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Christina Bauer is a female author of several kindle books and paperbacks. She was born in Buffalo, New York in the United States of America. She is married and has one boy child. Currently, she is living in Newton, MA with the husband, son and the golden retriever Ruby. Her genre are romance, fantasy and paranormal. She is a graduate from Syracuse University’s New-house school. She graduated with Bachelor of Arts in English, film production, television and radio representation. She is therefore very talented and experienced when it comes to writing down different works. Christina began the work of writing kindle books back in November 2008. Despite being a graduate, her daily job involves marketing for various world class companies like Cisco, Microsoft and Brainshark. She has done this for quite long and back in the 90s, she managed to start up her own software known as the Mindful Technologies. She has therefore done a lot of great jobs when it comes to marketing for the companies.

Christina Bauer has so far written five kindle books and one paperback. Her series of the five books are known as the AngelBound. She mainly deals with the Ink Monsters but also interested in telling various female myths. She has been greatly inspired by the smart work of Joseph Campbell who is one of her greatest influencers. The other great influencers of Christina Bauer are Edith Hamilton, CG Jung and J.R.R Tolkien. These are some great individuals who have contributed to her success. She is therefore a great woman with inspiration from her smart stories.

The Angelbound has five different kindle books under the Angelbound series. Her first work was the paperwork entitled the “The Pirate Queen: A Timewalker Journey” she did this paperwork on the first day of August 2005. After this, she published the series where she begun by writing the “Scala” (Angelbound) on 30th October 2014. This was the second volume of her work after the paperwork but the first in the series. The second book in the series was “Armageddon” (Angelbound) that was published just a day before the “Scala” was published.

The “Scala” Angelbound series which is the second volume talks about a nineteen year old Lewis Myla who turned into a Scala. After changing into the Scala, she had the supernatural powers to move one’s soul to hell or heaven out from the purgatory. Despite this great power, Scala had a great challenge because his powers were being limited by a magical object referred to as Lucifer’s Orb. The Lucifer’s Orb object demanded that each and every soul moved from the purgatory must go to hell which was on the contrary to Lewis the Scala. She thought it was not wise to move the innocent souls to hell but to heaven. To resolve this, she decided to call for a supernatural strike during the time of Lucifer’s Orb. This therefore implied that no soul left the purgatory. Due to this, another problem rose in the purgatory as so many souls continuously came in while none of them left. Myla Lewis the Scala needed urgent solution because the purgatory soul storage building was soon turning into time bombs. Her only determination was to ensure that the innocent souls went straight to heaven without any barrier of the Orb. As time passed she get more worried and therefore decides to get enough on her plate without the knowledge of lady Adair who was her old enemy. The intention of her old enemy Adair was to take everything that belonged to Lewis Myla including her only love Angelbound known as Prince Lincoln. The battle is quite tough as prince Lincoln and Myla are fighting back but finally, they will either lose all they have to their old enemy Adair schemes or beat the clock. This is just a short summary of Christina Bauer first work on the series and you can always find the kindle book online.

Her second work on the series which is the third volume is known as the “Armageddon” Angelbound. This is a continuation of the second volume, Scala. The main characters are still Myla Lewis and Prince Lincoln. This smart kindle book tells us what happens five years later after Myla fought on the purgatory arena in a gladiator style. After this five years, she now fights only in hell. Despite her fight in hell five years later, her stake remains the same as it has never been higher than before. A new character known as Armageddon is introduced. Armageddon is the king of hell and she is doing more harm to Myla. She kidnapped Maxon who is Prince Lincoln and Myla younger son. Due to this, a great war will soon start to save the life of Maxon but Myla is very worried about the life of millions of people who may be killed. She therefore tries to find a suitable alternative on how to save their younger son Maxon without involving such a bigger multitude in the war. It is quite challenging on her side but decides to come up with a small attack team. Besides this, she also looks for a secret entrance to hell without King Armageddon knowing her plans. Saving Maxon’s life is very tough. Two things are considerd to take place which are either saving Maxon or Armageddon getting hold of their last born plus all the after-realms. This is the main struggle Myla Lewis is trying to win in this third series of Angelbound.

Generally, Christina Bauer has done very great work on the Angelbound series. She is very creative and determined in her work. These kindle books plus her paper works have always inspired and motivated most of her fans. You can also find these smart series online and get to know more about the Anglebound series. She is still carrying on with her work and very determined to publish many series on Angelbound. She is always very reliable author and most of her fans get to interact with her online in case they need to know about any upcoming series. She is one of the best authors you will definitely love. Christina Bauer also does several radio, television and film production.

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