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Publication Order of Nantucket Candle Maker Mystery Books

Murder's No Votive Confidence (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Makes Scents (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
15 Minutes of Flame (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of A Snapshot of NYC Mystery Books

Photo Finished (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mugshots of Manhattan (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Christin Brecher is a popular upcoming author of the cozy mystery, fiction, thriller, and suspense genres. Her debut novel, Murder’s No Votive Confidence, is expected to be released in June 2019. The novel has already attracted many critics and the numerous fans of mystery stories are waiting eagerly for the release of the book. Author Brecher has written the novel as a part of her debut novel series called Nantucket Candle Maker Mystery series, which contains one more book expected to come out in 2020. After successfully writing the first two books of her career, Brecher has moved on to work on her third book. Author Brecher was born and brought up in New York City. Her family still resides there as well as many of her childhood friends. She considers herself a small town girl like any other. Brecher came up with the idea of writing Nantucket mystery series from her years of connection with the small island located near the Massachusetts coast. She used to visit the island to spend summers during her childhood. And every time she visited Nantucket, she used to indulge herself in reading mystery novels from her family library.

The habit of reading frequently enabled Brecher to start imagining stories set in an around the island. Brecher was particularly inspired by the whaling heyday of the island as well as its foggy nights. After growing a little old, Brecher started taking long bike rides to the nearby beaches and continued to imagine stories in different setups. Although Brecher had a great interest in writing mystery stories, she did not choose it as her first career choice. Following her graduation, Brecher started working in the publishing industry. She spent several years working in the marketing department. In between, she got married and took a break from work to focus on the upbringing of her children. During the time that she was at home, Brecher thought of trying her hand at writing. The stories that were in her mind for many years started taking the form of manuscripts and subsequently, she was able to come up with her first novel.

Author Brecher is grateful that many readers and critics are showing interest in learning more about her debut book. She has enjoyed the overall publication process and says that her experience was incredibly exciting. While spending her time crafting stories, Brecher got the chance to learn many other things about the career field of writing. She learned how to use social media platforms to promote her books and reach out to numerous readers all over the world. Author Brecher believes that New York City is an excellent place to stir the imagination and experience the everyday stories of life. She studied at Connecticut College and obtained a degree in art history, theater, and Italian language. Then, she went on to pursue a masters degree at the Columbia Business School. Brecher started her career in the department of television production and has worked for HBO, PBS, and A&E Network. Later, she moved on to the field of marketing and business development for Time Incorporated.

For a short period of time, Brecher has lived in London with her husband and kids. During the time she was there, she challenged herself to re-experience the novels on her shelf as if she was a writer. The weather in London used to rainy quite often, allowing her to sit by the fireplace to relax. The typical setting led to the development of the mysteries and Brecher eventually took to writing. And within a period of six months, Brecher was enjoying the process of writing. It had turned into a passion for her. The experience led her to discover different characters, storylines, plot twists, writer-friendly cafes, sacred and silent libraries, and friends who loved to listen to her stories. It took her 10 years to finish her first book. However, she was unable to publish it. A year later, she succeeded in completing two more books and found an excellent agent, who helped her get an exciting deal. Brecher hopes that the readers will enjoy her Nantucket mysteries and appreciate her efforts. She intends to write many more mystery novels in the years to come and keep entertaining the fans of mystery stories with her exciting books.

In her debut book, Murder’s No Votive Confidence, Brecher has mentioned the central characters in the roles of Stella Wright, Jessica Sterling, and a few others. Initially, Stella Wright is introduced as the owner of a candle store in Nantucket. She specializes in making unique candles for different occasions. Stella’s problems begin when someone decides to use her candle decoration as the stage for murder. Jessica Sterling decides to have her nuptials based on the theme of candlelight. She is excited to look forward to her special day that kicks off the first official holiday of the summer. Stella is excited to have been asked to make the decorative centerpiece for Jessica’s wedding ceremony. The centerpiece is said to be a 2 foot tall scented candle that will symbolize the love of the happy couple.

The event takes an unexpected and shocking turn when the uncle of the bride is found dead. It is also discovered that the weapon used to murder Jessica’s uncle is the seemingly indestructible, two-foot long candle made by Stella Wright, which is now divided into two. Later, it is learned that a local bartender has been arrested as the prime suspect in the murder. Stella is well acquainted with the bartender and knows that he cannot kill someone. She tries to make the police Captain realize that he has rushed to solve the case and that the killer is still roaming free. After the shocking incident at Jessica’s wedding, various other brides-to-be start canceling orders at Stella’s store. This causes her sales to go down terribly. In order to catch the real killer and save the reputation of her store, Stella decides to do a little sleuthing by herself. She is assisted in her attempt by a determined reporter. Stella faces a challenge by the police in charge, but she doesn’t bow down and keeps investigating until she succeeds in uncovering the identity of the real killer and get her store’s sales running as usual.

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