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Christiane Heggan is a bestselling romance author from Nice, France. While she was born in France, she always had a fascination with the English language though she was never good at it while she was in school. As young girls, Christiane and her friends always dreamed of moving to London, Paris, or Rome. However, they did not know how they would make a living once they landed there though they never stopped fantasizing. But then Heggan met her first love and the wanderlust dissipated for a few years. Years later, while she was at the University of Nice as a sophomore, she met an American soldier and within seven months, she was married and living in the United States. They lived in Lake Charles, Louisiana, which was a far cry from the adventure and big city life she had wanted as a teenage girl. While it was nothing like the fairy tale she had envisioned, she saw it as an adventure in love. However, those first few months were a nightmare as she could not speak a word of English, had never held a broom and could not cook. She had a lot of learning to do but within a year she could speak the language fluently, had the cleanest house on the street, and could cook like the best of her neighbors. She had even enrolled for a creative writing course after she was encouraged by her husband.

During Heggan’s years as the wife of an Air Force officer, she was very busy. Her husband’s job took them all over the place from Spain, Morocco, Germany, New Jersey, California, Louisiana, Delaware, and California. It was while they were on a tour of Spain that a friend informed her that a paper on the base needed a reporter and that she should apply. Heggan had never been to an interview before but bluffed her way through it and got a try out assignment with a 3 pm deadline on the following day. In less than twenty-four hours, she had conducted her first interview, made the article, and submitted it to the editor before the deadline, thus launching her career as a journalist. When she left the base, the editor’s parting words were that he had a feeling she would go far and that she should hang in there. According to Christiane Heggan, it is Bob her second husband and the editor who had the biggest influence on her early career as an author. Years later it was Bob who convinced her that she had it in her to become a novelist. When she went back to the United States, she started attending the Romance Writers of America New Jersey chapter and later on began attending the annual conferences. It was there that she met an agent who read the first chapter and synopsis for “Cannes” and was so impressed that she said “I could sell this.” It was a surreal moment and initially, Christiane thought she was joking even though she was dead serious. She published her debut novel “Cannes” in 1990 and has never looked back since.

Several novels later, Christiane Heggan believes that her true calling always lay in women’s fiction writing. She has said that she was hooked into romance right from the very first time she read Sandra Brown’ s “Riley in the Morning.” She still thinks about her first editor at the paper and has asserted that if it had not been for him giving her a chance and then encouragement when she was leaving, she would not be the author she is today. “Cannes” her debut contemporary romance novels is an Onyx Imprint novel that was immediately bought by Penguin USA. She now has more than ten novels including the Kate Logan mystery romance series. She has said that the secret to writing great novels is writing what you know and what you would like to read. When she is not writing her novels, Heggan may be found planning a romantic dinner for her husband, watching episodes of “The Young and the Restless,” making something delicious from her recipes, reading, or entertaining friends.

Christiane Heggan’s “Suspicion” is a thrilling romantic suspense story that introduces the lead character of the “Kate Logan” mystery series. Kate Logan is a defense attorney who practices in Washington DC. Eric her sleazy ex-husband came to her asking for her help with getting a prostitute who had been blackmailing him to back off. But then he goes missing just when the call girl is discovered murdered and he becomes the chief suspect in the homicide. Alison their bratty daughter who still loves her father insists that they have to help Eric and hence Kate teams up with her lover, the police detective Mitch Calhoon to work on the case. It is soon clear that there is a connection between the two cases. There is a senator who has a dark secret he wants to keep that way and a prostitute who seems to know too much. Before it all comes to a head, the culprits and their dark motives will be unearthed.

“Moment of Truth” by Christiane Heggan is the thrilling story of Kate Logan who needs some high-profile client to kick start her fledgling practice in Washington C. As such, she cannot say no when a high-profile client asks her to defend him on a two-year-old murder and offers her a hundred thousand dollars. she has a lot of bills to pay including a thirteen-year-old who needs schooling and hence she takes the case. But her client is Todd Buchanan, the son of one of the most powerful Supreme Court Justices. He is a spoilt rich kid who thinks too much of himself and has a knack for getting into trouble. Molly who is Todd’s wife had been found killed in a roadside motel after she had gone out to meet someone she had been talking to online. Soon after, Todd had gone missing and he had been fingered as the main suspect. It is particularly personal for Mitch Calhoon the detective as Molly was his sister. Kate could not refuse to take the case and as expected Mitch flies into a rage when she tells him even though he offers support. Nonetheless, what he does not tell her is that the case may reveal family secrets and open old wounds they would all rather be kept hidden. Investigating the case takes the two into the inner sanctums of the powerful and rich of the city, offering a personal and up-close look into the dark world of sexual addiction and cybersex.

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