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Publication Order of Dr. Felix Hoffmann Books

The Russian Donation (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
He Who Dies Last (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
101 Nights (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fourth Day (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Focusing on thriller novels, specifically medical thriller novels, the German author Christoph Spielberg is well known not only in his home country, but internationally as well, all thanks to his finely crafted mystery stories that manage to keep the reader guessing constantly, as he has a way with words that is quite unlike any other author his generation or particular genre. Knowing exactly what it is that he wants to say, he speaks directly with a sense of precision that many other writers can only aspire to, as he creates a feeling of uneasy trepidation that is at once compelling as it is difficult to put down.

This goes some way towards explaining how he has become one of the most successful authors of his genre worldwide, with many readers from across the globe regularly clamoring for more. With a craft that definitely understands itself, his novels speak for themselves, allowing the reader to get swept up in the confidence of his writing and style of prose. His books are works that will continue to inspire, all due to their timely nature, as they will stand the test of time for many years to come, something which is also reflected through his use of character too. Using dialogue and personalities that seems highly believable, they almost speak to the reader directly themselves, resonating with them on an even deeper level than many other writers currently working within his field to date. This will continue for many years to come, as he speaks from an area of expertise having previously been a cardiologist himself, knowing exactly what his work requires, giving it an air of authenticity and realism in the process, allowing the reader to ultimately feel as if they are there on the ground level. With more books to follow in the years to come it doesn’t look as if he’s stopping any time soon either, as he has plenty more titles planned upon the horizon.

Early and Personal Life

Born in the city of Berlin in Germany, the future author to be Christoph Spielberg would not only harbor an interest in literature, but cardiology as well. These would both go hand-in-hand over the years, allowing him to develop them both together as time progressed, giving him the insight he would need to create his ever thrilling series of books. Attending medical college he has a strong background in the medical field, something which has benefited both him and his work greatly throughout the years.

Later he would go on to become a writer, drawing from his experience as a medical practitioner, as he would write some of the most acclaimed books within his field. Highly regarded for their sense of realism, he would take his experiences and heighten them to thrilling effect, creating stories that were at once both entertaining and compelling in equal measure. Still writing to this very day, he also continues to practice medicine, whilst also writing for German ZDF television, as his work has inspired many TV movies from his work, something that will continue into the foreseeable future for some time to come

Writing Career

It was in 2013 that he would bring out his first novel ‘The Russian Donation’, which was a book that would also start his much loved ‘Dr. Hoffmann’ series of novels. Focusing mainly of mystery, this series of present day set novels would depict a view of the contemporary medical establishment in Germany with an insiders knowledge. It would also give the readers everything they could hope for from a gripping set of mystery thriller novels, something which has lead to them being adapted for German television as well.

Speaking on a variety of different contemporary issues, Spielberg manages to incorporate many other elements such as globalization and politics into his work too. This has lead to him becoming one of the most highly regarded authors both nationally and internationally to date. Not showing signs of stopping any time soon, his writing career grows from strength-to-strength, something that shall carry on for a long time yet.

101 Nights

Originally brought out in 2013 this was all set to be the third book in the ongoing ‘Dr. Felix Hoffmann’ series of novels, as it sought to provide another investigation for the medical practitioner. Using all the skills at his disposal he always manages to get to the bottom of any case, something which is made more realistic through Spielberg’s precise knowledge of the subject. Not only that but he also manages to develop the characters as well, in this book that was first brought out on the 6th of August through the ‘AmazonCrossing’ publishing label.

Celine, the girlfriend of Felix Hoffmann, has been away for 101 days on a humanitarian envoy to Kurdish Iraq, leaving behind the city of Berlin. Returning home in coffin then Hoffmann is devastated by the news that his now deceased girlfriend had orchestrated the very bombing that had apparently taken her life in Baghdad. Refusing to believe this ‘official’ story perpetuated by the various agencies there, including the American and German authorities alongside the Iraqis, Hoffmann sets out to uncover the truth as to what really happened. Who was actually responsible for her death? Can he uncover the true culprit? What really happened during those 101 nights?

The Fourth Day

Marking the fourth title in the ongoing ‘Dr. Felix Hoffmann’ series of novels, this was originally released in 2013 on the 3rd of December not long after the first. Continuing with another installment, it provides another new mystery for the medical practitioner Dr. Felix Hoffmann to solve, as well as developing the characters once more too. Brought out through the ‘AmazonCrossing’ publishing once more too, it was released to much acclaim, as it really sought to develop the franchise as a whole.

This time Dr. Felix Hoffmann is all set to return home after a long and tiring shift, as he aims to finally relax, but this isn’t to be after an armed gunman takes the establishment hostage. Apparently blind, this seemingly deranged kidnapper hailing from the ICU is intent on holding them all in a standoff, as everyone is then left completely on tenterhooks as to what will happen next. This means that it is up to Hoffmann to use his characteristic skills of diplomacy and his ever resourceful acerbic wit to see them through, as he attempts to understand the man holding them all hostage. Will he be able to get everyone out safely? Can he save himself? What will happen on the fourth day?

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