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Publication Order of Under Covers Books

On Her Six (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
In Walked Trouble (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Man I Want to Be (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Anywhere with You (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Christina Elle

Christina Elle is an American author of suspense, romance, and contemporary novels and the author of Waverly Falls series and Under Covers series. She is a strong believer of the saying that laughter is the best medicine and for this reason she blends her stories with a healthy dose of hilarious pranks and plucky suspense.

When not writing, you’ll find Christina playing board games, reading books in every genre, working out, stalking Chris Hemsworth on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TV, and shopping for Chris’s latest DVD. Christina is a Baltimore resident, where she lives with her husband and their two sons who inspire humor in her books.

On Her Six

On Her Six is the first book in Under Covers series by Christina Elle. We meet Sam as she is keeping tabs on everyday happenings in her neighborhood. With the aid of her grandmother and a few witty old friends, she can know everything from the inside and outside like a hawk. Sam’s latest neighbor is fascinating and also someone she has to take great care with. What is the man doing and why has he moved next to Sam’s house? She is determined to investigate more about the man and willing to do whatever it takes to get the information she needs. He is handsome, and Sam doesn’t mind spending her time with him.
Ash, as it turns out, is an undercover agent who has a surveillance job to accomplish. He thought his mission would be a walk in the park and the last thing he wants is trouble. He never counted on ever meeting someone like Sam in his life, though. He knows that she has been watching him and so he tries to keep his case a secret. However, Sam shows no signs of ever backing down and instead keeps on contacting him because she’s interested in his investigation. He wants Sam to keep distance, but that’s impossible almost impossible because for the few days he’s spent with her, he’s come to like her too much and his heart won’t let go of her.

On Her Six, the first book in Under Covers series is an engaging story about creepy criminals and terrifying drug problems. Additionally, it’s a romantic novel, and there’s plenty of action both inside and outside the bedroom. The main characters are Ash and Sam, and they have great chemistry together, and it’s quite obvious from the time they meet each other that they won’t be able to stay away from each other.

Meanwhile, the two are investigating the same case but from distinct angles. Their interaction is quite fascinating, and their dialogue is also engaging. Sam got her bravado from her mother. Her teamwork and the elderly amateur sleuths are great; their resilience and interactions make them a force to be reckoned with. Sam is also a fierce woman who doesn’t back down. When she spots danger, she’s ever ready to act regardless of the consequences. She is loyal and always willing to go greater lengths and protect those she loves.

On the other hand, Ash is a broken man- something that happened in the past left him a damaged man. Despite this, he is strong and protective and has a risky side as well. Sam is the ideal lady for him, but he is so scared to let her in. Will he break down the walls he’s built around his heart and let the woman he cares and loves in his heart and life? Well, grab a copy of this book to find out. On Her Six is a laugh out loud romance book with plenty of suspense, twists and turns to keep the reader on the edge of the seat from the first page to the last. Every scene in the story is adrenaline-filled, the fighting scenes are well crafted, and the heroine’s impulsive actions are brilliant. Christina Elle uses ironic tone of voice which will make you laugh out loud as you explore the world alongside Sam and Ash.

In Walked Trouble

The second book in Under Covers series picks up from where On Her Six, the first book in the series left off. The story opens up with a fascinating meet of the main characters, Cassandra Stone and Luke Calder. These laughs out loud moments; don’t stop from their encounter and continue throughout the story. The story gets dangerous and very deadly.

Luke is a DEA agent based in Baltimore. He and his team of operatives are tracking a drug lord who’s made allegiance with the street gang and is distributing a deadly drug to teenagers at all schools across Baltimore. For Luke, finding the drug lord Jose Serrano is very crucial and goes beyond the drug distribution case. After the events in the first book in the series, Luke has a price tag on his head, and Jose wants him dead.

Cassandra is full of passion and heart. She works as a guidance counselor at a local high school of underprivileged students with a very low graduation rate. She sees potential in many of her students, but, unfortunately, the students themselves don’t see it. It doesn’t help that their families would wish for them to forgo high school and college and instead work at minimum wage or join the local street gangs. One of Cassandra’s students is Miguel Cortez, and Cass is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that he is safe and graduates to college on the scholarship he has earned.

When Cassandra stumbles upon the covert DEA agent Luke and his team, she unknowingly becomes his assignment. Luke has to get close to her to find out what Cass knows about the drugs and how the students are getting them. However, his latest assignment is about to get real messy as real feelings of love get in the way, and Cassandra refuses just to watch Miguel become another “loser.”

Christina Elle has crafted an excellent romantic suspense book that promises to grab your attention from the first page to the last as it takes you on an epic ride. You can help but fall in love Luke with his charm. Cassy is easy to like. Her heart guides her and at times gets her into trouble. The secondary cast also adds to the story. The bromance between Luke and other agents is wonderful.

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