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The Night Olivia Fell (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Behind Every Lie (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Do No Harm (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Christina McDonald
Christina McDonald is an American author of suspense, thriller, and fiction books best known for her novel, The Night Olivia Fell. The novel has been optioned for adaptation for television by a renowned Hollywood studio. Christina is a graduate with a BA in communications and an MA in journalism from the University of Washington and the National University of Ireland, respectively.

McDonald has worked as a copywriter and a journalist for USA TODAY, The Sunday Times, and The Connacht Tribute, just to mention but a few. She is also a dedicated wife and mother based in London, England.

The Night Olivia Fell
The Night Olivia Fell is a domestic suspense novel showcasing the circumstances that led to Olivia’s illness. One morning, Olivia’s mother, Abi, is woken up by a phone call from the hospital. The person on the line informs Abi that her daughter, Olivia, has been involved in an accident. She had fallen off a bridge, and the injuries left her brain dead. Shockingly, Olivia was pregnant, and the medics had to put her on life support to preserve her baby’s life. The traumatized mother rushes to the hospital only to see that in addition to the injuries caused by the fall, her young daughter has angry bruises on her wrists.
An investigation is launched, and in an unexpected twist, the police rule that Olivia’s fall was merely an accident. Olivia’s mom isn’t convinced, and she purposes to get all the details on what happened. Heartbroken, like any mother would in similar circumstances, Abi sets on a journey in search of the truth. Has Olivia pushed off the bridge, or was her death an accident? Where did the bruises on her wrists come from? Who is the father of Olivia’s unborn baby?
Abi Knight was always a devoted mother to her daughter. The two enjoyed a good relationship, and Abi did not doubt that her daughter was sensible. The young girl not only did exceptionally well in school, but she also didn’t like drinking and partying. However, Abi noticed that a few months to the accident, Olivia had been moody and distracted. Abi tells her story and the heartbreak that comes with knowing that a lot happening in her daughter’s life, but it was almost too late to make any changes.

The reader also gets to hear from Olivia and her life, leading to the night of the accident. Olivia felt like her mother had secrets she was trying to hide from her. On a school tour to the University of Washington, Olivia sees someone, and this changes everything she over thought about her mother. The teenager also felt like the mother was controlling every aspect of her life.

Abi has done a great job of raising her daughter, and she wanted nothing but to protect her. She continually wonders what Olivia was doing atop a bridge at that time of the night. With nothing but love and determination, Abi uncovers the truth about her daughter’s accident.
The Night Olivia Fell is a devastating tale of lies, hidden relationships, and the nature of a mother’s love. This emotional story is told from Abi and Olivia’s point of view, making it easy to understand where both of them are coming from. The plot is not complicated, but the narration and the pace turn this into a domestic suspense novel you will easily get addicted to.

Behind Every Lie
Behind Every Lie features Eva Hansen, a woman who finds herself in a hospital bed after she’s struck by lightning. Eva learns that her mother, Kat, had been killed. Eva was picked from the streets, unconscious on the day she came to the hospital. The disturbing thing is that the police think Eva is responsible for murdering her mother, but the young woman has no recollection of what happened on a fateful day. All that is clear is that when Eva is brought to the hospital, her body is covered in blood.

Behind Every Lie, the book starts with a celebration dinner. Eva, Kat, Andrew, Eva’s brother, and auntie Lily are in attendance. The family is celebrating Kat’s act of saving an innocent child. From the start, it is clear that the relationship between Eva and her mother is problematic. Eva has a secret she has been keeping from her fiancée, but she is terrified that her mother will tell on her. For this reason, Eva has been hesitant to introduce him to her family. That said, the family tries to be together and share in moments of joy and sadness.

Eva wants nothing but to prove her innocence. When she gets out of the hospital, she heads to London in her former home. Here, she discovers secrets that her mother had kept from the world. Eva is also quick to notice that someone is working to keep the truth from her. This leaves her confused as she doesn’t know who to trust. As Eva recollects about her past, she starts to remember the violent episodes. Her amnesia is slowly clearing, and the memories get clearer by the day. In the end, she remembers it all — the violence, abandonment, neglect, and finally, the events that ended her mother’s life.
This book is written from two points of view. Both Eva and Kat go through traumatic experiences, and, sadly, Kat suffers such a tragic death. Despite the challenges, these two women try everything possible to rise above abandonment, rape, rejection, and violence. Eva and Kat are lovable characters. They are flawed, just like everyone else, and it is easy to understand some of the unwise decisions they made in life. Your heart will break with Eva as she remembers her past and the struggles she has undergone while putting a brave face.

Behind Every Lie will keep you guessing to the end, and the numerous twists and turns are sure to keep you turning the pages. The story is authentic and visceral, and the beauty of it all is the picture it paints of a mother-daughter relationship. If you are looking for an exquisite piece centered on family and relationships between parents and their children, this is an ideal choice.

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