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Publication Order of Glacier Park Mystery Books

The Wild Inside (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mortal Fall (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Weight of Night (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Sharp Solitude (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Christine Carbo is an American author of fiction. She grew up in Gainesville, a city in Florida. When she was twelve she moved with her family to Montana and lived in the town of Kalispell. Always interested in flying, Carbo earned her piloting license and front there went on adventures in Norway and worked briefly as a flight attendant.

Christine Carbo graduated from college with a masters degree in English and Linguistics. She used her education to teach at a local community college and taught linguistics, writing, and literature courses. She still teaches in a different way as the teacher and owner of a studio that focuses on Pilates. She lives in Whitefish, Montana, with her husband, three kids, silly dog, and their cat.

She is the author of the Glacier Mystery series. The first book in this series was published in 2015 and is titled The Wild Inside. It is followed by the sequel, Mortal Fall, and the third book in the series, The Weight of Night. Her books are set in the wild of nature and involve a lot of rugged trekking through unknown territory, both on the mountains and in the human soul.

The Wild Inside is a crime novel that is set in the wild and dangerous Glacier National Park. In this thrilling debut book, Ted Systead is camping in the national park along with his father. It is a beautiful night, and the sky is dark and clear enough for you to see the stars. They’re enjoying camping out among the wonder of nature when something insane happens. Ted’s father is attacked by a grizzly bear and mauled and dragged to what is a horrible death.

Twenty years later, Ted is working for the Department of the Interior as a special agent on their payroll. When he is called upon to look into a crime, he is shocked to find it is very similar to the circumstances that he and his father went through. This case is a little different from that horrible night in that the victim of the grizzly attack was actually helpless, tied to a tree long before the animal attacked him.

Disturbed by his death, Ted teams up with a man named Monty. A park officer, Monty is friendly and gets along with people. He also has a detailed knowledge of the area, which Ted thinks will be helpful in tracking down the killer. But when people who live around the area are not volunteering any details or coming forward with information, the lack of trust in outsiders turns out to bite them right in the rear.

The community feels that they are connected to the wilderness around them and one thing is for certain, they’re going to stick together as well as clam up against outsiders. As more days go by and nothing turns up in the ways of clues, leads, or answers, there is more than ever at stake. And somewhere out there is a bear that might have some evidence as to who carried out this heinous crime.

Spurred on by his quest for truth, Ted searches for the answers. His journey is going to take him into the wilderness and steps behind the killer. Ted must find out who is behind these acts and avoid falling prey to both the wild animals that live in this area and the killer as well. Pick up this novel and find out if Ted can track down who’s behind all of this and make the park safe– or at least safer– once more.

The sequel to The Wild Inside is titled Mortal Fall. Published in 2016, the main character in this crime novel is Monty Harris. Thrills and chills abound in this interesting second novel of the series. When the death of a wildlife biologist in Glacier National Park leads to even more being discovered in the wild there, the authorities have questions.

Monty Harris is a police officer for the national park. He knows that there’s always one person every summer that has a good chance of meeting their end in the park. Maybe they are reckless, or arrogant, or ill-prepared, or come into bad weather. Some are even intoxicated. But when Paul Sedgewick falls from the cliffs in this park, everyone is shocked. It’s not like Paul was some teenage, fool-hardy highschool boy– he was an experienced wildlife biologist.

Paul would have been very familiar with the dangers of the terrain in Glacier National Park and how to avoid the many pitfalls that are waiting for novice hikers there. The case hits very close to home, and it takes place in a park that Monty is trusted with protecting. Everyone who works at the park is shaken by the incident. Monty wants to find the cause of the biologist’s death to not only find a potential saboteur but also put the minds of the employees who work there at ease.

Logical and calm, Monty already senses that something isn’t right about the situation. When rumors of suicide come up, he knows that it’s not just a horrible death that Paul might have suffered, but his reputation is now at risk as well. Monty doubles down on his determination to find out the truth and figure out what happened. Paul deserves that much, and so does his family. Moreover, it would make Monty feel a little better to know too.

As Monty looks further into the things that Paul was studying, he begins to see things from his point of view. Wolfie, as he was sometimes called, was studying the wolverine population that lived in the park. This important part of the park’s ecology had been the biologist’s main passion. However, he had met with resistance from the local and federal level. Not only that, but a rehab wilderness facility for troubled teens may be connected to the case.

Monty’s older brother had been to this same rehab, and Monty is concerned when he learns the case may involve this facility. Monty investigates this case that just seems to turn up more questions the more answers that he gets. As the past comes back to haunt him, betrayals long buried might just come to the surface. When a second body is discovered, Monty must solve this case as quickly as possible before anyone else is killed. Find out if he catches the killer by picking up this book today!

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  1. Bill Rafferty: 2 weeks ago

    Really enjoyed your first novel I am just getting into audio books and the Wild Inside was outstanding.
    I love novels that showcase Montana and Wyoming
    I live in Kansas and here we say,,, We look up to see the real west.
    Ready for your next novel. I use Libby quite a bit.
    Thank you for great novels!
    They are fantastic!
    Bill Rafferty

  2. Raylene Lewis: 11 months ago

    Where are you Christine? need more of your stories I enjoyed them eminsly

  3. Robert Gilman: 12 months ago

    Christine, I enjoy and have devoured all of your books,down here in Missoula. I’m usually reading Homer and Plato in Classical Greek, and reading Joyce, Proust, or William Gaddis, and you detective novels are a soothing break. Any new book coming our way?

    • Jean Harrison: 9 months ago

      I have been listening to your 4 books. When is your next book out?

  4. John Earl McGuffie: 2 years ago

    Love your books, are you writing anything new..hopw you are!


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