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The President's Vampire (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Red, White, and Blood (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Burning Men (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deep State (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Dead Man Running (With: James Patterson) (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Christopher Farnsworth is a talented writer who was born in Idaho and also raised there. He later graduated from the College of Idaho. After the graduation, he was fortunate enough to secure employment as a business reporter and investigative. He progressed in that career for several years and in it came great opportunities such as appearing in the most reputable social firms such as Washington Monthly, The New York Post, New Republic, E online, and Windows technical manual.

Due to reasons not exposed, he decided to move to Los Angeles and while there he dedicated his life fully to writing, this was after striking a good trade by selling “The Academy” his first script to the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), a Hollywood studio that readily bought the script. He then made an excellent progress by completing his first series book “Blood Oath” which was published on 18th May, year 2010 by G.P. the sons of Putnam. Blood Oath features the adventures of Nathaniel Cade. It’s a story about a vampire employed and sworn to keep the United States and the president from harm against threats that are Supernatural in nature!

The popular television inventor, Philo T. Farnsworth is the great-uncle of Christopher Farnsworth, which explains the unfailing hard work and the pile of capabilities accompanied along with it. The author is married to a beautiful and charming wife by the name Jean Roosevelt Farnsworth who lives with him in Los Angeles. They are also blessed by the Almighty with a beautiful daughter called Caroline and a playful pet dog named Sadie.

Christopher Farnsworth’s amazing art of writing especially Blood Oath, a taut thriller, is irresistible page-turner that opens the mind of the reader to catch the idea that, it doesn’t change anything regardless of how critical the War on Terror may appear to be it cannot be compared to anything with the War on Horror. He beckons his capabilities as a journalist and a scriptwriter to twist a composite and agitating realistic tale in which a secret service agent, the vampire Cade Nathaniel, is sworn to keep the president safe. Interestingly, the vampire is more of a human compared to his real human coworkers at the Criminal Investigation Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). I am saying this because the actions of his colleagues would best fit monsters. There is a high level of intelligence portrayed by the supernatural elements in this book.

According to Christopher Farnsworth himself, he was certain that in the real world his art would get tangled but he could not anticipate how fast it would happen.

Blood Oath (The 1st Cade’s novel)

Nine countries have published the above mentioned book. This book of which has been optioned for film is the first for Christopher Farnsworth! It’s a story about a vampire who worked to favor the president of the United States by protecting him against supernatural. During that moment, a group of writers called WGA stroke like lightning, making it difficult for Christopher Farnsworth to sell a script, he had just bought a new house and his wife was expectant. The fact that they were not starving did not stop Christopher to confess that, in order for him to feel useful he considered getting an employment with Starbucks. Then out of a blue he came up with an idea his agents did not like. The amazing idea was based on uncertain factoid mined by Fort Charles. Where the story begins out of Boston Harbor in 1867, there were found two lifeless bodies in a ship that ran aground, blood drained from them. Also found was a sailor who was still sucking blood from one of the bodies. The newspapers of the time identified him as a Vampire. But for reasons well known by Andrew Johnson the president, he pardoned him thus allowing that Sailor freedom and a chance to spend the remaining section of his life in a criminally insane asylum. From that report Christopher’s idea emerged, he tried to imagine what would really happen if that man pardoned by the president was indeed a vampire? In his mind he tried to figure out the fruitful ways the president would utilize an asset of that kind! Also in his head came the idea of the challenges which the United States would had to face just to forge the vampire into a lesser of two evils? And the answer that prompted in his brains was the imagination of a Jack Bauer with fangs and the perfect character for that would only be Nathaniel Cade.

In real world, everyone needs someone on their side especially where illusion’s invulnerability have been taken away from them, the preferred someone is one who would be capable to face their nightmares maybe by just using their own teeth, someone with the ability to fight terror with terror. For the president, Cade was this person and he was born from scar tissue above anything else.

The President’s Vampire (The 2nd Cade’s novel and the latest)

This book sees Cade hunting down a worldwide invasion of human/lizards hybrids. According to the author, in this second book he was more occupied with the painful impact the War on Terror was inflicting the lives of the good citizens of the United States and the rest of the universe. Sometimes to fight monsters, you have to get down to their level. The pictures from Bagram Air base and Abu Ghraib found in a cell-phone belonging to grainy were enough evidence of the impact. Therefore, Christopher Farnsworth wanted the scenes for his second novel to appear in such a manner where prison inmates inside Black sites would disappear. Unfortunately it wasn’t going as he had figured out. Reports on torture, conspiracy theories, CIA assassinations, and multiple deaths of American soldiers frequented visits in his mind and in the real world. This became extremely depressing. As if it wasn’t enough, it was boring too! It was a pain in the ass to the extent of Christopher Farnsworth admitting that he once felt like he had won lottery ticket the time he got published but on that particular moment, it was far less charming and so he was afraid of the unknown and possible financial lose. He tells of how in the first draft, only one thing seemed to comply and that was the prologue. A piece where Cade undertaking the mission of tracking the al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, luckily missed being bombed at Tora Bora.

That was where he got the idea on where to begin from since from that point over, the novel was making sense. He only need a little push and that came right away after one of his agents intervened. The novel depicts Osama as a villain worth eliminating. In the novel, Osama bin Laden is seen as a human/lizard hybrid possessing claws and fangs against Cade. At the end of the battle which obviously Cade won, bits of Osama painted all over the rocks. Amazingly, in less than a week after Cade kills Osama in the novel, Osama is announced dead in real. To be honest, that was such an eerie timing and due to that influence, the novel gained popularity at a greater pace, there was even a time when a guy in Boise thought that the author, Christopher Farnsworth was breaking Rand Ayn’s rules of writing. This was because he included a real person in a fictional art work. In his defense, Christopher Farnsworth argues his point of view in response to that claim by saying that the practice of avoiding real characters in fictional art work was to move backward. He said so because according to him, that rule was passed by time decades ago and also was too far antiquated. In order for the real world to make sense, people use stories!

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