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About Chris Vines

An American author, Chris Vines is a fantasy author with a lot to say, as he writes imaginative and innovative fiction. Reaching readers from all around the world, he really manages to deliver something that’s quite different and unique. Creating an immersive ambiance and atmosphere in his stories, he draws the reader in, holding them there throughout the story. All this while saying exactly what it is that he wants to say, pushing the fantasy genre forwards in new and interesting directions.

Mainly focusing on fantasy titles, Vines would also branch off into the LitRPG subgenres, taking his work down exciting and different avenues. Constantly exploring new worlds, his writing is also extremely vivid, giving his audience a clear perspective of the worlds he’s creating. Letting his readers fully explore them for themselves, he’d become a household name for many, as people would come back time and time again. Always wanting to be a writer, his dedication to the craft is clear, showing a definite sense of passion on each and every single page.

Creating strong and iconic characters too, he would establish protagonists that would really leap out from the page for readers. Staying in the minds of his audience, many of his protagonists ongoing arcs would be followed with a great deal of anticipation. His audience would also come to appreciate his clear and direct style, whilst also being able to easily relate to his characters. Becoming a household name for many, he continues to grow in popularity, as more and more discover his work every day.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up with a keen passion for all things literature, Chris Vines was born and raised in the United States of America. Developing his approach to writing throughout the years, he would begin to find his own distinctive voice as time went on. In time this would see him become his own writer, as he would go on to create a number of successful books set within the fantasy genre.

Serving in the Air Force, he is a veteran who graduated from the Air Force Academy, an experience he draws from. Giving him a wider sense of scope and insight, his writing would become greater in scale, with his innovative take on fantasy. Currently still writing to this very day, he has plenty more to come in the future too, as he works as both a software engineer and full-time writer.

Writing Career

Starting out with the fantasy novel ‘Azyl Academy’ back in 2019, Chris Vines has come a long way since as a novelist. This book would also begin his soon to be much loved ‘Elemental Gatherers’ series of fantasy titles, all set in the same world with the same characters. Following up his first book later that year, he’d also publish the title ‘Chaos Rising’ in 2019 as well, following on directly from the first.

Another series that Vines would publish was titled ‘Essence Wave,’ which would begin with the novel ‘Mana Daemons’ in 2020. Really appealing to readers from all over, these series would see readers returning to his work time and time again. With lots more to come still, he definitely has plenty more books planned for release in the near future, as his series has room to continue expanding.


Coming out through the ‘Amazon Digital Services’ platform, this would be published through the Kindle to an already eager audience. Setting up the third title in the ‘Elemental Gatherers’ series, it carries on from the previous two titles, both of which were released in 2019. This book would come out on the 3rd of July in 2020 to much acclaim, carrying on in much the same vein as before.

There’s a new threat rising up, as the beasts are being stirred by its presence, bringing with it a new danger to the land. All the gatherers across the land are perturbed by the arrival of a Primordial Beast that’s said to be extremely powerful, with little hope of its defeat. Looking to prevent the destruction of the Craesti City, Aiden hopes to stop the complete destruction of the kingdom’s capital city. Will he be able to manage it, where will his journey take him, and can they all prevent the condensation?

Featuring exciting cliffhangers and plenty of suspense and tension throughout, this really works on a number of different levels. Making for an action packed fantasy novel, this involves many of the classic hallmarks and tropes of the genre, in what is a well told tale. It manages to immediately grab the reader from the very outset, really making the most of its exciting and compelling premise.

Craesti City

Originally coming out back in 2021 on the 23rd of February, this would first come out through the Kindle platform. Marking the fourth book in the ongoing series of ‘Elemental Gatherers’ books, it continues on directly from the previous title. With the story and its narrative continuing from before, it’s best that they’re read in order, as it paves the way for the fifth book, ‘Monster Island,’ also released later that year.

The world has descended into complete chaos, with waves of beasts, insane cultists, and new more dangerous Primordials arising. Looking to find new champions, a tournament has been called, with Aiden needing to compete in Craesti City along with the rest of his team. Rising up to become the one chosen one, he must face the challenge head on, otherwise he will fade away into obscurity and failure. Can he and his team hope to manage it, will they bring peace back to the kingdom, and what will become of their time in Craesti City?

Once again being a well told fantasy story, this manages to bring about further world-building and extensive character development. Really establishing the true scope of the world, this book is definitely a testament to Vines’ imagination as an author. Knowing the genre well at this point, he takes the book in new and exciting directions, really allowing it to come alive.

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