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The Red Umbrella (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Thunderous Whisper (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Concealed (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Bluest Sky (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Christina Diaz Gonzalez
Author Christina Diaz Gonzalez grew up in a tiny Southern town located in the Florida panhandle, and she was the only Spanish speaking kid in town. Her parents are Cuban and they decided to teach young Christina Spanish first, and she learned English rather quickly when she began going to school, with Spanish still being spoken in her home. And she has always kept in touch with her own Cuban heritage.

Her childhood was a wonderful one filled with memories of riding her bike with her friends and reading books in her treehouse. It was during this time that she secretly dreamed about one day having stories of her own published, however she had never met an author and it never seemed like something that people like her actually even did, so tried doing other things.

Eventually Christina became an attorney, with lots of writing and reading required, only not the fun sort she’d done in her treehouse and began a family of her own down in Miami.

It was her sons that inspired her to pursue her dream of becoming a writer since their love of books reminded her of her own love of stories. So with support from her sons, parents, sister, husband, and larger extended family she pursued this love of writing.

She loves having breakfast with pan Cubano and Southern style grits, which is the best of both worlds.

Christina’s books have received numerous honors that include the Florida Book Award, the Nebraska Book Award, the American Library Association’s Best Fiction for Young Adults, and the Junior Library Guild selection. Her work has also been designated as a Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People, an American Library Association’s Best Fiction for Young Adults selection, and a Junior Library Guild Gold Selection.

“The Red Umbrella” is the first stand alone novel that was released in the year 2010. This is the moving story about one fourteen-year-old girl’s journey up to America from Cuba which is a part of Operation Pedro Pan, which is an organized exodus of over 14,000unaccompanied kids, whose parents shipped them away in order to escape Fidel Castro’s revolution.

In the year 1961, just two years after the Communist revolution, Lucia Alvarez leads her carefree life, dreaming about these parties and her first ever crush. However, once the soldiers began coming to her sleepy little Cuban town, everything starts to change. Neighbors vanish, freedom gets stripped away. Her friends start feeling like they’re strangers. And somebody’s watching her family.

While the revolution’s impact gets more and more oppressive, her parents make the heart-wrenching choice 6to ship her and her younger brother up to America. All by themselves.

All of a sudden, she is plunked into Nebraska with some well-meaning strangers, she struggles while trying to adapt to a whole new language, a new way of life, and a new country. However, what about her former life? Is she ever going to see her home or even her parents again? If she does, is she still going to be the same girl that she was before?

“The Red Umbrella” is the moving story of culture, country, and the real meaning of home.

“A Thunderous Whisper” is the second stand alone novel and was released in the year 2012. Ani believes that she is only an insignificant whisper of a twelve-year-old girl in a loud world. This is what her mom has been telling her, anyway. Her dad made her feel all important, however he has been off fighting in Spain’s Civil War, and the voice that she has of him inside of her mind is fading.

And then she meets Mathias, whose family has only just moved to Guernica and he is as far from a whisper as a fourteen-year-old boy could be. Ani believes that Mathias is a lot more like lightning, a boy of action. Mathias’s dad is part of this spy network, and she soon finds herself helpping Mathias deliver these messages to some of the other members of the underground. She is actually making a difference in the rest of the world.

It’s then that her world explodes. The quiet little market town of Guernica gets shattered by Nazi bombers. In just a single afternoon she loses her mom, her city, and her home. However, in helping out the other survivors, she gains a sense of her own strength, while both she and Mathias make some plans to fight back in their own unique way.

“Moving Target” is the first novel in the “Moving Target” and was released in the year 2015. Cassie Arroyo is an American that studies in Rome, has her entire world ripped apart when somebody attempts to murder her dad, who is an art history professor at an Italian university. Could she be their next target?
Cassie works to uncover exactly what’s happening, just to learn that she’s a member of this ancient bloodline which enables her to use a legendary object, called the Spear of Destiny, which can impact the future. Now she is running from this secret organization that is intent on murdering those from her bloodline, she is forced, with help from some friends, decipher the clues that are going to lead her on toward the Spear.

“Return Fire” is the second novel in the “Moving Target” and was released in the year 2016. Who is going to control destiny?

Cassie Arroyo has got the ability to use the Spear of Destiny. Despite knowing full well about the dang3rws of an object this powerful, she uses this ability to shape the future and save the life of her dad. The repercussions of such a small decision are much bigger than she could’ve ever imagined possible. It produced this chain reaction, and now, in Cassie’s visions of the future, she sees death and chaos spreading all across Rome.

Cassie, with the help of Asher (her friend), is determined to fix the future that she has created, however it won’t be all that simple. The spear has been stolen by people that want to use it for dark purposes of their own. Can she recapture the spear before it can be used against her? And is she going to be able to undo the harm that she has caused, or is she just going to cast the world into much greater chaos?

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