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Christian Dalcher is a renowned American writer of science fiction, thriller, and dystopian stories. She is particularly famous for writing her debut book Vox. Dalcher has completed two more novels, which are expected to be released soon. Before entering the field of novel writing, she earned a doctorate from Georgetown University in theoretical linguistics. Dalcher specializes in sound change phonetics in British and Italian dialects. She has taken up teaching jobs at several universities in England, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States in the past. The flash fiction and short stories penned by Dalcher during the earlier stage of her career have been featured in more than 100 literary journals throughout the world. Some of her popular recognitions include winning the Bath Flash Fiction first prize and receiving nominations for Best of the Net, Best Small Fictions, and The Pushcart Prize.

Author Dalcher is represented by a literary agent named Laura Bradford at the Bradford Literary Agency. The authors who have influenced her work the most include Shirley Jackson, Stephen King, and Michael Chrichton. Over the years, Dalcher has lived in many countries with her husband. Most recently, they have been to Sri Lanka. Now, they divide their time between their homes in Andalucia, Spain and the American South. Dalcher made her debut in 2018 with a novel called Vox. This book has been translated into more than 20 languages all over the world. Author Dalcher claims to be a flash fiction addict, reader, writer, and novelist. She is also an excellent knitter, cook, wife, and cross-stitcher. Dalcher has resided in 4 continents and 4 islands and is capable of speaking Italian as good as English. Her heroes include authors Roald Dahl, Carl Sagan, and Stephen King.

Dalcher wants Stephen King to live for many more years because she wants to read a lot many stories from him. On a typical day, Dalcher can be found in the land of Barbecue and Styron. At other times, she likes to hide inside a closet to re-read her favorite books. Dalcher also likes to try different kinds of street food. In her former life, Dalcher was a researcher at London City University. There, she was involved in working on an investigation of the production, perception, and acquisition of rhotic in Standard Southern British English. Her colleagues Mark Jones and Rachel-Anne Knight. The ESRC project that has been completed now consisted of a collection & analysis of adult and child production & perception.

The effects of the ultrasound imaging on the differences between r-like sounds’ perception were examined by Dalcher and her team. The bulk of Dalcher’s research comprised of the quantitative and experimental analysis of sound change of variable. Dalcher also carried out work on articulatory, social, phonological, and perpetual constraints on the synchronic alterations. Several other of her interests included ultrasound’s use in addressing the queries related to sound change. Dalcher even gave a 13-minute talk on Principal Components’ usefulness to a packed audience. Other involvements of Dalcher include teaching post-graduate courses in phonetics, phonology, and linguistics at George Mason University; undergraduate course in acoustic and articulatory phonetics at London University’s Queen Mary College; and a phonology program at Westminster University.

While she was living in Abu Dhabi, Dalcher taught rhetoric/academic writing courses at a local engineering university. Some of the lectures undertaken by her at colleges and universities are available online. Dalcher’s dissertation at Georgetown University in 2006 explored the weakening process of the consonant in the Italian Florentine dialect. She argued that numerous patterns witnessed in Gorgia Toscana must belong to the complex interactions in the multiple independent elements. Dalcher has also made her dissertation available on online platforms. It also contains work supervised under the guidance of the National Science Foundation. Author Dalcher had come very close to obtaining a Fulbright scholarship based on her dissertation, but she was unfortunate to miss out by a close margin. Dalcher is quite happy to know that she has succeeded in establishing herself as a prominent author. She looks forward to achieving more success in the years to come.

The debut book written by author Christina Dalcher is entitled ‘Vox’. It was released by the Berkley publication in 2018. Dalcher has set this novel in Georgetown, Washington, DC, United States. The primary characters depicted in the book include Steven McClellan, Jean McClellan, Sonia McClellan, Lorenzo Rossi, Patrick McClellan, Jackie Juarez, and Carl Corbin. Half of the population of America is silenced as the unforgettable and harrowing story depicts the fight and struggle of one woman to protect her daughter and herself from the dangerous laws put up by the government with respect to the number of words a woman can speak in a day. Initially, it is depicted that the government passes a resolution in which women will not be allowed to say more than a hundred words from their mouths daily.

Dr. Jean McClellan does not accept this resolution and claims that it can’t be happening in an advanced country like the United States. Being a woman herself, she sees it as a move to curb the rights of women. Jean McClellan fears that if the new law is followed on a full scale, women will not be able to hold on to their jobs any longer. Girls won’t be taught to write or read thinking that it won’t be of any use to them. With this move, the voices of women will be snatched from them, leaving them helpless. Before, a person used to speak around 16 thousand words daily on an average, but now women have been given the threshold limit of just one hundred words to say want they want to or let others hear about their needs.

Jean McClellan makes up her mind to fight for herself, her beloved daughter, and every other woman whose voice has been forcefully taken away. She intends to reclaim their voices and make things as they were before. The premise of this book seems quite intriguing to read. Jean McClellan’s portrayal as a fighting woman is quite interesting to read. Also, the other characters have been depicted very well. The pacing of the story is done very well, making the book an engaging read.

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