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Chris Pike is American author of thriller novels. He was born and raised in the woodlands of central Texas and along Texas Gulf Coast, hunting, fishing, dodging tropical storms and hurricanes, camping and hiking. Chris has learned how Mother Nature’s power can be overwhelming, from category five floods to floods, desert conditions, and slippery ice. It sure does pay to be patient. Currently a resident of Houston, Texas, Chris Pike is married and has two adult daughters, a dog and three demanding and overweight cats. Chris is a faithful supporter of the Second Amendment and has also held Texas concealed carry permit since 1990’s with the Glock being his preferred choice of gun. Chris Pike became a published author in 2016 when Unexpected World, the first book in EMP Survivor series was released.

Unexpected World

Unexpected World is the debut novel in EMP Survivor Series by Chris Pike. It is a gritty, captivating survival tale about steadfast determination, the human courage to live, endures and perseveres against all the impossible odds. The novel introduces readers to the Dillon Stockdale who has his world turned upside down when an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) strike the United States. As every automotive, the lights and every phone no longer work, Dillon realizes that his daughter’s plane probably has crashed somewhere in Louisiana.

Finding her is all he can focus on now and once committed to the search of his daughter, will he be able to find the crash site? However, first of all, he must get home.

Based on rumors, Dillon believes that his beloved daughter died in a plane crash after the EMP hit the USA. Hesitantly, he and Holly Hudson alongside with his dog, Buster leaves Louisiana and head straight to Holly’s ranch in Hemphill in Texas. It has now been over a week, and the chances of finding his daughter are slim to none. The swamp claims everything that does not flee for its life. In his mission to finding his daughter, their journey will be full of uncertainty and danger, new alliances and friends will be made. Once in Holly’s ranch, more problems comes knocking. However, the question is, can Dillon and his friends bring peace to this isolated area or will they die trying?

The first book in EMP Survivor series is a post-apocalyptic survival fiction series. It is a portray of a fathers love that knows no boundary especially with no whereabouts of his daughter. The main character is Dillon, he is a soulful character, brave but most of the time he is a man stuck in a pity party.

Unknown World

Bestselling American author Chris Pike brings the fresh voice again to the post-apocalyptic genre with another harrowing, pulse-pounding story about survival. Chris was a man of determined courage and quiet faith who lived by an unshaken code of honor. He was a firm believer that the good guys would ultimately win, and the bad guys would fail terribly, although this did not mean that there wouldn’t be injuries or casualties in the process of winning. Chris Chandler was not the type of man to back away from fast-changing game odds, and as of now, the odds were not into his favor, and one way or the other, people were indeed going to get hurt or even killed.
Chris Chandler and Amanda Hardy have been living a happy and comfortable life at the Double H Ranch where they took refuge after the catastrophic EMP hit the United States. Deciding that it was high time to head back to Austin, where the two have relatives, they leave the safety of the Double H Ranch and embark on a journey filled with unseen dangers.

The two have planned for the trip, bringing with them extra water, food, and ammo, thinking that they are prepared well for every possible danger that could come in their way, except for one. Amanda has not been entirely truthful to her partner, Chandler about her past- a past that brings with it dark secrets, and dangers that will cost their lives.

The third novel in EMP Survival series by Chris Pike is an interesting read. The lead characters in the story are Amanda and Chandler- traveling across Texas to get to Amanda’s aunt ranch. Along the way, they bump into some trouble from more than one type of a person. Both the hero and heroine are well explained in the story, but we are more treated to the backstory on Amanda’s life which forms a big part of the story giving the reader a glimpse of the hidden secrets of Amanda’s life.

Unwanted World

The Unwanted World is the fourth novel in EMP Survivor series by bestselling American author Chris Pike, one that delivers another pulse-pounding and suspenseful adventure.

The story introduces the readers to Nico Bell, who has been working as a covert agent in San Antonio for over one year trying to infiltrate a ruthless gang headed by the mysterious Santiago. Desperate to have a meeting with gang leader, Nico agrees to take up a job as delivery guy to deliver a package to the man. This pickup job should have been simple, but however it is not in Nico’s vocabulary and EMP is not either in his vocabulary too, but sooner it will be.

Then there is Kate Chandler, a woman in need of a service dog, and desperately needs to forget her haunting past. She is a bartender at a historical hotel adjacent to the Alamo located in San Antonio. Beautiful and tough, she uses this bar as a barrier so no one will ever get close to her by any means again. However, there is a big problem though, Nico, who for a while has been living at the hotel, has seen through the ruse. Nico gives her a promise that he intends to keep until the electromagnetic pulse attack interferes with his well thought out plan.

Unwanted World is a story full of incredible courage, brevity and has a stunningly unique approach to the chaos and the emerging society caused by the attack. It is an epic tale with fascinating characters, lots of twist and turns that proves once again that Chris Pike is a master of the post-apocalyptic genre.

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