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Sergeant Chris Ryan born in 1961 at Rowland Gill is a pseudonym of a retired British special forces operative soldier Colin Armstrong who turned to writing novels later in his life. Chris Ryan came to the limelight for being the only man among the eight on the SAS mission dabbed Bravo Two Zero’s narrow escape from death during the First Gulf War of 1991.

Chris Ryan has since written many books that are both fiction and non-fiction. Chris Ryan is also a very dedicated author who has published a really successful extreme series that was first produced as an eBook. This includes Night Strike, Hard Target and The Most Wanted which is to be published in this December. His other popular books include The Kill Zone, The One That Got Away, Killing For the Company, One Good Turn and the Osama that was published by Coronet in September 2012.

Life of Chris Ryan

Chris Ryan was born in Tyner and Wear, Rowlands Gill, North East England. He enrolled into the army as a boy soldier at the age of 16 after going to Hookergate secondary school and he had a cousin who was enrolled into the 23rd SAS Reserves. He then invited Ryan to go there and see for himself how it felt like to be really in the army.

Chris Ryan tried this selection exercise severally in every weekend and was always selected. However, he was then too young to continue to the next test that could have led him to joining his cousin. Chris Ryan later passed all the stages when he was old enough and was admitted to the 23rd SAS.

Shortly after been selected into 23rd SAS, he began a selection to the then Regular 22 Regime and later joined squadron ‘B’ as a medic. Since they wanted a parent regime, Chris Ryan and one soldier who had just joined the SAS from Royal Navy, spent about 8 weeks with a Parachute Regime before they returned to Squadron ‘B’.

Chris Ryan spent his next seven years carrying out overt and covert operations all over the world with SAS. Chris Ryan’s assignment included the training of Khmer Rouge troops in late 1981 so as they can have enough tactics to attack the Vietnamese forces that had succeeded in pushing them out of Cambodia.

John Pilger who was a journalist wrote in end of October 2009 that the Thatcher government had incredibly continued to support the Pol Pot regime in United Nations and said that they have even sent SAS to train the exiled troops in Malaysia and Thailand.

In the beginning of March 2009, Ryan admitted that John Pilger who was the foreign correspondent discovered his plans of training the Khmer Rogue at the Far East. They were sent home and made to return the 10,000 pounds they had been given to pay for accommodation and food.

Bravo Two Zero

Chris Ryan was among the ill-fated team of Bravo Two Zero that patrolled Iraq at the First Gulf war. The patrol’s mission was to find a good LUP and gather intelligence information and set up the OP on the supply route between North-Western Iraq and Baghdad.

Their mission was to end by killing the Scud Missile Launchers. However, the mission failed and they were forced to walk all the way to Syria. Chris Ryan made history by making the longest SAS evasion and escape by any SAS trooper covering 160 kilometers more than his fellow SAS Trooper Jack Sillito had walked in 1942 in the Sahara desert.

Ryan finally completed a 190 miles tab to the observational point of Iraq’s Main Supply Route between North-western Iraq, Baghdad and the Syria’s Border. During his narrow escape, Ryan become ill and got some injuries from drinking nuclear contaminated water. Besides suffering from muscle atrophy, he lost 16. 32 kilograms and never returned to operational duties afterwards. Instead he ventured into the training of recruits and was honorably discharged from his long career at the SAS in 1994.

Zaire Mission

Chris Ryan was also among the SAS group that was sent to Zaire with a mission of protecting the then British Embassy in Zaire. This SAS group was to make sure that the British Diplomatic staff evacuated safely from Zaire before the First Congo War broke out. The mission was supposed to take approximately three days but ended up lasting for one month.

Post SAS Work

Since Ryan left the SAS, he has written numerous books. The most popular one is his fictionalized recap of his Bravo Two Zero mission called The One That Got Away. This book is very popular as other best-selling fictional books such as Strike Back published in 2007, which was also adapted into a TV Show, and the Firefight published in September 2008.

He also writes a lot of fictional books for teenagers. Some of his popular teenager books are, ‘Code Red’ and Alpha Forces Series. He has also The Fisherman’s Daughter which is a romantic novel using Molly Jackson as a pseudonym.

In 2005, Chris Ryan a started a show called How Not to Die at Sky One. The show taught people how not to die in various threatening situations such as violet attacks, mugging and violent burglary. Chris Ryan also acted as a military advisor on the popular video game called I.G.I.2: Covert Strike.

His participation in the game helped in making the game more accurate to various military operations, weapons, equipment and tactics. Ryan co-created and starred in a TV Show called Ultimate Force. He was also a technical, military advisor who played the important role of the Blue Troop Leader in Series 1 as Johnny Bell.

He also trained and managed six men who made the Team GB at the Sure for The Span’s Men Extreme Pamplona Chase. He also starred in Hunting Chris Ryan at the BBC which was later aired on the Military Channel and played the role of Special Forces Manhunt.

Chris Ryan has produced several programs called Terror Alert: Could You Survive. In each program he showed how to survive in case of disasters including nuclear terrorist attacks, flooding, and plane hi-jacking and mass blackout.

Ryan has also presented a series called Armed and Dangerous on Bravo. Chris Ryan also starred in the Elite World Cops which was also aired on Bravo within 2008 to 2009. In the show, Chris Ryan spent most of his time with the various law enforcement agencies all over the world.

This gave him an insight on drug trade and a war on terrorism from the law enforcement perspective. Ryan has also appeared in the Mind Control, a Series by Darren Brown. In this Series, he booby trapped a course which Brown was to follow while he was blindfolded. Ryan is currently a lecturer in business motivation and is also a bodyguard in the US. He is also the patron current Victoria Trust.

Personal Life

Chris Ryan is also married with one daughter. He has a brother who is a regimental sergeant at the Parachute Regiment. This follows his consumption of polluted radioactive water in the famous Bravo Two Zero. Ryan was however warned not to have any child in future. All in all, he suffered Post Traumatic Stress following the Bravo Two Zero escape.

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    I’m seventy five on my next birthday but I am still very fit.
    I’ve no secrets, only “learn to rest” not to quit!
    Thanks for giving me the fuel to enjoy my life.


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