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Chris Niles is a reputed author of mystery, suspense, thriller, crime fiction, chick-lit, and women’s fiction stories. She was born in New Zealand and currently resides in Brooklyn. Niles is particularly famous for writing the Sam Ridley book series and a few other standalone novels. The places that she has lived in the past 15 years of her life include England, Hungary, and Australia. Now, Niles has settled down completely and has no intentions of moving out again. She spends most of her time writing novels and uses her spare time to look after her household chores. Niles gained popularity for the first time with her book called Hell’s Kitchen. After that, she wrote and published a series of mystery books featuring the chief protagonist in the role of a radio reporter named Sam Ridley.

Author Niles hopes to write many more exciting mysteries in the years to come and keep entertaining her fans for as long as she can. She likes to extend her gratitude to all the critics and readers who have helped her books become successful through their reviews and comments. She also likes to interact with her audience through various literary platforms and sort out their queries. Niles also takes the suggestions and tips of her fans with all her heart and uses them to make her upcoming books suited to their taste and liking.

A popular book written by author Chris Niles in her career is entitled ‘Spike It’. It was re-released by the PAN publication in 1998 after its original release in 1997. This novel is about a British journalist who has a knack of landing in troubles and comes across much more than he ever imagined in this hard-boiled, slick mystery novel. The novel is also the first one to introduce the character of radio reporter Sam Ridley. Other essential characters created by Niles in this book include Elaine York, Shark, and a few others as well. Initially, it is mentioned that Sam Ridely likes to get drunk, but he never drinks so much as to miss out on a good story. When Sam Ridley comes to know about the discovery of a woman’s dead body in a salubrious neighborhood of London, he quickly springs into action to cover the story. The victim turns out to be a lady named Elaine York, who had a small baby with her that is missing after her death.

Though there is no solid proof to establish a foul play in Elaine York’s death, it is easy for Sam to make out that she was murdered. And Sam Ridley was among the first ones to arrive at the crime scene, he thinks he has an upper hand over the rest of the news pack in terms of covering an intriguing case of murder. However, more than covering the news, he worries about a killer roaming freely on the streets of London. While reporting the murder case of Elain York, Sam Ridley makes the mistake of saying the ‘F’ word while providing a live report. This puts his job in jeopardy and results in his demotion to the section of Female Am to do a researcher’s job. This section is seen as hell by a hard-living, hard-drinking, hard-news reporting journalist.

Being in the daily women’s program at his radio station seems to be the break that Sam Ridley desperately needed. He decides to work on the Elain York murder case and find out under what circumstances she was murdered. Also, there is the task of locating Elaine’s missing baby, which Sam Ridley also takes in his hands. While doing the research, Sam comes across a man named Shark on the phone, who tells him that he has some important information to share regarding Elaine’s death. However, he is not ready to hand over the information to him without exchanging money. And as Sam Ridely enters the murky waters, he realizes that he has come face to face with love, loss, and a deadly monster.

Another exciting book penned by Niles is entitled ‘Grace Falco’. It was also published by the Pan Publishing in 2006. The important characters mentioned in this book include Philip Ross, Mitch, Grace Falco, Poppy Adams, P.T. Marvel, and several others. Niles has set the story in Manhattan. The novel opens by introducing Philip Ross as a successful architect. He is best friends with Mitch, who has a fiancee named Grace Falco. When Philip Ross meets Grace Falco for the first time, he thinks of her as a trashy trophy wife from Manhattan. He feels that Grace Falco has all those qualities that he hates to see in a woman. She appears to him as under-fed, out of control, and overdressed.

Later, Mitch gives up on life and commits suicide due to some personal reasons. This leaves Grace Falco impoverished, alone, and mentally disturbed. When Philip Ross sees Grace in this state, he develops sympathy for her and begins to have feelings for her. His views about Grace Falco change so much that he starts seeing her as a completely different person. When Philip Ross’s girlfriend named Poppy Adams notices his changed feelings for Grace Falco, she becomes jealous of Grace. As Poppy’s relationship with Philip begins to have problems, she starts losing control over herself and shows too much of anger. Finally, when Poppy is pushed out of the life of Philip Ross and left with heartache, she suspects that Grace Falco is not what she appears to be. She hires a private investigator named P.T. Marvel to find out as much information as possible about the past life of Grace.

Marvel has his own reasons to get involved in Grace’s life. As the investigation goes underway Poppy Adams sets off on the path of a dark journey and unravels a hidden secret. This secret turns out to be so treacherous that Grace can go up to the extent of killing someone to keep it protected. The recent findings force Poppy to suspect that Mitch might not have committed suicide and that Grace might have killed him. The more information she collects about Grace Falco, the more Poppy becomes worried about the safety of Philip Ross. But, she doesn’t realize that her own life is also in great danger. Poppy Adams must act fast to save her life and that of her former boyfriend. She knows that Grace would try to prevent her from revealing her secret, but she is determined enough to face any challenge from her as far as the safety of her loved ones is concerned.

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