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We Are Not Like Them (With: Jo Piazza) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
You Were Always Mine (With: Jo Piazza) (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Christine Pride is a bestselling author of literary fiction best known for her debut novel “We Are Not Like Them.”

The writer had the privilege of publishing and discovering incredible novels as she worked with amazing writers putting out great stories.

For more than one and a half decades Pride was an in-house editor at the likes of Hyperion, Broadway, and Doubleday, before she needed up as senior editor at Simon & Schuster.

Christine has also worked independently and has contracted writers, agents, and publishers for ghostwriting, content development, and editorial work.

Throughout her publishing career, she would work on a range of projects across many categories. She was responsible for the publishing of many New York Times bestselling titles during this time.

She prides herself on her commitment to pushing distinctive voices, accomplished storytelling, and narratives that offer inspirational and emotional resonance and drive discussion.

She believes that stories can change minds, hearts, and the world and as such, she committed to putting out such stories to people who need to read them.

Over the years, she has published a range of books that include memoirs and inspirational stories many of which became bestsellers. She is also the author of “Race Matters,” a column in Cup of Jo.

When Christine Pride first met Jo Piazza her co-author, she had been editing “Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win” her novel.

The two would become fast friends and soon after worked together on the novel “Marriage Vacation” which was a tie-in to “Younger” the television series.

The boundaries between editor and author roles blurred soon enough, as they had to collaborate more closely on the project. They used to text each other constantly as they enjoyed working with each other so much.
This is a rare thing as writing is often a very lonely activity and hence working together could not have been a bigger blessing.

It was during this time that Christine Pride told Jo Piazza of a book idea she had in her head that she thought she would never publish.

The main thrust was that there were two best friends one black and one white who have to confront the aftermath of the shooting of an unarmed black man which really tests their friendship.

It was just the type of book they had to write together as it would not be the same book if they did it separately. Writing together, they could incorporate and sometimes combine both their perspectives to make for an even more wholesome work.

Christine Pride and Jo Piazza became very close while working on the latter’s novel that she published with Simon & Schuster.

As they had more intimate conversations, they found themselves in new places in their friendship and started genuinely enjoying and understanding each other.

Given that less than 10% of people have a close friend from another race, they were energized that they had such a close relationship.

They loved that they got to work as collaborators and friends and took advantage of their relationship to tell stories that would help people have their own conversations about friendships and race.
They started working on the manuscript for “We Are Not Like Them” in 2018 shortly after a raft of police killings that included Emantic Bradford Jr, Antwon Rose, and Stephon Clark.

Just before the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the two friends finished their final draft.

These happenings were heartbreaking bookends but they reminded them of what they hoped to achieve.

They made their novel more urgent and timely as the nation made reckonings about policing, social justice, and racism.

Christine Pride’s novel “We Are Not Like Them” is an emotional and powerful story of an interracial friendship forged since childhood that is then stress-tested following a horrific incident.

After expensive and repeated IVF treatment, Jen is finally pregnant while Riley has finally become successful working as a journalist on TV. The latter is about to become among the very short list of pioneer black presenters on Philadelphia TV.
When the two are initially introduced, they are having some whip-smart dialogue in a bar in Philadelphia. Their dialogue indicates that they have been in a comfortable and long friendship and are now almost like blood sisters.
When Jen gets a DM from her husband who is a police officer, she dashes off and her friend takes a deep breath knowing things cannot be right. It later comes out that Justin Dwyer a black teen has just been shot and has some severe injuries.
Christine Pride and Jo Piazza tell the story from alternating points of view as Jen stands by her man while Riley reports on the story. For the first time since they became friends, race has attained a central role in their relationship.
Will their friendship survive or will the incident open up huge faultlines under which it will collapse?

It makes for a gut-wrenching and turbulent emotional roller coaster of a story with opposing but very balanced perspectives which is what makes it so credible.

“You Were Always Mine” by Christine Pride tells the story of Cinnamon Hayes who is a loyal friend, dedicated wife, and mentor to the local community students.

However, not one person suspects that her adult life is founded on all manner of lies. Hayes had always painted her childhood as being idyllic when nothing could be further from the truth.

She had been abandoned by her mother as a toddler and the grandma who took her in had died a few weeks later. She was left to fend for herself and soon enough was living in foster homes and even had a particularly horrible stint at Aunt Celia’s house.

Somehow, she persevered and managed to make a good life for herself until she starts thinking if that is all there is to life as she is just about to turn 40. However, she is not the only person with so many secrets from her past.
On the other hand, is Daisy Dunlap, a woman who has been hiding the fact that she is pregnant. She has been left reeling by her predicament and is running out of options.

He finally decides that Cinnamon Hayes the career counselor is the only person she can trust with her child. The lives of these two women intersect when Daisy decides to abandon her kid with Cinnamon.

The latter had been eating her lunch at the park when she hears a soft mewling from the bushes behind her. She turns around to find a newborn infant lying in a baby carrier with corn silk blond hair and bright blue eyes.

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