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Publication Order of Christmas in Eldovia Books

A Princess for Christmas (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
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“The Christmas in Eldovia” series is a set of romance novels by Jenny Holiday, a bestselling romance fiction author whose works have been featured on the likes of USA Today.
Like many of her contemporaries, she has said that writing is something that was always in her and hence she did not really discover her love for writing.
In this regard, Holiday has been making up stories in her head for years but this would become more formal starting in the fourth grade.
During that year, she happened to have a great teacher that gave the class notebooks and started them on the path to writing stories. The first batch of short stories that she produced was all about hauntings, alien invasions, and murderers on the loose.
Looking back, she is surprised that neither her teacher nor her parents thought of sending her to a shrink. While she would take a detour at some point and even studied geography for her doctorate degree, she was still moonlighting as a writer.
During this time, she was a professional writer that produced everything from magazine articles to speeches. Nonetheless, she would soon evolve from the writing of alien invasions to happily ever after romances.

Jenny Holiday published her debut novel in the “Christmas in Eldovia” series of novels in 2020 and has never looked back since. The series of novels now has at least three titles with more still in the pipeline.
The series has also become one of her most popular with thousands of copies sold.
She currently makes her home in the suburb of London in Ontario, Canada which is about halfway between Toronto and Detroit.
When she is not writing her novels, she can usually be found tracking down middle-grade spy fiction for her kids who cannot get enough of them and spending time with her neighbors.

“The Christmas in Eldovia” series of novels is an interesting work of fiction from Jenny Holiday.
The first novel of the series is “A Princess for Christmas” which tells the story of Leo Ricci, a tough New Yorker who does not come from money but meets Princess Marie of Eldovia who got into the cab he was driving.
The second novel of the series tells the story of a playboy baron who has vowed to never fall in love or engage in romance and a woman that also feels the same.
Maximilian von Hansburg is a baron who under pressure from his father to marry enters into a fake relationship with a woman named Dani only to find himself falling in love.
The third novel of the Christmas in Eldovia series of novels by Jenny Holiday is “So This is Christmas.”
The work which is the conclusion of the trilogy is an unforgettable romance following a strait-laced royal advisor name Matteo Benzwho hopelessly falls in love with a confident American woman named Cara Delaney.

“A Princess for Christmas” the first novel of the series is an interesting romance fiction.
The lead is Leo Ricci who has been working hard to take care of Gabby his little sister. He has recently taken to working as a building superintendent for his apartment building in the Bronx in addition to driving a cab to make ends meet.
But then Gabby was driving his cab when he sees a princess wearing a gown outside of the United Nations building hailing a taxi. He stops and now finds himself dealing with a damsel in distress in real life.
His passenger is Princess Marie of Eldovia who should not be running around New York let alone hailing a cab. But after her mother’s unexpected demise, her father had sunk into depression and left Marie in charge of their small Alpine country.
She is surprised by the devastatingly handsome even though gruff driver who is the kindest person she has interacted with in years. He agrees to her request to be her driver for the rest of the trip as he needs the money.
But what he never expected was that he would begin to like and start desiring the unpredictable princess.

The second novel of the “Christmas in Eldovia” series is “Duke, Actually.”
The work introduces the Baron of Laudon a man named Maximillian von Hanburg who is feeling trapped as the heir to the Ducky of Aquilla.
His father the Duke is a domineering man that had been putting a lot of pressure on him to get married to a woman he approves of before he can inherit his titles which he feels are more like a prison sentence.
While he was in New York where he was to meet the woman in question, he ditches his minders and instead arrives on the doorstep of Dani Martinez.
The no-nonsense professor has always been a source of fascination ever since he met her at the royal wedding of the Eldovian family where they had chatted for a while. Dani is newly single and has vowed to never fall in love following major heartbreak.
With both of them not seeking a relationship, they hit it off as all they need are a distraction from their chaotic lives and friendship.
However, it is not long before their bond starts becoming deeper in line with their attraction which ultimately results in them ending up in bed.
Will they find the courage to finally live the life they both need to even if they have to risk everything?

“So This is Christmas” the third novel of the “Christmas in Eldovia” series of novels introduces two of the most interesting characters.
Matteo Benz is a man who has spent years working for the Eldovian crown and as such he does not have much of a life.
At some point, his employers asked him to work with a management consultant who had been asked to come in to help create order out of the king’s chaotic affairs.
He is taken aback by Cara Delaney’s brash American manner which contrasts very sharply with her beauty and brains.
On her part, she had come to Eldovia to work on the financial affairs of the king only to find herself clashing with Mr. Benz. She is intrigued by his good looks and annoyed that he is so dedicated to tradition.
But it is not long before she realizes that he is the real power behind the throne. Working together to return the kingdom to its former glory, Matteo learns that he is slowly falling in love with the brash American.
As a man who has devoted his life to tradition, is he ready to change or will he sacrifice his chance at true love for the crown?

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