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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Drowning Ruth (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
All is Vanity (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
So Long at the Fair (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Edge of the Earth (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bonnie (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Christina Schwarz is an American published author of fiction.

Christina first made her debut in the literary world with the publication of her first fictional novel in 2000, titled Drowning Ruth. The book was received well by readers and critics, and was nominated to be a best book by Oprah’s Book Club and ultimately was one of their selections recommended to readers.

The author was born in the state of Wisconsin in a rural area, where she grew up. These days, besides writing mystery novels, she is happy to live in her new home in the southern area of California.

Drowning Ruth is the first novel to come out from the engaging author Christina Schwarz! If you are a fan of stories that have plenty of drama, then check out this tantalizing and creative tale.

Social constraint has been used by a variety of novelists to make their plots sing with tension. Schwarz’s novel focuses on characteristics of the past that used to be in full swing; stoicism and silence. The story is set first in 1919. The world is reeling from the epidemic of influenza that came after, infecting millions during and after the World War.

The season is winter, and the place is a lake in rural Wisconsin. It is there that a young woman by the name of Mathilda Neumann manages to get under the ice of that lake and drown. Could it have been foul play? The mother had a child to live for, but is it possible that she placed herself in that lake and drowned intentionally?

Mathilda’s death will send those who know her reeling. Her husband and her daughter will have their lives changed forever by this event, as will her sister who has her own troubles. The story is told through the eyes of different characters in the book and also goes back and forth in time. Gradually, secrets from the past will be revealed and more discoveries may lead a trail of breadcrumbs to the ultimate unfolding of not only the truth, but what actually happened on that dark, fateful night.

Years after the fact, Amanda Starkey is the daughter of a farmer and had been discouraged from getting married to a boy next door. The reason given was that he was Catholic and their family was Lutheran, so the relationship was seen as inappropriate. She is working in Milwaukee as a nurse years later when a man seduces her who is not a good person.

The interaction and the shame that she feels over it helps to accelerate a nervous breakdown. To recuperate, she goes back to live for some time at the farm owned by her family. But when Mathilde eventually drowns, she finds herself in the middle of a mystery instead of the peace and quiet that she thought she would enjoy. Meanwhile, Carl comes back from war and finds out that his wife is dead even though his daughter Ruth remains.

Amanda’s parents have also disappeared in the midst of all of this and she refuses to tell Carl anything about the circumstances surrounding his wife’s death. When Amanda confesses to him that she has killed them, will he believe her? Is it the truth? Find out what happens in this dramatic best-selling novel that will have you turning the pages to discover the truth!

All Is Vanity is the second novel to come out from Christina Schwarz. If you loved her debut or are looking for a great book to read, check this one out!

Letty and Margaret are the main characters in this book, and they’ve been best friends all their lives. Now they’ve grown up a little and are adults, living life in their mid-thirties. They’re finding their way and their own paths little by little. Margaret has taken a big risk leaving her job teaching so that she can be in Manhattan and focus on writing her novel.

Letty is married and has four kids with her husband. Together their star is on the rise in Los Angeles, and there the family is enjoying a taste of the good life. Margaret runs into difficulty with writing when she realizes that it is more challenging than she anticipated. In California, Letty discovers that the high-price lifestyle of Los Angeles is difficult to keep up with and starts to feel that she’s out of her depth financially.

The two friends continue to keep in contact even though they are far apart, mostly through email. It is while reading one of Letty’s emails to her that Margaret has an epiphany. The emails are always funny and engaging to read, but she now sees that she’s been looking for a story when a fantastic one is going on right under her nose.

While she feels badly for her pal, Margaret is inspired and quickly starts writing a book, which is largely based on the trials and tribulations that her friend is going through. She knows that the dramatic debt that her friend in is bad, but is also desperate to have more real-life inspiration and drama to record in her book. She ends up encouraging Letty to go deeper into debt instead of motivating her to stop spending and tackle the financial deficit in a practical way to move forward.

Can Margaret stop sabotaging her friend for her own personal gain, or will she continue to be a bad influence until her friend is destitute or realizes that she’s attempting to profit and build a career off of her misfortune? Will Letty ever forgive her best friend once she finds out? Or is the damage done and their status as best friends on its way to being erased forever?

A witty and aware look at friendship, troubles, real life, and the consumerist nature of fast-paced cities like Los Angeles, this is one novel that you’re going to have to get for yourself to find out what happens in the end! Pick up a copy and see whether Margaret can redeem herself or whether Letty will be able to pull herself out of crushing debt!

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