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Christina Dodd is a best-selling American Author. Specializing in the romance genre, Dodd has been professionally pursuing her writing career since 1991.


The youngest of three girls, Christina Dodd’s father died before her birth. Her mother was a housewife at the time; however she still possessed a few job skills, skills that she would put to good use after the death of her husband.

Following the birth of Christina, her mother found work and took to her tasks with great diligence in her determination to support her children; despite the difficulties of her work, the single mother still found time to read to her daughters, this introducing the literary world to Dodd and the love for books she would later develop.

Christina Dodd met Scott, her husband, in Boise, Idaho, where she finished her college studies; post graduate life found her designing sawmills at an engineering company.

Despite the requirements of her work, Dodd found time in between her duties as a draftsman to read romance novels; and in delving into these stories, ruminating upon them during her afternoons, she quickly discovered that her own plots for the end of her favorite romance novels often impressed her so much more than what she would eventually read.

Christina’s first daughter was born in 1980; she took this opportunity to stay at home and make her first attempts at writing a novel, eventually churning out three manuscripts over the next decade.

Dodd found considerable inspiration in the time she spent working at an independent book store, her interactions with customers during this part time employment opportunity allowing her to discover what exactly people liked to read.

Her first foray into the world of books initially proved disheartening; with two of Christina’s three manuscript receiving rejections on a consistent basis from various publishers.

Christina Dodd eventually found success with ‘Candle in the Window’ her third manuscript, this primarily resulting from the ‘Romance Writers of America Golden Heart’ award the manuscript received.

‘Candle in the window’, published in 1991 by HarperCollins, gained considerable recognition soon after.

Christina’s time at HarperCollins was short lived; she eventually made the leap to Avon, partially because the conservative nature of her first editor meant that a number of love scenes in Dodd’s earlier books were cut, this as opposed to the fair amount of freedom she enjoyed at Avon.

Freedoms Dodd utilized in producing ‘A Well Pleasured Lady’, her first novel with Avon, and within which she allowed her frankness to shine through her many love scenes. The novel also marked Christina’s first attempt at Regency period centered historical romance novels.

The heroines within many of Christina’s regency centered stories are often cut from the same cloth, typically impoverished but showing determination to overcome adversity to succeed in their endeavors, characterizations that, Christina has admitted, are often based upon her mother.

Making an appearance in major media outlets such as the New York Times and USA today, Christina Dodd’s novels have been translated into 12 languages, her works attracting success in markets both local and international.

Christina Dodd’s work in the romance genre has won her numerous awards from a slew of sources, this including the Library Journal Top 5 Romances of 1996 award for ‘A Well Pleasured Lady’, and the highest honor an author within the romance genre can ever hope to win, the RITA award.

Writing Process

Christina Dodd’s writing process begins with a basic outline of the story she intends to write, typically presented in ten to twenty pages. Continuing to gain considerable familiarity with the storyline even while making revisions every morning, Dodd begins writing the story once she’s certain of her goals.

She has made a habit out of outlining the contents of the next few chapters before hand, often doing large scale revisions once she reaches the midway point of her book. By the time she concludes her story, the book is often ready for the editor’s scrutiny.

Dodd also relies on fellow romance authors such as Susan Mallery to craft her stories, the novelists often meeting in a hotel and spending the next few days brainstorming about their respective ideas for potential stories and novels.

Candle in the Window

Candle in the Window is the first and one of Christina Dodd’s most successful novels; in it, we meet Lady Saura Roget, a raven haired maiden whose beauty is unrivaled in all the land.

Suffering under the tyranny of a stepfather than controls her fortune and very existence, a summons to the castle of Sir William of Miravel brings Saura’s life of loneliness and servitude to an end.

Suddenly bound to a magnificent knight with an agonizing existence shrouded in darkness, Saura finds that her passions seek to impute upon her a deadly fate; the love between a beauty and a golden warrior will have to struggle against a deadly enemy to find true happiness.

Most readers found Christina Dodd’s first book quite a delight to read, her story utilizing historical facts to bring the world to life; and while her characters were simple, they proved engaging because of the strength of their flaws and failing, making for quite an intriguing tale of struggle and hardship between two souls that are only seeking to make a connection

Castles in the Air

The second of Christina Dodd’s earlier works sought to drag its audience into a story even more intimately steeped in history, within which the Lady Juliana of lofts finds herself at the mercy of King Henry who commands that she marry the count of Avrache, Raymond.

And in refusing his demand, a step that is tantamount to treason, Juliana not only attracts the ire of the king but quickly learns that the Count of Avrache isn’t a man that can be denied.

In her second outing as a romance novelist, Christina stays true to the historical setting of her story, weaving difficult historical matters into the plotting of her romantic tale. Superseding the success of her first book, Castles in the Air produces a strong set of surprisingly engaging characters, even though Dodd doesn’t do her story any favors by choosing to jump about repeatedly, with her characters often confused about what they want to be.

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