWE. He won numerous championships and fought alongside legends like Randy Orton and John Cena.

He briefly departed from the organization in 2005 when his contract expired but he came back just two years later. He went on to depart and return to the WWE on numerous occasions and has since cemented his place in history as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time.


Even people that have no interesting in wrestling know of Chris Jericho’s place in the wrestling arena. However, there are diehard fans of the athlete that might not know that Chris Jericho has also done music.

The author is best known for his work with ‘Fozzy’, the heavy metal band of which he is the lead singer. The band has produced numerous albums over the years with Chris at the helm. The author has also had the pleasure of contributing articles to magazines on the topic surrounding heavy metal music.


Chris Jericho has seen his brand explode outside the wrestling arena. Besides the documents that have been made about his life in the ring, Jericho has made appearances in movies like ‘Android Apocalypse’, ‘Albino Farm’, and ‘MacGruber’.

A lesser-known achievement is a comedy web series that parodies Jericho’s life as a wrestler. The author’s television works are far more varied. He has featured in music documentaries and on talent shows.

Chris Jericho has a podcast.

+A Lion’s Tale

There was a time when Chris Jericho was the WWE and WCW Heavyweight Champion. But he wasn’t always one of the best wrestlers in the world. This book tries to shed light on the journey that brought Chris Jericho his success.

The book takes readers to the wrestling academy Jericho attended in Canada, this along with the events that took him to Mexico and Canada. The book crowns things off by availing insight into the manner in which Jericho finally got into the WCW and how he made it to the very top despite all the wrestling stars that were looking to bring him down at the time.


This book is a follow up to ‘A Lion’s Tale’, another Chris Jericho book. ‘Undisputed’ takes readers into the mind of Chris Jericho as a young man trying to make it in wrestling. The book looks at Jericho’s days in Mexico, struggling to survive in ridiculous leagues. The book looks at the sleazy individuals that Jericho encountered, the fishy promoters and the suspicious managers and how Jericho overcame them all to enter the WWE where he eventually worked his way up to become one of the biggest names in professional wrestling.

Fans of Chris Jericho will love this book because it adds new layers to everything everyone thinks they know about the author. Jericho has spoken before of the road that he took to get to the WWF.

This book looks at Jericho’s debut in the WWF, the challenges he encountered when he first entered the organization and the rocky relationships he made with his co-workers. Notable wrestling names make an appearance this including Chyna and the Rocky.

Life wasn’t all roses for Jericho. Even though it looked like he had made it to the big leagues, Jericho had to fight to make himself heard over the hullaballoo raised by stars like Hulk Hogan and Eddie Guerrero.

Besides providing insight into Chris Jericho’s rise, this book also shines a light on the WWE. Some readers might be surprised by the amount of time that is devoted to Chris Jericho’s band.

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