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Again, but Better (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Better Together (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Attached at the Hip (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Because You Love to Hate Me(2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Christine Riccio was born in Livingston, New Jersey on August 4, 1990. She has a younger brother, named Paul, and a younger sister, named Olivia. She graduated from Boston University with a degree in Film and TV in the year 2012. She spent a year abroad, studying in London.

She makes comedic vlogs, book reviews, sketches, and writing videos that chronicle the creation of the novel she wrote. She has become one of the most popular names within the BookTube community.

Christine Riccio’s PolandbananasBOOKS YouTube channel has hundreds of thousands of book-loving subscribers. She started this channel, because of her love of reading and talking about books and did not want to bore her subscribers and viewers that were not interested in books. It is her most popular channel that she has.

Christine also has her PolandBananas20 channel, which is her comedy channel that she created in the year 2006. It was the first channel that she created, and where she started talking about books. There is the PolandBananasXX, where she, and sometimes her friends, make the occasional lip synching video. She created this channel in 2011. Her bloopers channel, PolandBananasBORED, was created in 2010, but she has not uploaded any videos since 2012.

She is also one of the three YouTubers behind the longest running book club on YouTube called BOOKSPLOSION. She, along with her co-hosts, encourage their viewers to read a book with them each month and take part in an online live show talk about the book they have read.

When making her videos, she tries to make each one insightful and entertaining. If she is able to bring a new book to somebody’s attention, or inspire them to write or read, or even if she is able to make somebody laugh, she considers the video a major success. She also tries to make sure she is making videos she wants to, not just make something others will want to see.

Christine has always loved reading, growing up with the Harry Potter books, but when she read Twilight, she discovered the young adult genre. She found a whole entire slew of books that she loved after that and read through all of them during her first two years in college. Not a single one of her friends was into reading and she did not have anybody to talk about anything she was reading with.

Since she was already making comedy videos, she thought she should begin making videos about all the books she read so she could find others to talk about them with. The Booktube community was nonexistent at the time, and she thought she would be lucky to scrounge up around five hundred people who liked books. She did not realize she would wind up with hundreds of thousands of people who enjoyed the videos she made.

Since 2015, she has collaborated with publishers and authors and going around the United States to talk on book-related panels in order to further spread reading love.

This is something that, as a story enthusiast, she has made it her quest to encourage more human beings to read since she was in the third grade. Nobody really listened, until she started making all kinds of videos for YouTube back in the year 2010.

“Again, But Better” was inspired by the introverted struggles Christine had during her college life. A big part of her drive in writing the book was to help get people to hop outside of their comfort zones and step into something new.

Shane’s story is the one Christine needed desperately in college, as she was in a lonely and insecure place when it came to both romance and friends. Not to mention, she did not have anybody in her life at the time that shared these feelings with her. The year she spent abroad was the most pivotal and life changing thing that she has ever done.

The first draft of the novel was written in thirty days, and she wrote fifty thousand words, using the NanoWrimo schedule. This helped her immensely to get the first draft out on paper.

Christine has stated that just because your story is like another story, that does not mean you cannot write it. It does not even mean that it will not be different from other stories. It just means that the author must give an original spin on an often overused plot. It is something that she learned during her college workshop days.

Her debut novel, called “Again, But Better” was released in the year 2019 and is a young adult romance novel.

“Again, But Better” is the first stand alone novel, which was released in the year 2019. Shane has been doing college wrong. Stellar grades, pre-med, and two happy parents. Sounds ideal, yet Shane has zero friends, goes home each weekend, and romance, she knows nothing about that.

Shane’s life has been dorm, dining hall, class, then repeat. Time is ticking, and she needs to change, and there is nothing like moving away to a new country to mix things up right. Shane signs up for a semester abroad in the city of London. Shane is going to right all the mistakes she has been making in college. Make friends, find adventure, and pursue guys.

It is easier said than done, though. She is quickly faced with the complicated realities of living outside of her bubble. When self-doubt sneaks in, and her new life begins to fall apart. Shane comes to realize to find that, with the right amount of determination and courage, one is able to conquer anything at all. Toss in some fate and a little magic, the possibilities will be endless.

This novel makes you laugh out loud and makes you feel a kinship with the main character. Christine also does wonders with the awkward, funny first love, too. Readers simply have a wonderful time reading the heartwarming story that is about second chances. Some read this as quickly as they could, as they wanted to know exactly how it would end.

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