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An American author well known for his exciting and engaging suspense filled thriller and mystery novels, he is perhaps best known for his action packed Sam Acquillo series featuring the eponymous protagonist delving into new and interesting mysteries in each instalment. Gaining fans worldwide, he has a down-to-earth nature that translates well to the page, something which his fans have come to be grateful for over the many years of his long and illustrious career. Building upon his premises, he always has another trick up his sleeve with which to surprise his audience with, leaving them never knowing what to expect next.

Early and Personal Life

American born and bred, the author Christopher Knopf was always looking to hone his craft whilst growing up, as he would constantly be creating his own narratives whatever the given task was, whether it be at school or at work. Known to his teachers as someone who was far more adept immersing himself in his own imagination, he would take these skills into his adult career as a writer with a string of novels now behind him. Taking inspiration in from the world around him as he was growing up, he would incorporate many of his everyday experiences into his work, giving it his own flair as, by his own volition, he was more interested in the story than anything else.

Going on to study in literature at a higher level, he soon attended university where he came up against a lot of professors holding the same opinion of his material, something which still works out in his favor today, as he continues to focus largely on fiction. Developing this engaging manner and warm witty style, he was able to finely hone his voice and create his own unique perspective on the genre of thriller which he would later apply himself to. With a well crafted and articulate style, he would go onto gain experience following his graduation, whereby he’d further delve into the world of literature.

Going on to work in the PR department of the firm Mintz and Hoke, Chris Knopf soon moved to work at Union Carbide, all before heading back into the world of the agency and undertaking the role of a copywriter, which eventually found him heading back to Mintz and Hoke. As an assistant creative director, then a creative director himself, he applied his learning to the craft, getting hands on direct experience with the form. That was then that he finally became the CEO of the company and, along with his wife Mary, they became the principal owners of the entire firm.

Living in Connecticut and Southampton, New York, with his wife Mary Farrell to this day, he spends a lot of time sailing across Little Peconic Bay. With a lot of saltwater surrounding him, he’s never short of somewhere to set sail to, constantly on the lookout for more inspiration. More books are planned on the horizon though, as he looks set to continue writing into the foreseeable future for many years to come.

Writing Career

Making his name with the Sam Acquillo series, Chris Knopf built his brand on this particular character who would run for a number of novels. Focused on character development, he has been keen to assert the story factor over accuracy, giving the reader more of what they want. This then finds its own sense of truth, as it allows the reader to become far more heavily invested in the franchise as a whole.

No stranger to awards either, Chris Knopf has not only made a name for himself with the general public, but also his peers and contemporaries as well. Getting to the top of the bestseller lists and being read worldwide has been just one side of his success story as a writer. Reaching the peaks of the literary industry, his books are now respected and admired, which is something that will continue as his writing career grows from strength-to-strength.

Head Wounds

First published in 2008 on the 1st of May through the Permanent Press publishing label, this was to be the third book in the Sam Acquillo Hamptons Mystery series. Continuing with the adventures of the retired engineer living in Southampton, Long Island in New York, it provides him with yet another case to deal with. Providing all the wit and suspense that made the previous two books such a success, this sees Chris Knopf offering his audience more of what they want, as he gets straight into the action.

Dealing with his demons from the past, Sam Acquillo is trying to lead the simple life away from prying eyes, with just him and his ever faithful dog Eddie Van Halen. That’s when the past comes back to haunt him, along with the local builder and bully Robbie Milhouser who shares Sam’s attraction to the ever beautiful Amanda Anselma. With the local Chief of Police also out for Sam’s blood, it is up to Sam to navigate between the glitzy world of Hamptons and its seedy underbelly, all with the help of some close friends. Will he be able to face up to his past? Who is out to get him? What will become of his head wounds?

A Billion Ways to Die

Another series from Chris Knopf, this was the third installment in the Arthur Cathcart franchise, as it was released in November, 2014, through The Permanent Press. Working as a trilogy, this carries on in the same suspense filled style as the previous two, with the leading protagonist constantly avoiding certain doom. Keeping its readers on the edges of their seats, it manages to provide a lot of the exciting thrills and suspense filled narratives that made the last two work so well.

Wanting to be free of their past Arthur Cathcart and Natsumi Fitzgerald have taken refuge on a sailboat in the Caribbean, hiding from the dark forces that once tormented them. Having suffered the effects of being shot, Arthur is coming to terms and dealing with his slight brain damage, but their tranquility is soon disturbed by those dark forces once again. Realizing now that they must fight, they decide to deal with their past once and for all, and then hopefully, finally, they may be able to gain some actual closure. Will they find the peace they’re looking for? Who is on their tail? Can they avoid a billion ways to die?

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