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Christopher Huang is a historical mystery fiction novelist who is best known for the “Eric Peterkin” series of novels.

The author grew up in Singapore and when he was 17 years old, he moved to Canada with his mother. The following year, he moved back to Singapore for mandatory military service that was to take two years.
Christopher would then go back to Canada and study architecture at the Montreal-based McGill University

He has for the longest time been a fan of the golden age of detective fiction and it is from this that he decided to become an author in the genre.
He currently makes his home in Montreal Canada and is now a full-time writer.

After graduating from McGill University with his architecture degree, Christopher Huang would spend more than ten years working at the firm where he had interned as an undergraduate.
He for the most part worked on boring domestic architecture but stayed there so long since heloved how they treated him like family.

During all this time, he continued nurturing his passion for English mystery fiction, which is something he always loved since he was a child.

He always believed he would one day pen one of his own mystery novels and retire to writing after he was done with architecture.

Huang hoped to work as an architect until he was fifty before he quit to become a full-time author but then things changed very first.

When he was just forty, he was laid and thought why not try to achieve his dream of becoming an author, even if it was ten years early?

He was attracted to the puzzle of golden age whodunits and thought he could do it. The idea of a game with a lot of possibilities that will have you on the edge of your seat with anticipation strongly appealed to him.

As for the earliest shoots for his writing, Christopher Huang has said that he always read a lot as a child and enjoyed writing for English class.

As such, the idea of one day writing his own stories was something that was always at the back of his mind but it would remain so until some of his friends told him that he needed to participate in NaNoWriMo.
Since he did not want to be left behind by his friends he took only thirty days to write 50,000 words, which gave him a lot of confidence in his abilities.

His first introduction to publishing was through JF Dubeau a friend who had published with Inkshares and told him about their system. The company had readers choose and fund manuscripts they believed deserved to be published.
Believing he had nothing to lose, he submitted his manuscript and this is how he got “A Gentleman’s Murder” published in 2018. He has not looked back since and has published several novels with several more in the pipeline.

Christopher Huang’s “A Gentleman’s Murder” is a work set in 1924.

Britain is racing forward into the age of prosperity and peace and nowhere is this more true than on the cobblestone streets of St James.

However, in the dark back alleys of London, broken soldiers fill the streets, as they suffer from the lingering horrors of the Great War.

Lieutenant Eric Peterkin came back from the Flanders trenches a few years earlier and is now a member of “The Brittania,” a prestigious soldiers-only club in the English capital.
Things get interesting when a gentleman’s wager results in the stabbing to death of a member who had vowed to right a great wrong from the past.

Eric believes the killer has to be one of his fellow members but it is not easy to put a finger on who exactly that could be.

Could it be the steely club president Captain Edward Aldershot is a man who wears Savile Row suits to hide a bunch of mustard gas scars?

What about the brilliant code-breaker Oliver Saxon who is a Second Lieutenant or maybe Captain Mortimer Wolfe with a reputation for having three times escaping German imprisonment?
His investigation will take him from the heroin dens of Limehouse to the shadowy ruins of a dilapidated war hospital and the marbled halls of the Brittania.
Facing a combination of secrets, vice, and murder, it is not long before the facade of gentlemanhood begins to crack.

“A Pretender’s Murder” by Christopher Huang is an interesting story that follows the life and times of Colonel Russell.

Before the Great War, the man was the proud father of four sons but all he has left now is four widowed daughters-in-law, struggling to deal with the aftermath of the war.

But then a man claiming to be the friend of one of his deceased sons comes back and reawakens tales of wartime espionage. He also says that enemy spies have been spying on unwitting families in the UK.
Nobody has an idea of the best way to prove if the man is really who he says he is but things get interesting when the Colonel is thrown out of a window while at his beloved London Club.

Eric is once again asked to help with the investigations. The second mystery that Eric Peterkin is looking at is how war impacts a lot more than the soldiers who fight it.

There are strings being pulled from afar, wheels turning behind the scenes and the men who fight might come back to find the people they left behind moved on.

Set in the 1920s, it is a work that honors the era and reflects the illusion of innocence, the changing social mores, the questioning of tradition, and the gradual emancipation of women in the midst of the continuing trauma of war.

Christopher Huang’s “Unnatural Ends” is a freestanding novel that has to be one of the most thrilling works he ever wrote.

At the opening of the novel, Sir Lawrence Linwood was found savagely beaten to death with a medieval mace while in his study.

His three children Caroline the journalist, Roger the engineer and Alan the archeologist rush back home. In his papers, they find his last will which has a bizarre line – he will leave everything to the child who solves his murder.
To get their inheritance, each of them will have to dig into the past where they soon find themselves suspecting each other, but ultimately a perpetrator who could have been around since they were born.
It is a beautifully crafted mystery work with a diverse and very interesting set of characters.

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