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Publication Order of Christian Gillette Books

The book series featuring Christian Gillette are The Chairman, The Protégé, The Power Broker and The Successor all of which have been authored by a single person. Christian Gillette is the protagonist character in the financial thriller series. The novels are suspense in nature and Gillette is 36 years old who finds his livelihood at Everest Capital which is a private firm. After the sudden death of the founder of the firm, Christian is selected to be in charge of the high-risk private equity firm.

The series first came into existence in 2005 with the first novel which is The Chairman. The series then featured four novels and ended with The Successor in 2007. The Protégé is the second one in the list of the series as it was also published in 2005. It was then followed with The Power Broker in 2006.

In The Protégé series a shadowy man gives Christian Gillette news about the death of his father and this makes him realize that his business and life are jeopardized. Earlier on he survived the challenge that comes with becoming the Chairman of Everest Capital which is the biggest private equity firm. The other challenges that he overcomes are ones on serious attempts on his life that happened. In the end, he finds his safe place at the top of the financial industry.
He accepted the biggest private investment and is going on to become the best at his ex-rivals firm which is now facing difficulties and has started doing the most exciting venture seen until then which is buying the NFL’s most current team, the Las Vegas Twenty-Ones. Thereafter, one of the youngest employees he has onboard, David Wright endears him. Wright talks to Gillette reminding him of his past life a while ago and he eventually becomes convinced into teaching this young fellow all that is entailed in the industry including the ups and downs. However, things suddenly change when a shadowy man invites him to a meeting and asks him for a favor which he pays by giving new information about the father of Christian and how he died, a death which is still shrouded in mystery.

Christian Gillette detests being controlled and he also yearns to learn something substantive about the death of his father. With time, as he gets entangled with the new strange deal and the pace of business gets along without his full involvement, he begins to feel that he does not have the full grip of Everest and he eventually realizes that once again his life is in a twist. When all leads start to point to David Wright, Christian Gillette notices that his tough decisions as chairman of the Everest Firm is still ahead in time and he is yet to meet more challenges along the way.

In The Power Broker, Christian Gillette’s character of exposing high-level government corruption, murder and conspiracy have seen him get a lot of attention. He is the young dynamo chairman of the known New York-based private equity firm called Everest Capital. This has made his reputation of taking Everest to the top position be noticed by high-powered individuals and beyond the boardrooms. The powerful individuals are likely to front devastating agenda.

His own attention is focused on Las Vegas where he is seeking to establish a new venture by coming up with a casino and launching an NFL franchise. However, there is something fishy in Sun City and the people make it categorical that Gillette’s company has to part with some cash if he seeks to enter the gaming industry. Christian has a history of dealing with corporate pirates and mean assassins successfully and going into this gaming world could potentially end his career. It may come in the way to achieving his wish to fulfill the political legacy of his late father. Dynamic U.S senator Jesses Ford is on point to becoming the first black president and he seeks to have Christian Gillette as his running mate. However, Samuel Hewitt, a mogul based in Texas who has billions to spend has another plan for Christian Gillette. He wants Christian Gillette to join a shadowy organization that is driven solely by wealth and has dark secrets that have propelled the direction of American history for many years.

As the plans of Hewitt begin to shape up and there begin to occur treacherous events, intrigues, blackmails and deaths gets too much, Gillette notices albeit late that he has been duped.

In The Chairman, after the death of the founder of Everest Capital, he is given the top job. However, the job has power and prestige which carry with them a lot of risks. It happens one day that he escapes a fiery explosion that ravages his limo and leads to the death of two people. This event makes him realize the risks that are entailed in his job.

It does not surprise him that he has enemies in the new class of dollar deals he has attained. Since he is now in control of Everest, he will not allow his enemies to deter him from taking over the firm and to prevent him from achieving his wildest dreams. He has been ruthless and aggressive when the situation calls for that and even in a bit to become successful. He does not wish to let this time be an exception to what he is used to doing.

However, for Gillette to forge friendships that would enable him to realize his dreams, he comes up with a cardinal rule. His rule is never to trust any individual. The only truths are the insidious campaign of corporate destructions that would result into Christian losing his job and the many assassination attempts that could end his life. To end the fatal conspiracy of greediness, he will have to take things slowly at a time while being loyal to the people he must be loyal to and attack those he must attack. Such a strategy would eventually lead to profits and losses in equal measures and he was aware of that.
In The Successor, Gillette Christian has to make tough decisions that involve millions of dollars. He has taken on the most powerful people and succeeded. He knows Jesse Wood, who is the first African-American president very well as he has been his running mate in his bid to winning the presidency. Even though he is not happy that he was dumped at the last minute, he does not ignore a request by Wood to attend a top-secret meeting at Camp David.

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