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Chris Neo left Cyprus to study in the UK. Without financial support, he concluded his first degree in BSCAplied economics. Chris continued his out-of-uni studies and mastered other business skills, which helped him succeed in various industries.

During the economic depression of the eighties, he qualified as a hypno-psychoanalyst under the umbrella of the IAH. He practised in the Enfield clinic and Harley street clinic in London. Through his patients’ psychological ailments, which can manifest in various forms and effects, Chris discovered that the main source of all psychological ailments was not sex, as Sigmund Freud proclaimed, but love; the lack of love; even misconceptions of love.

In his efforts to find a way to pass this powerful therapeutic message about love and how it affects every single person, male or female, young or old, and to bring therapy to anyone who will read the intended writings, Chris concluded to using real love stories from his clinical experiences.

To do that and do it successfully and in a professional manner, Chris Neo embarked in self learning courses to learn how to write a story and how to write dialogue. He studied masters like Aristoteles, Joseph Campbell, Vogler, McKena, McKee, and others.
At that time Chris also discovered the existence of the ancient love secret. Chris managed to interweave true love stories, into a life-threatening global adventure where the protagonist searches for true love, whilst tracing clues from centenaries, to find the powerful ancient love secret of how to make anyone fall in love with you.

The target is to entertain whilst simultaneously, bring love therapy to the readers.

The books

The Love Secret Trilogy
The love secret series is currently made up of three books. The first book is published already and titled Beyond Eros. Book 2 is Between Eros and book 3 is Love Beyond Eros, both ending publication. The main protagonist Aris, entangled in a broken marriage, longs and searches to find true love and the powerful love secret. Tracing the source of the love secret and how to make anyone fall in love with you, Aris, accompanied by two unwelcome friends, embarks on a global life-threatening adventure. Many who are willing to kill to obtain the love secret, chase after him.

At every turn of his journey, deadly ambushes, natural and human, lay in his path. Half-way through South America, Ari’s journey lands him in Europe where his search clues lead him towards the source of the love secret.
Aris finally finds Angelica, the dream girl, who is also engulfed by the amazing reciprocal feeling of true love beyond the flesh; Angelica resorts to using the love secret to break Aris’ resistance. At that point true love flourishes in both souls.

However along their love journey deadly forces internal and external await in every turn. Will they survive the attacks on their powerful love? Will their love survive the challenges?

Book- Assassin’s Love
Assassin’s Love is a love story novella where a client, hiring an assassin to terminate her partner, falls in love with the young handsome assassin. Newly found obstacles render the main assassin unable to conclude the task, and with the possibility of exposing the assassin’s masters, another assassin is sent in to conclude the job. Breaking the assassin’s code, other more vicious assassins are sent to conclude the job and clean up the mess.

Secret talents of the target, force assassins to go all out no matter the risks and exposures. At that critical moment, that true love shines and turns the assassin’s plans upside down. In the end, a couple of things are for sure. There will be blood; there will be love!

(Thanks to Chris for writing this – much appreciated)

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