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Publication Order of All Of Us Villains Books

with Amanda Foody
All of Us Villains (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
All of Our Demise (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Devouring Gray Books

as C.L. Herman
The Devouring Gray (As: C.L. Herman) (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Deck of Omens (As: C.L. Herman) (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Drowning Summer (As: C.L. Herman) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Christine Lynn Herman
Christine Lynn Herman is a young adult fantasy writer best known for her debut series The Devouring Gray. The New York-born author spent most of her childhood in Hong Kong and Japan and only came back to the United States for College. Herman holds an English degree from the University of Rochester. She currently lives in Brooklyn with her books, partner, and very spoilt cat.

The Devouring Gray
The Devouring Gray is the first book in The Devouring Gray series. This book stars Violet Sanders, a teenager who has just moved from the city to a rural town in New York named Four Paths. Violet is grieving the loss of her sister and being bisexual, she has doubts that she will fit in her new school. While her mother has deep ties with Four Paths, Violet knows little is anything about this rural town. She is shocked to discover that she comes from one of the most respected families here. However, when bodies begin to appear in the woods, Violet learns much is expected from her, and children of other three founding families.

These other teenagers include Harper Carlisle, Isaac Sullivan, and Justin Hawthorne. Harper has one missing arm thanks to a ritual to harness the family powers gone wrong. Despite her missing arm, Harper is the true definition of a warrior, and she knows her way around different weapons. Because of what happened to her, Harper is holding a grudge over her best friend. Justin Hawthorne is quite popular, and he comes from the most powerful family in this small town. Isaac Sullivan is bisexual, broody, and Justin’s best friend. He lives alone since his whole family was wiped out in an accident, and he is also the most powerful among these teenagers.

When Violet meets Harper, Isaac, and Justin, she witnesses first hand the intensity of their powers. Could this be the reason why the townsfolk treat her with both fear and respect? Is there a chance that Violet also has a superpower? Join these teenagers as they work to protect themselves and those around them from a mysterious beast trapped in the woods. They will have to use their powers, mend fences where necessary, and learn the importance of self-control. With all the hope in this small town being these four teens, they will have to go to lengths they never thought possible in honor of their descendants. While there are four main characters, the secondary cast adds a lot to the story.

The Devouring Gray is a dark fantasy story featuring four teenagers and a host of other intriguing characters. It is fun watching the teenagers learn to use their powers as they figure out ways of working together. As they work to save their town, these teenagers will also realize their worth and get over their ancestors’ past mistakes. It is refreshing how the different characters handle grief and trauma and triumph over it in the end. The setting is amazing, and the own voices allow you to know each of the main characters better. This book is ideal if you are looking for a good fantasy story with teenage characters.

The Deck of Omens
The Deck of Omens is the second book in The Devouring Gray series. While the Four Paths teenagers subdued the beast in the previous book, a new threat lurks in this small town. A corruption is slowly seeing from the Gray to the woods, and it seems that the founders are too occupied in their fraying relationships and tangled alliances to notice. It is only May Hawthorne who seems aware of the danger ahead, and unfortunately, this is not a problem she can fix alone. She has to reach out to Justin’s father and the person her family hates most.

May’s father is in town after his daughter reached out to her. Because of her tedious relationship with her mother, May has found it hard to depend on her mother for guidance as she masters her powers. May’s father is not the only newcomer in town. Isaac, Sullivan’s older brother, is also back seeking forgiveness for things done in the past. However, Isaac is not ready to forget his family’s history, considering it holds the key that could be used to destroy the current monster. If Isaac teams up with Violet Saunders, he is almost sure that his little town can be saved. The newcomers witness the gray being and the effects the corruption has on those who come into contact with it. The Founder’s children are immune, so it is up to them to figure out a way to help the people.

It seems Isaac is not the only person stuck in the past. Harper Carlisle finds it hard to forgive after two betrayals that have created such a rift between her and her loved ones. However, with the current corruption, Harper will have to shelf her feelings and use her newfound powers to protect the town that she loves. She will have to work with the people who have betrayed her enough times, but Four Paths needs to be saved, and Harper will not let her hurt get in the way. Once again, the founding families’ children are involved in a battle that seems daunting from the start. The memories of the previous ones are still fresh in their minds, not to mention the fact that they still have their demons to conquer.

The Deck of Omens takes you deeper into the heartbreaking deceptions and long-buried secrets in Four Paths. As the truth about the beast are revealed, it becomes clear that this is not the most dangerous thing the Founders have to deal with. Follow the teenagers as they work to evacuate the town people and prepare for the showdown. The author also lets you into the Founder’s families while revealing the steps that have led to the current situation. Four Paths history is quite complex, and this town gets more exciting the deeper you get into the story.

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