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Christopher Husberg is a fantasy fiction novelist who is best known as the author of the “Chaos Queen” series of novels.

The author grew up in Eagle River, Alaska but never lived in an igloo so do not ask him about that. Growing up, he loved camping and hiking in the Last Frontier, even though this was only possible for about three to four months when the snow melted.
For the rest of the year, he had many opportunities to play “Final Fantasy,” “Starcraft,” and “Warcraft,” even as he bread novels from the likes of T.A. Barron, J.R.R. Tolkien, Susan Cooper, Roald Dahl, and Brian Jacques.

When he went to high school, he started reading novels from the likes of George R.R. Martin and Robert Jordan, falling in love with Westeros about 10 years before it captured the public imagination.

It was while he was in elementary school that Christopher Husberg began dreaming of one day becoming a fiction author when he began writing Redwall fanfiction.

However, his attempt was a miserable failure, and had he been someone of lesser determination, he might have given up right then.

He was fortunate that growing up, his parents had never fed him Seussian lines of virescent cuisine he might consume, butter battles he would have to fight, and places he might go.

For the most part, they encouraged him and told him of places he might go if he was persistent. He did not get any better in middle school and things got even worse in high school when he tried penning a long-form fiction novel manuscript.
Husberg found writing to be too hard and often spent much of his time pretending to be snowboarding and playing a lot of video games. Nonetheless, his obsession with becoming an author never went away despite the challenges he faced.

In 2003, Christopher Husberg got onto Brigham Young University where he was initially obsessed with ballroom dancing before getting back into writing.

It was while he was on a year-long break and working at a local studio teaching ballroom dance that he finished writing the manuscript for his debut novel “Duskfall.”

In 2010, he got into the Creative Writing program at BYU and took theory classes in young adult literature fiction and nonfiction, as he majored in short fiction writing.

At some point, the English Department allowed him to teach several creative writing and composition courses, and for some time, he took a lot of pleasure in terrorizing beginner writers and college freshmen.
While he learned a lot about writing from the program, he learned all about the craft and business from “Stormlight Archive” and “Mistborn” series by author Brandon Sanderson.
Working with Brandon, he realized that he could become a professional author and in 2016 he published his debut novel Duskfall.

Christopher Husberg currently makes his home in Provo, Utah. Whenever he is not writing his novels, he can usually be found hanging out with his family, reading, watching films and TV, gaming, and hiking.
He has often said that if writing ever got tough, he may consider getting another master’s or maybe a doctorate at a university that will let him study pop culture and gender studies in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”
Nonetheless, he has achieved a lot of success and will not be quitting writing any time soon.

Christopher Husberg’s “Duskfall” is a work told from three main perspectives.

The first is a stranger named Knot who was rescued by fishermen from the sea. He is suffering from amnesia and has secrets that could kill. Given that he does not say much it is hard to know what to make of him but he is likable enough.
Then there is a young Tiellan woman named Winter who gets married to Knot. Her tribe has been persecuted for years and is called all manner of slurs.

Their numbers have been dwindling for years and the fact is that hardly anyone cares when one of them is killed given that they are not humans. Winter has always wanted more and has flaws just like just about any human.
The third perspective is that of a priestess named Cinzia, whose story takes her to her hometown, where she is horrified to find that the heretics have been growing stronger with each passing day.
While they do seem disconnected, all the stories will ultimately connect to make for a bigger story arc even as the world begins falling apart.

“Dark Immolation” by Christopher Husberg tells the story of a magician who cannot harness her powers, a world threatened with destruction, and a warrior who loses himself while struggling with the past.
At the opening of the novel, Sphaera has been witnessing the rise of a new faith under the leadership of Cinzia the former priestess, and her sister the prophetess Jane.

Noth had pledged to protect Cinzia and Jane to ensure their sacrifices count for something. But then they are threatened by the Nazaniin, a brutal assassin order, and the powerful church.
Noth the warrior now finds himself being haunted by some dark memories from his past.

Meanwhile, a young Tiellan woman found a new protector beyond the Roden Blood Gate. What she does not know is that the newfound protector wants to use her unique talents for his nefarious purposes.
Once again Husberg throws traditional fantasy on its ear as she stages epic throwdowns between personal responsibility and identity, acceptance and racism, philosophy and religion.
The work does this, even as it provides an action-packed and fast-paced story that will keep you flipping the pages.

Christopher Husberg’s “Blood Requiem” opens with the nine Daemons on the rise following years during which they were believed to be dead and gone.

Somehow, they have found a way back but the only people that can stand against them are spread all over the face of the Sfaera.

Free at last from the influence of emperors and assassins alike, Winter the psimancer sails back home, where she finds a lot of trouble stirring.
In the meantime, Cinzia and Jane Oden the heretic sisters are dealing with supernatural attacks.

It is not long before their allies the former assassin Knot and Astrid the vampire girl have to face up to Black Matron, which is a terrifying proposition.
As they fight new battles, the Daemons are getting ever closer to freedom and what had been a legend of the Chaos Queen may just become reality.

Each character has to deal with questions of morality, and philosophy, even as they question their value.

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