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The Nowhere Child (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wife and the Widow (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wild Place (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Christian White
Christian White is an Australian mystery author who also works as a screenwriter. The author is best known for his debut novel, The Nowhere Child, that earned him the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award way before the book was published. Christian is also recognized for his role in co-creating Carnivores, a television series that is currently being developed. This author spent a good number of years doing several odd jobs before he found his footing in writing. Christian currently resides in Australia and is now writing full-time.

The Wife and the Widow
The Wife and the Widow is the story of two women who are forced to face difficult situations. On one side is Kate, a widow whose grief intensifies when she discovers that her husband lived a secret life. Then there is Abby, an islander whose world grows dark when she gets incriminating evidence about her husband’s guilt. It is not news that things on the island are not what they seem, so the two women take their time to understand what is happening. It is until Abby and Kate come together that they unravel the truth about their husbands’ lives.

Kate is a stay at home mom who gets the shock of her life when she takes her daughter to the airport because she wants to surprise her husband. It turns out that her husband never got on the plane. A little search reveals that Kate’s husband is dead. Who killed Kate’s husband, and why would he lie about his flight? Heartbroken, The Widow sets on a journey that will unravel a lot that she never knew about the man she married.

Abby works as a cashier in the market. Money is tight, and the young woman dedicates all her efforts to making that extra cent. She is also a mother of two, a son and daughter. Abby thinks that hers is a happy marriage until her best friend tells her about a brutal murder in the docks. Thanks to her obsession with crime and her gut feeling, Abby makes her investigations only to end up with a shocking discovery. What is the connection between Abby’s husband and the murder?

In the beginning, it will sound like these women are married to one man. Their stories read the same, and the struggles the women are dealing with are similar. Kate and Abby are fantastic characters. Both are family-oriented, and it is great to see how much they are willing to sacrifice for their families. This book will make you question whether you know the people around you. The author sneakily plants clues throughout the story, but you will have to read to the end to understand what happened.

The Wife and the Widow is a tightly wound compulsive read. This story is a domestic drama, crime mystery, and psychological suspense all rolled into one compelling read. The story is intelligently written, and the author meticulously puts the different parts of the puzzle together. The result is an amusing mystery story. The ending is quite epic and comes with a twist that you will barely see coming. Told in Abby and Kate’s voice, this book will make you think about people in your life that you trust. Just how much can human beings hide from their loved ones?

The Nowhere Child
The Nowhere Child is a psychological suspense story featuring a woman who is discovering devastating secrets about her family. Kimberly Leamy works as a photography teacher in Australia. Everything is going great until an American man approaches her one afternoon. Twenty-six years ago, a two-year-old girl known as Sammy West went missing from her home in Kentucky. The American who claims to be friends the West is convinced that she is the girl who was kidnapped right after her birthday. As expected, Kimberly is shocked. She finds it hard to believe that the woman who raised her could go all the way to Kentucky just to steal a child.

Jack and Molly West face the worst day of their lives on the third of April 1990. On this day, their daughter Sammy mysteriously disappears from home. The couple was estranged since Sammy’s birth, and her disappearance just made things worse. The couple continued to drift further apart as they mourned the loss of a daughter they both loved. Jack focused on raising his other children while Molly sought solace in her faith.
While Kimberly’s mother had died four years earlier, the young woman does her research only to discover that she is, in fact, Sammy. Dean, her stepfather, explains that the woman who raised her had secrets that she took to her grave. Kimberly travels to America, hoping to reunite with her family. She is also curious to solve the circumstances of her kidnapping. Her interactions with her family come with one stunning revelation after another. The young lady will stir up snakes as she goes into the heart of religious fanatism.

Kimberly goes through the shocking discovery that her life was a lie only to be thrown into more confusion when she meets her family. The specifics of her disappearance remain shadowy, and it is clear that some of those involved in the kidnapping are still at large. Kimberly learns that all the people involved were hiding something. This included her mother, who was a member of a strange religion that practiced snake handling. Kimberly has no one to trust. She has to gather her details where her disappearance is concerned. The details unravel in bits, and the dynamics of the Went family change forever.
The Nowhere Child is a unique thriller characterized by quirky characters, shivery moments, and shocking revelations. The ending is unexpected, and the author does an excellent job of maintaining a steady pace throughout the story. With twists and turns, you will barely see coming, the author will reveal the dark secrets leading to Sammy West’s disappearance. You will get to learn about kidnapping, religious conspiracies, and family secrets that separate a young girl from her parents for close to three decades.

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