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Christmas, Colorado Books In Order

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Publication Order of Christmas, Colorado Books

The Trouble with Christmas (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas in July (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
It Happened at Christmas (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wedding Bells in Christmas (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Snowbound at Christmas (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kiss Me in Christmas (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Happy Ever After in Christmas (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Miracle at Christmas (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Night in Christmas (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Christmas, Colorado is series of novels written by the United States today bestselling author Debbie Mason. Most of her books on the show have been positively acclaimed for their intriguing character spiced with amusing dialogues and some juicy plots. Most of the author’s novels have been nominated and won various awards, and when she is not into reading or writing books, Debbie loves spending time with her family.

The Trouble with Christmas

In the debut novel, the author introduces Madison Lane, a resort developer who is on the verge of losing one thing that he loves most- her job. After having spoiled a deal that would have transformed the old Christmas Colorado into a beautiful tourist destination, she is thus nicknamed- The Grinch Who Killed Christmas.

Moreover, now the whole town wants her fired from her job. However, the company she works for gives her a final shot and thus sending her to a local town to restore her reputation.

For Sheriff McBride, he is focused that the dreams of his people are not ruined by the beautiful hotshot from New York. However, a single look from this charming lady and his might just be broken never to mend again. In a couple of days, Madison thus causes more trouble than the Sherriff had to deal with the whole year and he cannot decide whether she is nice or naughty. However, one thing is for sure- Christmas will never be the same again.

The Trouble with Christmas introduces two exciting characters. The first of this character is Madison, popularly referred to as Grinch. She is described as a woman with many friends but lacking a serious relationship. She is quite good with numbers and sees the larger picture when it comes to business. In addition to this she is a complicated character, but as the novel unfolds, the author slowly begins to reveal her fuzzier and warmer side.

On the other hand, Sheriff McBride is a smart, handsome divorced and a daddy of two. He is the man in charge of Christmas, Colorado security. Also, he is famous among the local women, but his focus is on raising his two children. When the two first meet, (Madison and Sherriff), it is quite evident that some sparks of love show but slowly the romance develops with time.

Apart from Madison and the town sheriff, you are also bound to encounter other characters such as the nosy reporter and the developer’s owner nephew all who add suspense to the series.

The romance depicted in this novel is sweet and feels genuine, and apart from the romance, the writer does an excellent job of giving the readers joy, hope, and the holiday spirit just as the town finally transforms Madison and she, in turn, transforms the town as well.

Overall the entire story unfolded at a good pace with twists and some few turns as it approaches towards the climax.

Christmas in July

After a year and a half of depression and worries with a single positive word, Grace Flaherty is almost giving up on her Missing in Action husband.

Letting go is breaking her heart, but it is good for her since she cannot continue if she is constantly sick at heart. As soon as she about to make her final decision, her husband is rescued.

There is nothing that Grace wanted more than to be united with her lost husband. Unfortunately, when her husband arrives home, he seems all messed up and has no memory of his wife or his son. Jack has spent over fifteen months in hell but now he is back home, and he is very eager to celebrate the fact that he returned home alive.

He is shocked when he is informed that he has a wife and a son as well. This discovery makes him want to know the family that he cannot remember; unfortunately, the problem is that he has to go back to Christmas, Colorado.

All that Jack remembers of his home place is that he badly wanted to leave. However, now coming home is a lot different than when he was a kid. He becomes a local hero and reunites with his family- Grace and their son.

Now that he is back to his native home, getting to know his wife Grace is not an easy task, but the two are determined to rekindle the love they had for each other. As they are about to make a finalize in their reunion, Jack gets a memory back, that makes him understand the state of his marriage before he was reported missing.

Are the two meant for each other? With confusion building amongst them and the demons of the past attacking, the couple has a long journey ahead. All in all, will they survive when the darkest secret Jack is hiding is finally revealed?

Christmas in July is quite an emotional book; it is also a rollercoaster full of tears, laughs and some anger. Grace is such a smart and vigorous woman since it takes some extra courage being an army wife and knowing that your husband might be amongst the dead people during the war. Despite her husband being reported missing for over a year, she still cared for him and sincerely loved him.

It Happened at Christmas

In the third installment of Christmas, Colorado series, Skylar Davis, a free-spirited activist is out of money as well as out of options. After spending her entire trust fund while trying to save the world, she ends up hiding in the local town of Christmas with the hope that the kindness of her friends will enable her to forget the actions of her past.

At first, all goes well until when she finally gets to face one of her mistakes, the town’s mayor.

Ethan O’Connor, the town’s mayor, wants to upgrade from vying for the town’s mayor and compete for the Senate. Coincidentally, Skylar arrives back into the town- and for Ethan, her arrival to the small town could cripple his entire career and why? Could not forget the night he spent with Skylar.

Could Skylar be Ethan political downfall or could she be his political ladder?

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